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On October, 22nd in Anapa town the VI All-Russia forum of young members of parliament was opened. During the work of the forum the delegate from Adygeya Republic Jury Ashinov suggested to adopt an appeal to the bodies of the government of Russian Federation and the Organizing committee "Sochi-2014" concerning the symbolics of the Olympiad. Here is the published document supported by the delegates of the forum.

The appeal to the bodies of the government of Russian Federation and the Organizing committee "Sochi-2014"

In 2014 the XXII Winter Olympic Games take place in the city of Sochi. The Olympic charter defines the purpose of Olympism as servicing of sports to the harmonious development of men, contribution to creation of the peace society caring of preservation of the human dignity. Carrying out of the Games in Russian Federation grows out a high estimation of the role and the authority of our country in the world community, recognition of its conclusive achievements in sports and consolidation of the ideals of peace and justice on our planet. The philosophy of the Olympic movement has a special importance for Russia - a multinational and multi-religious country, united tens of different peoples carefully keeping their cultures and traditions being under protection of the state and the public institutes. For the peopled of Russia sports are the demanded and effective tool of dialogue actively promoting their rapprochement and mutual understanding. It is especially actual in North-Caucasian region which for the last years appeared to be an object of the purposeful actions of some external forces, stimulating destabilizing and de-integrating processes, interethnic and interreligious intolerance.

In this context the XXII Winter Olympic Games which will take place in Northern Caucasus, namely - in the territory of the historical area of formation and ability to live of Circassian (Adygeyan) people, - on our belief could and should be used for harmonization and strengthening of interethnic relations and as the direct consequence – for consolidation of the statehood of Russian Federation.

On these purposes and in the view of the developed traditions of carrying out of the Olympic Games it is suggested to define as the symbol of the XXII winter Olympic Games the image of Sausoruko - the protagonist of Circassian (Adygeyan) epos "Narts".

The heroic epos about Narts is rooted in the deep antiquity and being an outstanding folklore monument of the world art culture. Legends of the Nartic epos describe the heroic spirit of the peoples of Caucasus, beauty of their mutual relations, generosity, unselfishness, and hospitality. The word "Nart" means "a giving eye", that is ready for assisting other person to give him the most valued - the life. So, the main character of the Nartic epos Sausoruko makes many heroic exploits for the sake of the well-being and happiness of people, main from which was returning of fire to people.

The epos "Narts" in its art importance is equated to such world art pieces of the oral national creativity which are "Illiada", "Odyssey", "Mahabharata". For that reason the year of 2000 was declared by the United Nations Organization on education, science and cultures (UNESCO) the year of the epos "Narts".

It is necessary to note that the image of Sausoruko and his feat is close to the image recognized all over the world embodied in the ancient Greek legend about Prometey, who gave people the saving fire stolen by him from Olympus mountain. Moreover, the subject line of the legend about Prometey is connected with Caucasus where he had been chained to one of the mountain ridges in punishment for abduction of fire. It is also important that similarity of the images Sausoruko and Prometey is explained by researchers that Caucasus and Ancient Greece had multithousand-year connections which result was inter-osculation and interference of the cultures. The science also knows that the ancestors of modern Circassians (Adygs) participated in the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece.

The image of Sausoruko, being the symbol of the Sochi Olympiad, will allow presenting the indigenous people of the territory, the epos "Narts" which is an object of the world cultural heritage and occurs practically at all the peoples of Caucasus, connecting them in the united cultural space. The hero of the Nartic epos which feat is identical to the feat Prometey, will lay the symbolical bridge of times between Russia and the native land of the Olympic Games - Ancient Greece, will point the direct communication of our country and Olympic Sochi with the country of the first Olympiad. Thus the sense of the saving fire got by Sausoruko for people, is conformable to the great humanistic sense of the Olympic fire - rescuing of the mankind from harm and violence, promotion of the universal peace and good neighbourhood which quintessence is the slogan: "Oh, sports, you are the world!"

We, participants of the VI All-Russia forum of young members of parliament, feeling the responsibility for the destiny and the future of our country, ask to consider the stated offer, having in our opinion an important political value.

Delegates of the VI All-Russia forum of young members of parliament

Anapa, 10/26/2009


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