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On October, 29th at the session of the Conciliatory commission at Kabardino-Balkarian Parliament it was offered to vote for a package of bills, "establishing the order of use of lands with view of nomadic animal industry", including the bill "About status of lands of nomadic animal industry in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic".

As the member of the commission Ibraghim Yaganov told “Caucasian uzel” correspondent, it was a question of the bill which had been blocked before the second reading in the last year.

In the interlocutor’s opinion, the whole situation around creation of the conciliatory commission had been caused by that "the authority wished to create some visibility of public examination".

As Ibraghim Yaganov said, as a result of the bills which would be already adopted by the Parliament on Saturday, on October, 31st, approximately 35 percent of nomadic pastures should be given in the order of settlements Verhniy Cheghem, Bezenghy, Bulungu, Verhniaya Balkaria, Verhniy Baksan. Those are Balkarian villages which apply for the pastures being on the east side.

"We raised the question that without adoption of the law about nomadic animal industries, to not consider the status of those territories. In a reply the representative of the president Z.Kashirokov declared that in those territories there are no nomadic pastures. Meanwhile, such pastures are situated in those territories in the riverheads of Cherek, and Blue lakes near Bezenghy, as well as huge territories of Sukansky gorge. In total it makes about 35 percent of all the pastures of the republic. According to the bill all that territory is transferred to administration managerial control of the villages set forth above. Meanwhile, in those territories there were pastures of such settlements as Aushigher, Jemtala, Zaraghij, too", - Yaganov added.

The majority of the voices forced members of the commission to consider that agenda.

"To our offer to postpone consideration of the bill "About status of lands of nomadic animal industry in KBR" in connection with that we should have familiarized attentively with it being prepared for discussion, we were suggested to vote without any discussion. The representative of the president Kashirokov told that the offered bill was born not yesterday, that they had worked over it though months, but for us it has no value. It was necessary for us to study it, as the third item of the law that "lands of nomadic animal industries concern the property of the republic " does not arrange radically to us", - Ibraghim Yaganov explained.

As he said, according to the bill, 35 percent of the whole territory of the pastures are transferred to the listed above Balkarian settlements and become administrative territory of those settlements, and Zolian pastures and Haimashi remain in the state property as inter-settlement territories.

In Yaganov’s opinion, he got an impression that the republican authority did not have any intentions to achieve a compromise.

Making comments on the developed situation, the interlocutor noted that "presence of strip farming and inter-settlement territories with great population density contradicts the Federal law #131. But item 3 of the law says that the lands should be allocated on fair basis in the view of historical features, on the basis of the regional law about nomadic animal industries. That is the federal law makes a reference to the regional legislation and in the view of those features in the law about nomadic animal industries could be supposed inter-settlement territories and strip farming, too".

"The conciliatory commission appeared to be a fake, - Yaganov stated. - It was necessary to capture of the lands by the authorities in some democratic form". "We have come to the conclusion that the authority did not search any compromises and did not want to change anything in its decisions. The nomadic pastures will not be transferred to any municipal formations, that directly breaks our historically developed mutual relations in relation to the nomadic pastures what we just can not be reconciled to", - the member of the commission noted.

"We were offered to vote for the bills. We did not see any sense in this voting as the parliament, despite of our voting, is simply obliged to adopt them", - Yaganov told.

Magomed Apshaev, one of those who represent to the commission the Balkarian party, informed “Caucasian uzel” correspondent that "the work of the commission goes on. It is difficult enough. Yesterday we approved the bills on a number of settlements. We had no objections on them, but there are objections in relation to nomadic pastures". Apshaev did not want to make comments before the end of the work of the commission.

As “Caucasian uzel” informed, the parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria had formed the Conciliatory commission on legislative initiatives concerned execution of the Federal law # 131 "About general principles of local self-management organization in Russian Federation". The commission included 36 men, representing on the parity basis the three basic national groups living in the territory of the republic - Kabardians, Balkarians and Russians.

The Kabardian public coordination council represents Kabardian public organizations, the Balkarian community is represented by the organization "Alan", Russians - by "Veche".

Let's remind, in Moscow from October, 26 till October, 29th there had been a series of the pickets organized by representatives of Balkarian people arrived from Kabardino-Balkaria. The organizers of the pickets wished to focus attention of the capital public and the federal authorities onto ignorance by the authorities of the republic of the Law "About rehabilitation of repressed peoples" and the Law "About general principles of local self-management organization in Russian Federation".


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