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On October, 31st, 2009 the Parliament of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, breaking the arrangements with Adygeyan public organizations of KBR – members of the conciliatory commission at Parliament, approved in the shortest time the bills “About amendments to the Law of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic “About status and borders of municipal formations in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic”.

As a result of that there was a next transfer of more than 100 thousand hectares of the land to Balkarian settlements Verhniy Cheghem, Babughent, Bezenghi, Verhniaya Balkaria, and Verhniy Baksan. Those bills which had been passed the first reading in November, 2008 strongly aggravated the political situation and caused a wave of distress and discontent of people. Because of mass protests of Adygeyan public organizations in December, 2008, consideration of those bills had been suspended. The conciliatory commission at KBR parliament for searching conciliatory proposals on improving the situation was created.

On October, 29th, 2009 at the next session of the conciliatory commission, contrary to the opinion of Adygeyan public, with an arrangement of Balkarian public organizations and representatives of KBR authority, the above-named bills which on behalf of the conciliatory commission were brought to KBR parliament.

The created situation was created because of, in particular, destructive activities of the representative of the President in KBR Parliament Z.K. Kashirokov as a result of whose actions since 2005 the situation confidently moves to a split of KBR and destabilization of the situation in Caucasus.

It is necessary to note that the Federal law # 131 directly provides allocation of the lands of nomadic animal industries and their non-inclusion the territory of any municipal formations. However since 2005, the KBR state structures, with Z.Kashirokov's active participation, instead of development of the law about nomadic animal industries, aimed an obviously illegal creation in the republic of inter-settlement territories. Representatives of Balkarian public, using that key mistake of the regional authority, had achieved allocation of the greatest part of inter-settlement territories Elbrussky, Chereksky and Cheghemsky areas (243 thousand hectares) to Balkarian settlements. Thus they also got territories of nomadic pastures historically belonged to all the settlements of the republic. But it appeared too little to them. With abolition of the inter-settlement territories Balkarian public demanded inclusion the remained lands (126 thousand hectares) into the borders of Balkarian municipal formations. To indignation of Adygeyan public, corresponding bills were adopted in the first reading by KBR parliament in December, 2008.

Today those bills, using methods of deceit and political blackmail, were pushed through into KBR parliament for the second reading. As a result Adygeyan villages lost mountain pastures historically belonged to them in Chereksky, Cheghemsky and Elbrussky areas. 40 thousand of Balkarian agricultural population (4,5 % of KBR population) now have about 430 thousand hectare of lands (34 % of the territory of the republic). It turns out that one Balkarian has 10 times greater lands than one Adyg. In this connection:

1. We express our categorical protest in relation to decisions adopted by KBR Parliament.

2. We are extremely indignant with the actions of KBR authorities which had given in once again on blackmail of Balkarian radical organizations.

3. We regard actions of the authorities as a treachery of the interests of the people of KBR.

4. We demand Z.K.Kashirokov's immediate resignation, as well as all the persons guilty of the circumstances.

5. We demand cancelling of all the land laws and amendments to them, adopted since 2005, as well as immediate returning to the status-¬ó« and full revision of realization of land reform.

6. We demand including of the territories of all the mountain pastures into a special zone and their redistribution among settlements, according to the historically developed traditions, including mountain pastures of Chereksky, Cheghemsky and Elbrussky areas.

7. We declare necessity of carrying out of an extreme congress of Adygeyan (Circassian) people.

Chairman of social movement “Khasa” in KBR/I.H. Yaganov

Chairman of social movement “Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood”/Z.А. Shuhov

Chairman of regional social movement “Circassian congress” of KBR/R.M. Keshev.

Natpress - Nov 4, 2009

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