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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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11 May 2010 - 21:35 - NatPress

Circassians of Russia had demonstrated the high level of heroism during the Great Patriotic war. When they wish to sound some statistics, showing it, they usually say that in the percentage to actually Adygeyan population it has appeared among them more Heroes of the Soviet Union, than in any other nation of the country. Thus some people give the superiority to Byelorussians, and put Circassians on the second place.

We shall not deny either that or any other version. We do not have the exact data. Definitely we can tell only about the Black sea Circassians (Tuapsinsky and Sochi areas of Krasnodar region) which before the war had been about 3,5 thousand people. A small aul - in the modern measures. They gave two Heroes of the Soviet Union - A.Achmizov and I.Tkhagushev. And those awards were handled right at the war front.

Shapsugs-Circassians, by the way, because of their small number in the last days of the war, were rejected in the right to have an autonomous area … But today the question is not about it, and absolutely about the other. NatPress asked the question how was the Circassian Diaspora through that war? As repatriates Ibrahim Chetao and Nihad Napso told, though those times were rather hard to the Diaspora, but in those years it could go through without serious consequences.

Ibrahim Chetao (repatriate from Turkey) : I know that two brothers of my father in the period of the war were taken into the army. But it did not participate in fights, as he only protected the state borders with Greece. The then government was afraid of most of all intrusion of the German armies from Greece.

People suffered from considerable lacks of foodstuffs. The government withdrew food and kept it in special stocks for a case of sudden attack.

Corr : What was the position of the Turkish Government in relation to Hitler?

Ibrahim Chetao : It consisted of not participating in the war. The government negotiated both with Germany, as though showing some loyalty, and with the allied countries. So up to the end of the war under those or other pretexts Turkey managed to avoid involving into the war.

In particular, the Great Britain was very persevering in such negotiations. But Turkey put forward the counterclaim: to get much money for re-equipment of its army. And the question of Turkey’s participation in the war was out.

Corr : And did Hanuko appear in Turkey with the idea of creation of the voluntary military division formed from Circassians? He was an uncommon person. The ex-commander of the Circassian regiment of the Wild division, they say, he was engaged there, more likely, in the antihitlerite propagation, than in what he was aimed by those who had sent him to his fellow tribesmen.

Ibrahim Chetao : As much as I know, no. To speak about it, we should know the documents of that time. But, as I heard, he came here directly from Germany, too.

Corr : And how about those who live now in Israel, Jordan, Syria?

Nihad Napso (repatriate from Israel) : There was not Israel then. That territory belonged to England. And if to speak about the Israeli two auls then there were aul inhabitants among those who were at war in the English army. There were awarded among them. Some persons received pensions for the lost or survived relatives. It seems, there are those who have such pensions so far.

The territory of Syria was controlled by France. There were created Circassian regiments. The same situation was in Jordan, as well as, actually, in Israel. And in those armies, including the military leaders, there were Circassians.

About Circassian divisions of that time a book now translated and published in Adygeya had been written.

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