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Lazarevsky area actively develops its friendly communications with the Belarus city of Soligorsk. Recently the national ensemble “Shapsugia” enjoyed the boundless kindliness of the sworn friend within the limits of the cultural exchange.

Director of the Center of Adygeyan culture of Lazarevsky center of people’s culture Ruslan Heihshho for many years each next concert season of the creative collectives - National ensemble “Shapsugia”, Children's choreographic ensemble “Adygs” and instrumental group "Nasyp" - prefers to begin with tours. The Ukraine, Belarus, Abkhazia, Turkey, Moscow, Maykop, Habez, Afipsip, Nalchik - routes of the trips of the Sochi performers extend out of the limits of the region on the regular basis. The kind tradition proceeded in the present year - the ensemble “Shapsugia” made a many days voyage to Belarus.

The art collective went to the allied state with the important mission - to represent Sochi in the celebrations on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of creation of Soligorsky area. The performers had little time for preparations, in the shortest terms they had to form an official delegation of Lazarevsky area which was headed by the deputy head of the area administration Gennady Nefedov.

For Sochi inhabitants the next visit to the Belarus sworn brother is an unique opportunity to study the richest local experience of successful managing, solving the urgent social problems and the most difficult household questions: for the rates of its economic growth and the level of infrastructure development Soligorsk - the city of the miner's glory, the largest center of extraction of the minerals - occupies one of the leading positions in the country. Especially serious "break out" in the social sphere was achieved in the last five years that could be noticed, first of all, in relation to the well-being of its population. Considerable financial assets are invested in habitation construction, gardening of parks, squares, organization of children’s and youth’s leisure, in the educational branches, culture and sports. There, certainly, there is something to learn - today Soligorsk, despite of its industrial status, is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Belarus, also differing with high standards of people’s living.

- Each trip to our Siabrys becomes a bright, remembered event, - Gennady Nefedov emphasized. - We consider development of sworn brotherly communications with Soligorsk having a special significance. We work in all directions, but especially actively - in the sphere of culture - and that is indicative. Our actors are always met hospitably on the land of Belarus, and we, in our turn, are glad to see at our place representatives of the brotherly city. Such exchange of creative collectives had already become a kind tradition’ in this process more and more and more people are being involved.

Besides participation in the celebratory celebrations – the ancient colour of multinational Sochi on behalf of ensemble “Shapsugia”, which had been there last time seven years ago, - inhabitants of Soligorsk could see on the city squares, in parks and houses of culture; the collective of Ruslan Heihshho performed eight solo concerts in various settlements of Soligorsky area. Adygeyan folk music and the fiery dances of the Caucasian mountaineers – “Islamey”, “Udj”, "Abkhazian", “Zafaku", “Tleparysh”, “Zagatliat”, “Hakuliash” and others - caused a lively interest among the local population, especially youth. During a week stay in Belarus the number of the friends and the admirers of our actors noticeably increased.

- We were equally hospitably, sincerely, warmly as true brothers – with songs and flowers - met wherever we came, - the director of the Center of Adygeyan culture told. – The concert halls were overcrowded, the atmosphere of the spiritual unification of people of various ages and nationalities was inexpressible! We must admit, we did not expect that in Belarus, thousand kilometers away from Sochi, we could find such a wide support and such a deep response in our spectators’ hearts. During such minutes you really understand that the national culture does not know any borders, and its language is universal, therefore it is clear to everybody without exceptions …

Anzor NIBO,


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