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03/28/2010 – 19:10 – NatPress
Source: Caucasus Knot

Most Circassians around the world support the need to recognize the genocide of Circassians, considers vice chairperson of the Circassian Congress of Adygeya Zaur Dzaukozhev. Also other Circassian representatives of the public in the republic agree with him.

According to historian of the Republican Institute of Humanitarian Studies Asker Panesh, Circassians appealed to the Council of Europe and other international organizations to recognize the fact of genocide, and today this issue is at the stage of decision and the position of Russia plays a key role.

Recall that from 19 to 21 of March the international conference "Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes: The Circassians & the Peoples of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future" has been passed in Tbilisi. The Conference appealed to the Parliament of Georgia to recognize the genocide of Circassians committed by Russian government in the second half of the XIX century, when as a result of century war in Caucasus, the majority of Circassians were forced by tsarist Russia to leave their homeland and resettled in more than 40 countries.

"We have repeatedly appealed to Russian authorities to recognize this historical fact - Zaur Dzaukozhev told the "Caucasian Knot" -Unfortunately, no reaction so far has not long lasted. If Georgia at the moment can recognize the genocide, we should go for it. And this is the absolute opinion by the majority of Circassian people".

Dzaukozhev is certain that the Russian government deliberately holds dividing line between Adygs (Circassians): "We are already separated. The recently established Northern Caucasian Federal District further divides our people. Before taking this decision, the federal government did not bother to ask the locals: if they want it".

Zaur Dzaukozhev believes that the North Caucasus republics are not full members of the Russian Federation. "Otherwise, how to explain the fact that our calls not to hold the Olympics in 2014 in the territory where genocide was committed and where still the Circassian issue is not resolved, the authorities simply ignored?" - Says the Deputy Chairman of the Circassian Congress.

Speaker of the State Council of Adygeya Anatoly Ivanov said that: "To comment on this question is quite difficult, because people react differently to it. I am sure of one thing: this question should be solved. But it must be addressed so that it does not become a cause for aggravation of international relations".

He told to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that the session of the Executive Committee suggested using the Caucasian motifs in the symbols of Olympic Games in 2014, as because in this area lived Caucasian peoples and were subjected to extermination. Vancouver did it, and it lost nothing. I think that this decision could bring people together ", - said Ivanov.

As time passes, this issue will be solved, says Anatoly Ivanov. "This is – politician affair. And it has to be addressed very diplomatically, so as not to injure people. We now live in Adygeya normally, friendly. Of course, there are problems, but we solve them together". – He said.

Russian State Duma deputy from the Republic of Adygeya Ruslan Hadzhibiokov reminded the reporter of "Caucasian Knot" that during his tenure as vice-premier, leaders of the Republic issued a request to President Yeltsin. "Representatives of NGOs, who requested the same to the parliament of Georgia, have only duplicated our message. They have their right", - considers Hadzhibiokov.

However, Russian State Duma’s deputy strongly disagrees that namely Georgians have to take such decision. "Georgia has no relation to this issue at all, and should not have - said Ruslan Hadzhibiokov. - There are political forces that are on hand. And who play up the "Caucasian card".

Asker Panesh, a history professor of the Circassian Republican Institute of Humanitarian Studies believes that recourse to the Georgian parliament to recognize the genocide of the Circassian people does not hurt either political or economic relations between Russia and Georgia. "This is the first step in restoring historical justice" – the professor suppose.

According to Asker Panesh, the genocide of Circassian people took place in the history of the 19th century, and this is confirmed by numerous archival documents, and statements by Russian generals, in whose "hands it had been done".

"All these documents were presented to the Russian parliament, but there was no result, unfortunately, and there is not at present – the scientist adds that. - In addition, we addressed the Council of Europe and other international organizations to recognize the genocide. Today, the issue is at stage of resolution. The position of Russia will play in this decision a key role."

Recognition of Genocide of Circassian people historically important, says Panesh: "This was brought about by the tsarist autocracy, the Russian people are not responding to it. But the recognition of this historical fact is necessary."

If Circassians receive such status, they may return to Russia and will bring not a little benefit to Russia, the professor is convinced that: "It needs a support of governmental program, which will create the appropriate conditions for the return of Circassians. This is in the interests of Russia itself," – the interlocutor adds.

Most colleagues of Asker Panesh who understand this problem, he says, hold the same opinion. "No extremism and no anti-Russian sentiment are not in it - he believes. - I do not think it was necessary to start with Georgia, but if the parliament of this country recognizes the fact of genocide, it will be the right decision".

"There was genocide, and to challenge this fact is meaningless – Asfar Kuyek believes, - a leading researcher of the Circassian Republican Institute of Humanitarian Studies, Ph.D. in Philology, chairman of the republican social movement "Samgur".

Stanislav Govorukhin, publishing material about America, said: "The time has come when the Americans apologize to Black people and Indians for what happened to them in their time. "Intellectuals of these people have risen up so the time has come to recognize and handle this issue. The same must be done in Russia, especially in the Caucasus", - notes Kuyek.

According to the candidate of philological sciences, representatives of public organizations should not have to issue a request to the Georgian parliament. "Despite the fact that I went to study in Tbilisi and Georgians have a great culture, this is not the path that ought to go through. They are still in the Soviet era when they were imbued with the idea that from Anapa to Tbilisi - it is their land. That psychology has provoked a military action against Abkhazia. You should not rely on Georgia, if we say that we have common roots with the Abkhazians" - Asfar Kuyek summed up.

The attitude of the federal government to the Circassian diaspora, whose members reside in more than 50 countries around the world leaves much to be desired, said the scientist. "Circassian diaspora has a very strong potential, and Russia might well have to rely on its representatives in solving their geopolitical issues" – says Kuyek.

He notes that, when Russia recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Circassians in Turkey, against the wishes of the Turkish government supported Russia. "Russia's Foreign Minister during his visit to Turkey has invited representatives of the Circassian diaspora to a meeting. According to one of its members, he said: "Guys, we will never forget that you supported Russia. We will support you in resolving the Caucasus issues,"- said the chairman of the republican social movement "Samgur".

"Russia's recognition of the genocide of Circassian people – is a matter of time. We must be friends with Russia. We must understand each other. The time will come when it will be so" – Kuyek Asfar considers.

Radio Adiga

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