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Kabardino-Balkarian legal expert center had acted on October, 28th with the reference "About measures on overcoming consequences of the attack of insurgents at Nalchik" in the address to the authorities and public associations of the republic acted. The chairman of the center Valery Hatazhukov signed the document.

«The public of the republic, - spoken in the reference, - has been disturbed with the situation developing after the attack of insurgents at Nalchik on October, 13th. According to information of various sources more and more cases of illegal arrests, mockeries and tortures happened. In some settlements relatives of the killed insurgents got under rough pressure of the local authorities».

For instance, in Zalukokoazhe settlement attempts of their eviction were undertaken. The situation becomes complicated in connection with refusal of the law enforcement bodies to give out the bodies of the killed insurgents as well as suspected. Many relatives of the killed considered that the crimes committed by their children did not correspond the clause about terrorism and, naturally, they would dispute it by court. It could happen also that the killed insurgents would be buried in anonymous tombs; while court would make a verdict that their crimes could not be qualified as terrorism.

Today we should ascertain that in Kabardino-Balkaria there has been the real threat of development event under the Ingush or Dagestan variants (where explosions, murders, kidnappings, as well as in Chechen Republic, had become facts of real life for a long time ago). After the same events in Ingushetia and Dagestan they pursued innocent peace inhabitants; "squadrons of death" appeared; and extrajudicial executions had begun. As a rule, after that on arena forces, which were not making any political requirements – only revenge for their lost friends and relatives - appeared.

From the experience of these republics we know that if the flywheel of the similar machine started, the local authorities practically could make nothing to stop it as the federal structures that were usually carrying out those actions, operate independently and are supported by their management from Moscow. As usual, similar illegal repressive measures and inability of the local authorities to affect the situation promoted for insurgents social support in society and increase in their numbers.

For stopping the outlined tendency of events under the Ingush and Dagestan scripts, we suggest to lead immediately the following actions:

- To create a group for studying all questions connected with opportunity of delivery of the bodies of the killed insurgents and suspected; then the republican leadership should act with petition for Russian president about positive resolution of this question;

- To begin wide-open discussion of the developed situation by representatives of all public structures in the republican mass media, on the radio and TV;

- To create commission with participation of representatives of authorities and public associations for tracking and making all the facts of illegal arrests, tortures and mockeries public;

- To organize national conference with participation of representatives of all the layers of society, religious confessions, public associations and political forces for discussion of the developed situation and development of measures, on overcoming consequences of the attack of insurgents at Nalchik on October, 13th.

In this complex and critical situation the Council of Kabardino-Balkarian legal expert center calls to unite efforts of authorities and all the public powers for leading the republic out of the crisis. All the guilty in the happened events should be punished according to judgments. Only the actions based on the law, can cause establishment of order in the republic".

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