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15 April 2010 – 23:25 - NatPress

Public Parliament of Shapsug’s prepares for extraordinary labor congress

This meeting of a public parliament, passed on April 4 in Lazarevskiy office of the organization, became final on the eve of the extraordinary congress of the Black Sea Shapsugs.

On April 25 delegates representing localities of densely populated indigenous minority people in the city of Sochi and Tuapse district, will examine the major policy question in the agenda of the forum - the new Charter of “Adyghe Khase”. Preliminary hearings on the topic were held even in the previous session, on March 7 (see "Shapsugia" № 3 of March 18).

In those days a working group established by members of the Parliament actively worked and prepared several options for the document. This process is certainly complex, multifaceted, requiring serious consideration, and, considering its importance, the organization is very responsible. It is not surprising that the next debate on the amendments and changes to be made in the Charter was very difficult and emotional – it is still too early to say well-done. This will be made in the coming congress, at which, in legislators language the draft Charter of "Adyghe Khase" will be adopted already in the third - final - reading.

There is a need of some changes in the fundamental legal document governing the activities of “Adyghe Khase” as a social organization, as it is long overdue: the Russian legislation is developed with vigor, so the Charter, in force since the mid 90's, of course, must be brought fully into line with modern requirements. This, by the way, was noted by inspection activities of “Adyghe Khase”, held recently by the Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Krasnodar territory. There were little remarks, but they must be removed as soon as possible, and it is purely the prerogative of the Congress.

Fundamental thesis, outlined in the new edition, a few which you can find in the comments to the draft Charter of “Adyghe Khase”, published in this issue. In short, they are that the Khase expected to obtain a status of regional social movement. Former name will be renamed. Now it is, in the case, of course, approving by the Congress, it would sound like "Black Sea Shapsug’s Adyghe (Circassians) Khase". A rule to the draft document limiting the tenure of office as head of the movement has been made now it is not more than two consecutive terms, as well as the requirement for knowledge of Adyghe (Circassian) language.

As the President of "Adyghe Khase" Majid Chachuh marked out, work on the draft of the Charter continues, the whole people should participate in the discussion of the document, every opinion and suggestion is now important, which must be taken into consideration at the forthcoming congress.

In the second part of the meeting of the parliament they have discussed other issues. In particular, the head of "Chile Khase" aul Psebe Aissa Achmizov newly identified long-standing severe problem associated with the need to build an asphalt road in a mountain village. All efforts in recent years, efforts in this direction have failed, he said. The decision to support the request of village members has been again considered and to address with the relevant letters from the public of the Parliament to the Governor Tkachev, as well as the chairman of the assembly of the territory mr. Beketov.

By initiate of representatives of the village Hadzhiko it was considered to see a mechanism to streamline the activities of small businesses in villages and the participation of “Adyghe Khase” in this process.

The primary chairman of the organization Khase in the village of Nadzhiko Shamsudin Shhalahov once again expressed deep concern over the fate of traditional farming of Circassians and the current plight of agriculture.

Manager of the territorial public self-management in “Kichmay” Khalid Tlif informed members of Parliament about the recent past in the Great Kichmay when citizens have gathered to consider matters relating to the protection of constitutional rights of Shapsugs as indigenous people, and about the decisions which were taken.

The representatives of Circassian youth called on members of parliament and the local population to accept participation in a social action of "Ribbon Memory", dedicated to May 21. Currently, the availability of funding that needed to implement this important project was announced and support by Circassians around the world.

The activists also learned one of the projects of the memorial dedicated to the victims of the War in Caucasus, prepared by the famous artist Aysoy Hapishtom, which is expected to set in place a monument located in a park near Lazarevsky Center of national cultures.

Anzor Nibo. Elot.ru

Translation by Radio Adiga

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