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19.03.2010 – 19:08 – natpress

Everybody will be forced in a stall, and everything in this republic will be great - Rauf Arashukov

In the evening of March 14, a young volunteer of Adyga Khasa - Aslan Zhukov was assassinated at the doors of his car care center. As one of the most active representatives of the Circassian youth, Aslan Zhukov was under attentive supervision of KChR authorities. Very often, there were threats and attempts to put the screws on him. As he was telling to the friends, the authorities through constant revising were always trying to put spoke in his business wheels. Aslan Zhukov was a simple citizen of his Homeland, was honestly earning for one’s life and was trying to contribute to positive youth upbringing through sport. He was very respected by

The first thought that comes up when thinking about the reason of his assassination is ethnic hatred and political reasons. Everybody in the republic was aware of the fact that aslant could lead young Circassians in case of national emergency. Many times he and Timur Zhuzhuev- the head of youth Adygha Khasa interfered with mass riots and carted off all the young people that were involved, in order to prevent tragedies. Thank to these kinds of people due to their patriotism and truth seeking they were fighting against corruption, lawlessness and criminal in the republic. Thank to their activity many youngsters avoided the destiny of being embroiling into terrorist bands.

It is obvious that such positive activity was irritating certain people in the republic.

There are also no doubts that, as it used to be before, the authorities of KChR will try to hide the assassination and to give the overtone of a simple and casual murder.

It was not a surprise lately that mass youth riots were represented in the republican mass media as simple “disturbances without any political or ethnic background”.

Whom are trying to befool the authorities of KChR? Themselves, their citizens or the Federal Center?

Such barbarian actions as persecution of public figures, pressure on those who don’t belong to the corrupted clans of KChR became a daily routine for the republic. Such kind of pressure is put not only on local inhabitants, but even high federal officials. The procurator of KChR Oleg Panasenko, who firmly stood against corruption, could be an excellent example for such kind of persecutions. In his annual report he affirmed that “for 10 months of 2009 there were about 2000 cases on violation of corruption laws, 65 criminal cases on corruption were initiated against 67 persons, and 14 out the number turned out to be bribery”. Most of the corruption cases were allowed on renting lands. After such kind of effective activity, the prosecutor was put under the biggest pressure from the karachai officials and republican authorities; exception reports were sent to Moscow with the requests to fire him and complaints on his incompetence.

Many letters from nominees, from venal public volunteers and all leveled corrupted officials, who were irritated by Osyak’s actions against corruption, influenced on Medvedev’s decision of firing the general. The other example from this series can be the dismissal of the Minister of Interior of KChR, Nikolai Osyak. He was famous for his probity, and with his actions he interfered with criminal trades of lands, real estates and businesses in KChR.

The same nationalistic machine “ate” the current head of FSB of KChR –Valeriy Ostroveckiy. Ethnocratic authorities of KChR, protecting their own personal interests, used even methods of threatening and pressuring against this person. He was talked by officials of all levels- starting from the officers of Ebzeev’s administration. His nonfeasance was the main “talking topic” and the goal of all those people. Otherwise he was threatened by losing his job.

Renat Karchaa - the current representative in KChR from the Administration of the President did not avoid the “nice gesture of attention” from the KChR authorities.

For the short time period of working in the republic, Renat Karchaa showed himself as an experienced official and as a professional while trying to maintain peace and stability in the republic. He worked on the question of returning the parity of 1999. But it appeared the desire of Karchaa to get together all representatives of nationalities and to put them at the table of negotiations, did not fit into the Ebzeev and his team’s scheme of ruling the republic.

Who is not with us is against t us.

To the process of pressuring the federal officials in KChR the next people were connected. The formula of pressuring on persona non grata was based on these people:

1. Aibazov Ratmir-the senator of KChR president in the Federation council. We talked about him in the first part. His main function is financing all the processes like bribing, corrupting, blackmailing etc. He has his own group of people in the Parliament, and with the help of dependent deputies he changes the republic’s legal basis.

2. Kipkeev Sairambek –the head of President’s administration. Using his position he pushes on any official: from the heads of the states (rayons) to the businessmen of large and small scale. He puts stiff conditions on carrying out any type of work. If a problem is not solved properly or if an official doesn’t want to obey, he pursues the dismissal of the official.

3. Khasan Sarkitov- vice-head of KChR’s Administration. Carries out different meetings in soviet style, works on blackmailing and blackwashing of the people they want to destroy. Personally takes part in public humiliation of delinquents.

4. Sergey Smorodin a permanent representative of KChR republic at the President of the RF, also he is first vice-prime minister of KChR government. Does everything he is told by the power-clan to do, lodges information against people to the Kremlin. The main reason of his actions is the fear to lose the place he lives at- he lives in Moscow in the apartment that belongs to Ramtir Aitbazov. Back in times he was among those who actively threatened to the head of public organization “Rus”-M. Khokhlachev. Now he is the one who is responsible to remove all hindrances that Russian public organization might bring upon.

5. Ismail Aliev – the firs vice-Prime minister of KChR. The major ideologist of nationalistic activity in the republic. Running the process of influencing of karachai community on different officials. Busy with writing complaints and requests to the Kremlin officials. Lobbied the nationalistic karachai ideas to the republican government.

6. Rauf Arashukov- a new member of karachai ethnocratic clan band. By his actions he proves the saying “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. Many times he was involved in different dipsy-doodles that were very dangerous for the situation in the republic, without thinking of consequences for regular citizens of the republic. In his blind ambition to become the leader of the Circassian world, he went to extremes. He is being used to trigger provocations against Circassian businessmen; he manages the attacks on young nationalistic activists and pushes on Circassian part of the inhabitants in the republic. His gibberish became the subject of the youth mocking.

The recent event that took place in Khabez area on March 2 can become a good example of how the clan works against any positive changes.

Thus, on the eve of Renat Karchaa’s visit to the republic, there was a provocation action organized in Khabez area. Throughout the all area Arashukov’s people posted nickels accusing the federal center of being incompetent and arrogant towards regular citizens. At that evening the interim of Minister if Interior Sergey Skripka gave an order to destroy the notorious nickels. But that was enough to make it red-hot and to put into a flutter the vast part of people before the meeting with the federal official. Sairambek Kipkeev run the auction directly himself.

On March 2, there were lots of people in the Cultural hall of the Khabez area; also there were Arashukov’s assistants, who already had gotten prepared the scenario of the meeting. According to them it should be the evening of reports on how everything is great in the rayon. Rauf Arashukov himself was chilling out in Egypt, running the whole meeting process by the phone.

After first speaker who praised positive changes in Khabez area, the community started to sound off. Simple inhabitants of villages wanted to speak up in front of the federal; center’s representatives, to tell them how the things really are in KChR. Spokesmen complaint on corruption in the area, on clan system, on constant pressure and lawlessness of local authorities and militia.

It was said that utility rates has risen up to 578% since the beginning of the year. It is not a misprint,the utility rates did rise up to 578% - it happened for the conspiracy between the local administration and the republic’s authorities.

The formula was rather simple: The Federal fund of housing helping annually subsidies the states a certain sum of money on a gratis basis. The republican authorities demanded from the head of Khabez area to refuse from that subsidy so that they could use it as they wanted, or to make it simple, to steal. They were thinking that the Arashukov’s family due to their wealth would cover those expenses out of the family budget. But no such luck, being the head of Khabez area, Rauf Arashukov shifted the burden of the payments on shoulders of regular citizens. That is how the utility rates increased six times.

Going back to the meeting on the March evening in the Cultural Hall, after many spokesmen the word was given to the former head of Khabez area- Mukharbi Shebzukhov. He is also among those who suffered from ethnocratic regime in the republic. because of the constant persecution he was hospitalized several times, and then dismissed. His speech was very emotional, he wanted to tell everything that had been accumulated for all these years. While his speech the moderator of the meeting started to interrupt him, to humiliate him, calling names the old and respectable person. Shibzukhov could not take that and he fainted right at the tribune. He was taken to the hospital but the people did want to stop telling the truth to the Federal center.
In 20 minutes the sad news came-Mukharbi Shizukhiv died from a heart attack. It is another death that can be written on the account of the political clan in KChR.

Coming back to the republic, Rauf Arashukov declared that he settled everything up with Ramzan Kadyrov. Unpleasant to them federal officials like Renat Karchaa and Nazir Khapsirokov will be dismissed. Rauf Arashukov himself will become the Prime minister of KChR. Everybody will be forced in a stall, and everything in this republic will be great- concluded Arashukov.

Now, there is a question to ask how many more people should be “assassinated” by the hands of these criminal and rotten political elite of KChR?

To be continued…

Alexei Karaev

Independent journalist, freelancer

Cherkessk, KchR

March 15th, 2010

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