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3/21/2010 - 17:15 pm - NatPress

The chief of the Federal consumer control service across Adygeya (Rospotrebnadzor) Aslan Aghirov (participant of the car accident of November, 4th, 2008 in which 4 members of the Bersirovs were lost) brought an action against the newspaper “Youth of Adygeya” for the publication “Press Conference: Michael Chernichenko, Teuchezh Hut, Aslan Aghirov”.

The claimant demanded to collect from the newspaper’s edition to his own advantage indemnification of some moral harm at the rate of 200 thousand rubles. And on March, 19th, the preliminary hearings on corresponding case passed.

In the claimant’s opinion, the edition had distributed “slanderous information” about him; that the newspaper lied, even with custom-made character of the named material. Here is the concerned fragment:

“During the conference the editor of "Youth of Adygeya” named even brighter example showing, in his opinion what kind of "influence" of a high-ranking suspect on the process of investigation could be. He told about the car crash with participation of the head of the republican department of the Federal consumer control service Aslan Aghirov occured on November, 4th, 2008 and litigation on which had been conducted not by the investigatory committee, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Two cars crashed into each other, - the editor of the newspaper reminded. - The cars were examined, video-records were made and a corner of their clash was examined. However the results of that examination did not satisfied the head of the republican service. Therefore they organized a repeated examination. And before the experts started working, to the cars which by then were on the protected territory, certain people with sledge hammers appeared. They dressed the cars to make the results of the examination necessary for Aslan Aghirov. About that it was spoken in one of the telecasts on the central TV. Now the question: is such “influence” on the investigation a sufficient basis to take away the litigation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to transfer it to the investigatory committee, and to add to the case about the car accident at the same time?” The end of the citation.

We shall not speak here about how the preliminary hearings passed. Nothing distinguished though in the event there are some optimistic tendencies. They can be seen already in that if in the previous processes Aghirov often had not participated then now he was there - with his lawyer.

Let’s consider some other thing. About criterion of honesty. On some concrete example. And besides with participation of Aghirov, too. In one of the telecasts the question, whether drank the chief of Rospotrebnadzor drank during the banquet in honour of the Day of Russia (on November, 4th - day of the car accident - an official holiday), he answered that he did not drink. He explained: when they poured vodka in his glass he merged it in another glass and drank a mineral water.

Now let’s dream up: there was a toast to Russia, Adygeya in its structure, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin, Aslan Tkhakushinov, etc., and the head of Rospotrebnadzor merged vodka in a glass, and drank a mineral water. But shall pay attention, he did not say that on the banquet to the dear public present there: “I shall not drink alcohol, as I should drive to Uliap, so I mustn’t bring down someone”. But he named his behaviour there "know-how". (good that was not an “innovation”).

So, whether it is possible to consider Aghirov’s answer fair if even being justified, that he did not drink, so he showed himself roguish? How could we trust, friends, his reasonings of like: “we control everything - the bird's and pork flues, the African plague, and so on.

My God! What a destiny is to face with such a man!

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