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2 May 2010 - 20:25 - NatPress

On May, 1st in the Adygeya capital, as though in a lunch break of celebrating the Day of Spring and Labour (and of multi-coloured inflatable balls), communists of the republic celebrated the Day of Struggle and Solidarity of Workers. Their columns passed in a march in the main street of Maykop and stopped on Lenin's square at 11.30 am where organized a meeting.

In total in the action about 500 people participated, and its participants congratulated each other on the holiday. But they discussed the tariffs of housing and communal services, reform of education, situation around the public health services, about unemployment of a great mass of youth and many other things. The head of the Council of Maykop workers, deputy of the State Soviet-Khasa of Adygeya Valentine Melnikov in his speech, in particular, reminded that May, 1st is not only a holiday of Labour and Spring, but also is a holiday of Struggle. “And our life dictates that we need struggle and it is even necessary to us, he said.

As the example to his words he named the statement of oligarch Prokhorov who does not like present already for a long time the "castrated" labour code. “It is not pleasant to him that there is still registered8-hour working day, it is not pleasant to him that he cannot whenever he wants to expel onto a street workers”, the deputy explained.

He stated that the authorities explain the present impoverishment of people with the crisis, “organized by them”. At the same time, he said, for the last year billionaires in Russia became twice more. “Due to what does it occur?, the deputy asked. In fact we make much lesser production”. “Exactly for that, Valentine Melnikov noted, to live normally that there was the future for our children that we had work and worthy salary for that work, we should study to struggle for our rights. To struggle organized and in solidarity”.

The first secretary of the town committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation, the deputy of the Council of People's Deputies of Maykop Andrey Borodin told about the memory from which today all Soviet, socialist is being etched. “From celebrating the May, 1st, - he said, - the basic, essential component - solidarity of workers disappeared”.

The only force, as he said, which now really defends the interests of workers of Russia is the Communist Party of Russian Federation. “This year in the town of Maykop, - he added, - we had already three times within the limits of the All-Russia action organized pickets against increase of tariffs for housing and communal services, in protection of workers’ interests”.

The first secretary of the republican committee of Komsomol Aidamir Tkhagushev told about youth problems. Speaking about education, he mentioned that “already for 20 years we are reforming the education system, and it becomes worse and lags behind the Soviet system more and more”. Cunningly that now in the State Duma they plan to make schools being self-supported, and it means, farewell to free-of-charge training. “Educating will be for children of rich men, those who had plundered our country, he considers.

Refusal from the planned economy, he said, led to that youngsters who have graduated high schools remain without work. “The situation with those who graduated technical training colleges is even worse, Aidamir Tkhagushev said. They just have no place to pass some normal practice as factories stand. As a result in 10 years in the country you will not find competent experts”.

They do not solve in the opinion of the leader of Komsomol of the republic, the problem of habitation for young, maintenance with kindergartens. Mortgage, the parent capital do not solve such acute problems for young families, he emphasized. In 20 years of the reforms we see in this example that young became living worse than at the Soviet authority.

“Today the main tool of education of patriotism, the Komsomol leader also noted, is a TV. Look any TV-channel practically at any time. Young learn to plunder, kill there. They impose the opinion that narcotism, prostitution, gangsterism are good. And the main thing in life is money, so everything could be bought and sold”.

About what patriotism they could speak, he said, when American, English, French militarians are invited to the main square of the country for the main holiday for participation in the parade of the Victory. Not those who were the allies during the Second World War, but those who were at war in Yugoslavia, and Iraq. “Thus, - the orator emphasized, - at the same time pupils of Suvorov’s and Nahimov’s military schools are discharged of participation in the parade”.

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