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10 February 2010 – natpress

Adygeya Republic - Between Continuation & Termination

“Analytical study” by Ali Kasht (2 January 2007)


The Adygeya Republic, the last bastion of the Circassian national, today faces the risk of the dissolution and joining the neighboring province of Krasnodar, although the Adygeya government and in cooperation with a large group of Circassian nationalists (whether in the homeland or abroad) has taken upon itself the task of defending the survival of the Republic peacefully and by the legal means available, and have launched appeals and calls for the reunification of the Circassian people since more than two years ago, but it has not been able to achieve the desired goal, and we live frighteningly of the fact of the threat of annihilation of the Adygeya Republic, for the issue is bigger and deeper than the cause of the Republic is to be canceled, it is the cause of the will of an entire nation, a nation that have fought for hundreds of years and still struggling to guarantee the continuation of its life, and the difficult circumstances led us to talk about the situation in the Adygeya Republic as it lives the last chapters of the confrontation, but we will try to highlight this very complicated issue despite the fact that this study might not meet the subject as it should, but we hope that we have something of a little assistance for our Motherland that many have forgotten, where she will not forget any of us.

* The geographic location of the republic:

The Adygeya Republic lies in the northern beautiful slopes of the Caucasus mountain range, which extends to the Kuban Fertile Valley, and scattered over an area of 7800 square kilometers, and has a population of about 450 thousand people, which is divided into eight provinces.

* An overview of the political history of the Adygeya Republic:
the Adygeya Republic, which was one of the members of the Republic of the North Caucasus Confederation shaped in 1918, did not last long, and as a result of this the republic lost its political unity, and in the date 27 / July of 1922 the Adygeya republic emerged once again as a autonomous region under the name of “the autonomy Adygeya – Circassia”, and in 1928 became the” Adygeya of autonomy “, and on August 28 in June of 1991 the Adygeya formally announced its ” sovereignty “, and by the signing of the federal convention in 1992 the adygeya was declared as a Republic and was confirmed in the constitution of the Russian federation on the 10th of March 1993, and in 1995 the Constitution was adopted for the Adygeya Republic.

* An overview of the social and cultural situation of the Republic:

In the republic there are 105 elementary schools, 84 junior high schools, 45 secondary schools, an educational institute and one official University, in addition to several centers for Scientific Researches where more than 200 books are deployed during the one year in the various sciences, also there is an Institute of Music, and not to forget the daily newspapers and multi. magazines (scientific, cultural,… ), and there is also the “center of people poets ” and “the association of writers “, and also the Museum of Antiquities, and 400 Libraries that are accommodate for two million books, in addition to 169 cinema halls and 300 exhibitions, where the proportion of educated people is(100%), provided that every adygeya individual participates in the process of education either through teaching writing or reading or conversation, as much as it helps of his/her knowledge in the circassian language , morality and culture.

* An overview of the economic situation in the republic:

The territory of the Republic enjoys fertile soil and suitable weather conditions for all areas of agricultural production, there are more than 250 thousand hectares of arable land, 90 cooperative farms and more than 1400 private farms, and implants in the republic more than 100 species of various agricultural crops (including tea crop, which is planted in the Far North), in addition to heavy industries such as mechanical engineering, natural gas and the doubled number of water and gas workforce to more than 50% from 1980 to 1991, and when comparing the current territory of the Adygeya Republic with the area of the historic territory of the Adygeya , we will find that the Adygeya Republic expands through a less size of lands comparing to the historic Adygeya area of the territory, which is resulted from the policy of deportation and genocide, which was applied in the Adygeya, where about 90% of the Circassian people are now living outside their own motherland, and now Adygeya constitutes 25% of the population in the Republic of Adygeya, while the Russians are accounted for 68% of the population.

* The Reality of Confrontation:

Since its inception, the Adygeya Republic suffers a chronic illness called “Slavic Union” which represents the majority of the Russian population in the adygeya republic, and has its only aim to overthrow the Adygeya Republic, and in according to the laws of the Russian Federation, the Republic that has more than 30% as the volume of foreign debt in the budget is to be considered bankrupt, and it’s the right of the executive authority to resolve the republic and appoint a administrative governor, and the Slavic Union has managed (somehow) to convince the previous government of the adygeya Republic headed by Mr. Aslan Jarimov to borrow huge sums and to have the republic as the guarantee for the payment of such debts and loans, where the economic situation in the Adygeya Republic has been promising (in spite of the deterioration of the economy in federal Russia at the time ), which demonstrated the ease of payment of those debts and loans easily, since the republic was ranked 17th in the Russian Federation in 1997, and ranked first for the North Caucasus region in terms of conventions and investment and economic growth, for the volume of industrial production increased by 5% and, for example, the grain industry production grew by 12.5%, also the prices have been adjusted to meet the inflation rate of 4.3%, but the government of Mr. Aslan Jarimov sunk in a quagmire of corruption and, of course, the Slavic player occupied the main role in the basic process of corruption and concealment, and by delivering a bleak picture of the situation in the republic to the central authorities in Moscow, and the file has been opened by the possibility of resolving the republic, and the Slavic Union triumphed for victory, and forgot that they are facing the will of the people that 142 years of calamity could not and in gods will – will not be able to defeat such a will.

It was in this period when His Excellency President (Hazret Sovmen / the Circassian patriot) appeared and crushed the last presidential election with a resounding success and announcing the beginning of the era of reform, and announced that the goal of the group is to find a Circassian political elite community gathering in one place, educated and able to assume the burden of responsibility to reach the top of the government to get rid of the theory of “scum controls”, from which our Circassian people are suffering and also to combat the spreading corruption, as the government of President Hazret Sovmen – on the economic level – closed the existing gap in the budget, and thus the external debt was less than 30% of the budget of the Republic, where President Hazret Sovmen -and on his private expense- defused the legal argument that the Slavic union had as a weapon against the Republic’s survival, also President Hazret Sovmen and his successor governmental crew that his Excellency had formed managed to come of a long way in the fight against corruption, and the Adygeya Republic had its victory in the first round of confrontation.

But the Slavic union tried once again to jump on the achievements of the republic with the dubious methods, where they were able to put the draft referendum on the status of the Republic, and the argument this time was that the Circassian minority cannot be governing the majority of the Russians, and despite the fact that this draft referendum -if it comes to reality- means the end of the Adygeya Republic, the Slavic union managed to edit a draft of the referendum through the Parliament of the Republic to the higher Parliament, which has become the highest discount that owns the word in this matter, However, the Russian Slavic frail argument and the draft of this referendum is illegal and not fair, and stresses this is the statement issued by the social Circassian movement (Circassian Congress), and this we quote from the statement:

1. The advocates of unification are jumping from considerations of the economic benefit of the parties and claiming that the economy in the province of Krasnodar is to be considered as national economy, which is not true for there are hundreds of villages that live below the poverty line which means that the economic situation in the Adygeya Republic is in a better state than it is in the province of Krasnodar.

2. The governor of Krasnodar and the Slavic union seems to forget that the territory of Krasnodar is originally circassian lands, and the reason behind the Circassians being a minority in the Republic is the series savage wars, genocide and forcing displacement of the people and the owners of the land taken by the Tsarist Russian empire.

We can deduce from the foregoing that if the issue is that the issue of the minority controlling the majority or vice versa, then we have to talk about the need to offer an apology and compensation to the Circassian people for the daily crimes committed by the Russians against them, and could then also talk on the status of a minority in the Circassians of the Adygeya Republic, but if this happens, the Circassians will return the majority of their historic homeland for the circassians did not choose to be a minority in their homeland, but that was the result of the barbaric and brutal Tsarist Russia in the Caucasus, and that is justice, equality and logic, and not the claims of the Slavic Union of the flimsy and frivolous arguments.

* The real reason:

The real reason behind the Adygeya Republic dissolution is that the republic is to be the last bastion of the Circassians, where the achievements that have been achieved in this republic are the reason behind attempts to join it with the province of Krasnodar, and the most important of these achievements, those relating to the return of Circassians to their motherland, and the role played by the Republic in the case of the Kosovo circassians when the republic welcomed them with open arms on the ground of their historic homeland and to provide them with the necessary ways of life, where this achievement was sufficient to make the forces of darkness shudder in fear, this subject was not covered properly in spite of its importance, for the Adygeya Republic sent a clear message to all Circassians in the wild world and to the Russian Federation that we might not know what the future hides for the Circassian people, especially abroad Kosovo circassians that became suddenly at the mercy of death when their motherland stretched its hand to precipice them from the clutches of certain death, we must take a lesson from the experience and advice of what happened with the Kosovo circassians, for there is no home for any circassian but their Caucasus homeland only.

Based on this concept, the Republic celebrates the returnees once every year, where active social movement of the Circassian Congress in this area, are working to meet the returnees and monitor their problems and concerns and work to provide assistance and guidance to them to overcome the difficulties that may come into contact with, whether economic, social or even political , and it can be argued that this movement is currently playing a very effective role in the political fight within the Adygeya Republic, It derives its strength and popularity and legitimacy of a national orientation, which is a fundamental pillar of its policy, and applies its course side to side with the possibilities available to them on the ground, and the Circassian Congress plays a very prominent role in defending the status of the Adygeya Republic now, which urged it to focus its efforts and energy to achieve this goal, which led to the dispersal capabilities to focus on other things, and despite the fact that the Congress was seeking since its inception to open channels of dialogue and communication between the people of the Caucasus and the scattered Circassian all over the world, but it is still facing some difficulties in the consolidation of these joint efforts and focus all of them in order to achieve the desired goal in the defense of the Republic, and we can say that the Congress had made considerable progress in the delivery of the image of the real situation in the Caucasus to the Circassians emigrants, winding up the first phase of their program.

Complementing its national role, the Adygeya Republic worked to preserve and defend the prestige of the Circassian language with the faith of its political leadership of the need to protect the language from extinction, and for that the republic celebrates the Circassian language Day to draw attention and reminder of the importance of this language, also the Academy of Circassian Sciences works to continue to provide the Circassian people with all they need of educational books, dictionaries, pamphlets and other means in order to preserve the Circassian language.

And at other issues -economy for instance- we must recognize the existence of problems as inflation and price hikes of living to other economic problems, but it would be unfair not to highlight the achievements of the Republic of the above as finding investment climate, which may be one of the best investment climates in the Russian Federation, if not the best already, and reference should be made to the attention of Toyota global auto industry by opening a branch in the republic, in addition to taking the company for the manufacture of Jaguar cars the Republic as a crossing point to all the north Caucasus region for the Republic possessing of a very favorable investment climate, as it should be the reference to the attention of local businessmen in investing in the republic, where the last of which was the intention towards opening of a series of model farms for livestock, not forget also that the vital road project linking the capital of the republic and the Shapsug province on the coasts of the Black Sea, and we clearly see that this project includes a very important incarnate national dimension, as well as economic significance, It is also noteworthy that the winter mountain resorts in the Republic will host a part of the Winter Olympics to be held this year in the city of Sochi (Ubykh eternal capital) and the accompanying hosting of the substantial economic benefits in addition to the emphasis on enjoyment Republic thriving infrastructure and strategic location proving distinguishes the republics economic On the whole Russian Federation.

Here we can say that the problem of the economy in the Republic is a purely human problem and the bureaucratic procedures and departments, some of the old symbols of corruption, which exists in the various countries of the world, but to varying degrees, which can be solved in the Adygeya Republic through concerting efforts for the delivery of the elite of the Circassian to the decision-making centers and then work to pass legislation and laws to fight corruption, bureaucracy and to protect the honorable officials against the corrupt entourage that can be considered as a real problem in the Republic.
In other areas, as sports, the achievements of the heroes in many of the global and international forums suffice to reverse the image of excellence of sports heroes in the Adygeya Republic, and one of these achievements is the Circassian flag-raising at the highest mountains in Australia by one of the circassian athletic heroes, where on the other hand nalmas circassian dancing troupe accomplishes the Task of fascinating all who sees Circassian dances through their wonderful shows.
But let us put all these accomplishments aside, and pride in the most important achievement of all, the existence of the Republic itself, in spite of the difficult circumstances of destruction and displacement of the Circassian people for 142 years and to make them a minority in their homeland, this has not stopped the Circassian people from maintaining some of the most important rights and above all is the right to survive.

* The followers of the events in the Republic accurately & according to deep studies, will be noted that the republic is not living in a miserable state of economic conditions as the media in the central Russian Federation is trying to film, but on the contrary, the Adygeya Republic enjoys economic distinctive feature in need for effective economic plans and appropriate to the situation, so these plans are based depending on a post-nationalist aim, and the summary, the economic argument as we resolve the argument is flimsy and weak, a fabricated propaganda argument supported with controlled media aiming at distorting facts and narrative lies and creating an atmosphere of tension and anxiety specially among the emigrated circassian people who has the desire to return to their homeland, where the media was able to get the circassian public opinion to live in the illusion that the Republic suffers a great severe economic crisis, and that the solution was for the republic is to be resolved and annexed to another province, at the same time, the terrible economic conditions for other regions in the Russian Federation -that is conceded- if compared with the reality of economy in the Adygeya republic, there would not be a place for a comparison, However, as mentioned previously, it must be linked to any current orientation of economic policies, a unified national political course and this is the only way to rid the republic of the state of equilibrium its facing, and the national economic policy is not born of the moment but has been at a gold phase in one stage of the presidential mandate of President Hazret Sovmen “The last elected President of the Republic”, since the end of the Caucasus wars that ended up defeating Circassians and forcing displacements of their country and the survival of a minority in the country, emerged national political elite (particularly in the area of Adygeya) managed to create alliances and multilateral relations covering in the context of the political process in the republic and make national interests take the lion’s share of the interactions of this process in different ways, this elite worked by diplomacy to achieve the national objectives, and sometimes through political methods, for sometimes you need to follow a policy of appeasement in some difficult circumstances through conviction to get what you can gain for the Circassian national according to the changes imposed externally, the elites policy was working on achieving an important part of the national Circassians interests -even if these interests take time to appear despite time and place- but the current trend of the government in the Republic goes against what had been previously accomplished in the policy which was the reason for the survival of the Republic to the present day, and was the beginning of this change in the national policies after less than three months of the new government took the helm of leadership, where there has been a decision of the Supreme Court in the Republic that the Circassian language is not a mandatory language in education, but optional, the owner of this decision represents another in the abolition of customs offices of the Republic -which some observers analyzed – as the beginning of a dissolution of the republic and the annexation with the province of Krasnodar, in contrast, the government’s position has been negative and indifferent so to speak, but the most important issue is that no serious steps has taken place to stop this dissolution process, and here we refer to the clear and explicit statement of the “designated” President of the Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushina while escorting to the Russian delegation which visited the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which confirmed that the talk about a republic dissolution is mere allegations unfounded and they are just election rumors only, and during the interview, the journalist (who is not familiar with the events, as it seems) did not address the President to this point to explain the existence of a referendum on the status of the Republic at the top of the agenda of the new Adygeya Parliament Although the referendum does not enjoy any legitimacy and legality at all, and we can prove that by the following :

1. If we were to read the legal structure of the Russian Federation based on international laws and the federal agreement between Russia and the independent republics within the Russian Federation, which was signed in 1992 and also the federal constitution approved in 1993, the constitutions of the republics, we agree that we will see the Federal Constitution and the federal and republican constitutions determine that conclusively topics is the responsibility of the Federal Constitution and contrast issues that are the responsibility of the republics, and that the republican laws are higher than the federal laws, and consequently the subject of a referendum on the status of the Republic is not mentioned at all and the legality of such a referendum do not exist at all in any item or chapter of the Constitution of the Adygeya Republic, and the truth is that the federal legislature had tried to capture the Circassian politician to push for the signing of the Convention, but the political Circassian was alert and set up the conditions to ensure the continuation of the Republic under the leadership of a Circassian political community gathering in one place only, and this explains why the Circassian language of the candidate is required to run for the Presidency of the Republic, but this requirement was abolished illegally also in 2003, and in 2004 issued a federal decree giving the right of the President to impose a federal body for the presidency after he is elected democratically, in addition to a wide range of federal decrees aimed at the eradication of the peoples of the former Circassian and complete the dirty process.

2. Any referendum project is clearly the beginning of the implementation of the scheme mastermind to dissolve the Adygeya Republic, where statistics indicate that the settlers in the Adegeh Republic are more than the indigenous owners of the land, and therefore this step contradicts with the international laws, which gives the right to the indigenous people of the Circassian Republic to participate in such referendums, the existence of the Adygeya Republic is based on the international laws, which states the right of all people to report certain terms of economic, cultural, political, and came to the indigenous people (Circassians) Adygeya formation of the Republic in 1991, and proved this the federal agreement between Russia and the Federal Adygeya Republic in 1992, as demonstrated in the federal Constitution of Russia, which was in 1993, and finally found in the Constitution of the Adygeya Republic approved in 1995.

From the above we can note that such a referendum is a continuation of the genocide of the Circassian people committed right by the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century, and continue foretell the future security of the Circassian people, and the orientation of gravity laid eyes on the republics wealth, the reflections of such procedures will be dire undoubtedly, and there is nothing standing in the face of this principle to continue the genocide of the Circassian people, but the concept of the nationalists people of this community through joint action and orderly manner and drafting a realistic and practical and not merely moves from the regular and disapproval condemned or rejected and other verbal methods and purely negative attitudes, to be unification is the approach taken by these moves beacon in the direction at the present time, and the messages sent to the United Nations and other international organizations are only a small part of these moves, which coincided with the registration of the fraternal Circassian WCB / WORLD WIDE CIRCASSIAN BROTHERHOOD organization as one of the protectors of minority rights in the World, with the United Nations this year.

As it should be noted the recent trend of the Federation of Circassian Associations in Turkey works towards the creation of an integrated program for the resettlement of the wishes of the people of Circassian community in the Caucasus homeland, and we must pay tribute to the announcement of the 30 Circassian families from Kfar kama & Rihania with the desire to return to the Caucasus without any financial help, but claim to facilitate the process of them obtaining Russian citizenship, for the reader of these and other events will be noted that the Circassian people now live the beginning of a great national vigilance that is now the nationalist elites are to exploit these vigilances and care towards achieving the goal, and it seems the rivalry between these elites overheated to participate and contribute to the national Circassian dream ” the dream of returning “, which campaign Circassian grandparents who were forced to leave their country, this dream remains paramount to have, and the old songs of the emigrants is a confirmation of the idea of returning pending boosted great Islamic Ottoman state as understanding what is only a temporary measure to restore Circassians and organize their return to their homeland, once again Circassian people is greater than to accept being homeless and forgetting to their homeland, and the dream has been delayed to achieve because of the reasons including “individual interests and selfish conflicts, etc.” that are in gods will- to be dealt with and analyzed in the upcoming articles.

In any case, the Circassian program is based on belonging to the National Circassian beginning all the way to the renewal of the sense of belonging to the nation and ending with the development of programs for a full return to the Caucasus, and until the moment that this goal is achieved, remains the immortal phrase in the minds of the nationalists of the Circassian people who are loyal to their homeland (in the homeland and in exile) “never have we or ever will forget our homeland the Caucasus.


Aslan Jarimov, interpretation: Ahmed Abdel Raouf Hakoz magazine fraternity No. 101, 1997, 102 p. 2.

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