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December 24, 2009 – natpress

The purpose of the meeting with the intelligency, led by “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya on December, 21st in the building of the Republican philarmonic society, was announcement the work of the organization on possible Adygs’ participation in the Olympiad of Sochi-2014 and appeal to the creative circles of the regional intelligency to more active participation in that direction of Adyghe Khasa’ activities.

By way of acquaintance and work over those questions the organizers of the meeting read two documents: from “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya and from the International Circassian Association. The first of them had been published by NatPress a day earlier: /main/4726". The additional item on shooting a historical film about Circassians was brought in it, too. The second (from the ICA) will be published later.

At the meeting some polemic also took place: whether Adygs should participate in the Olympiad of Sochi-2014, on the land where there had been so much human blood poured. That idea was stated in a bright emotional speech of Askerbiy Melinov. He said that he was going to send the text of his speech to the international instances.

In his opinion if the figure of nart Sausruko was included into the symbolics of the future Olympiad then it could only have a mourning meaning. The white horseman with a torch in his hands, heading a hundred horsemen on the black horses dressed in black Circassian hats who would arrive by the moment of the opening of the Olympiad, could symbolize the figure of nart Sausruko. Having arrived, that group of the horsemen should leave silently. And such demonstration, by the author of the idea, would make an indelible impression upon the world community.

Less protest speech was sounded by Ruslan Achmiz (NatPress: the namesake of the known in Adygeya public man). His speech differed with that the acted expressing his full mistrust to the local authorities and not mentioning the international instances, brought to the focus that they should address to the president of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

He told much about “Circassian-phobia” film "Maryanna" planned to shoot on Kuban and works on which were stopped. The film, as he said, would be significant with its ending: Circassians by means of an act of terrorism break down the Olympiad of Sochi-2014. He also spoke about other two films containing, ostensibly, anti-Adygeyan idea, but still being prepared to production.

The speech of Khazret Chemso (“Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya council) was hot, too. However he protested against passivity of the local intelligency. Such action, he said, should gather a full hall in the philarmonic society, and some more people should stand in foyer to not miss a word from the told. (NatPress: in the hall there were no more than 300 people).

It is possible to name constructive, perhaps, two speeches. Asker Soht (“Adyghe Khasa” of Krasnodar) suggested to organize competitions among schoolboys which theme would be the Olympiad and the Circassians’ participation in it. There could be competitions of children’s pictures and compositions, he told.

The art critic, archeologist, candidate of historical degree Nurbiy Lovpache demonstrated the audiences what amulets, talismans, mascots were used Adygs since the most ancient times till the Middle Ages. The scientist underlined from the demonstrated objects of a snow leopard. As he said, that animal is interesting with that Adygeyan snow leopard was a kind animal and was pictured not with baring teeth as that is was by the other peoples, and smiling.

At the forum there were also representatives of the republican authority. On behalf of the head of the republic - and if to adhere to the chronology, it was a debut - the deputy head of Adygeya president administration Hamid Meshlok acted. He told, in particular, that that very day (12/21/2009) Aslan Tkhakushinov had been to in Moscow to discuss the question of participation of Adygeya Republic in the Olympic construction. It is the question of creation of the sports centers in the territory of the republic for preparation of the sportsmen participating in Sochi-2014.

As a whole as the acted noted in the end of the meeting, exchange of opinions was useful so such actions should be organized.


PS. NatPress edition met with Askerbiy Melinov and agreed with him about getting of the text of his performance for further publication. And corresponding article will be published not because we agree or do not agree with his opinion but because such opinion has the right to exist.

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