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In Kabardino-Balkaria the question of destiny of bodies of the people killed during the events in Nalchik on October, 13-14th is still opened. It has been almost a month since relatives of the killed daily gather at the building of the republican Office of Public Prosecutor. They do not lose a hope to bury their relatives’ bodies. On November, 7th the relatives distributed an open letter, addressed to the heads of the executive authorities and supervising bodies. IА REGNUM published their reference:

"To the Public Prosecutor of KBR Ketov Y.M., to the General public prosecutor Ustinov V.V., to the head of the investigatory group of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation in SFD Sovrunin A.J., to KBR president Kanokov A.B.

From mothers and the relatives of the victims died in October 2005 г in Nalchik,

The claim

Item 28th of the Constitution of Russian Federation gives everyone the right to profess any religion, not being afraid of prosecutions of the state. Why were our sons forbidden collective prays? Why did they take away mosques from them? They were pure souls, sincerely and disinterestedly believed and with their belief hurt nobody. Writing up lists of "Wahhabists" and prosecution of them because of their religion, unfounded takings to the Department on struggle against organized criminality (DSOC), beatings, tortures, murders – these are the real crimes. The three men made those actions: Shogenov-Kiarov-Mukozhev (Minister of Internal Affairs, chief of the DSOC, the head of the department on struggle against religious extremism - IА REGNUM comment) - from approval and submission of the Spiritual management of Moslems of Kabardino-Balkaria. It is in their criminal fault their order in relation to the opposition of believing Moslems reprisals were made. Armed people in masks expelled them in groups of 50-60 people from mosques during pray, took in militia departments where beat for nothing.

There was a case, in September, 2003 when in the 3-rd Department of inner affairs of Nalchik they beat Moslems, having pulled them out from the mosque in microdistrict "Aleksandrovka", have confronted them to a wall and beat all day long in all parts of their bodies, cut off their beards, and in the next morning detained everyone of them for 10 days. The minister Hachim Shogenov visited the 3-rd militia department and enjoyed, personally observing the show. The beating was so hard that the marks on the bodies after it remained 10 days later. Many of the beaten people were examined; they wrote complaints but any measures had not been undertaken. In Baksan town from a mosque they pulled out 15 people. The militia chief in a pointed manner poured vodka for them with the words: "Those who will drink – will be released". After their refusal to drink alcohol they were led in a court yard of the district militia department where on asphalt the Moslems were beaten with feet and rubber sticks, cut off their beards, were cut out crosses on their napes. In May, 2005 to a mosque near the Kabardino-Balkarian state university, situated in a private house in Kirov street where basically students prayed, during the essential Friday pray they drove up 3 buses and, having interrupted the pray, took all 150 people together with the mistress of the house in the 2-nd department of inner affairs. There their cloths were checked up; they were interrogated about in what way and how long did they pray. They took their fingerprints, and the documents of the house’s mistress concerning the mosque and did not return them so far.

And what now do they do relating to the believers who did not take part at all in the events of October, 13th and were detained after them? These are mass clearings as a result of which the detained Moslems come out from the DSOC (if they do that at all), being not young and healthy but invalids. There are even those who were brought out on stretcher. There are the killed in the same place. Ask a question - whether would they respect "peace officers" after that? The answer is unnecessary. The same way they had treated our sons. For the question why Moslems turned weapon solely against power structures, the answer is forced upon one. Yes, they are criminals according to the Criminal Code if only to consider the events since October, 13th. And if to return 10-15 years back, and especially to the period since 2003 when the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR actually declared a war against them, making mass reprisals, then in that case they are insurgents who protected their rights and freedoms including the right for life, for health, for peace, for human dignity and for religion. Many times they tried to protect their rights in legal and nonviolent ways: about that there are extensive materials: claims signed by almost 1500 people: almost of 400 men; warrants of attorney, lists of their signatures; medical jurisprudent documents, notifications and formal replies. Nobody wanted to listen to them. As they could and should prevent the tragedy. All that became possible because of scale corruption in the law enforcement bodies and authorities of KBR. We think that not only our sons are guilty in the happened. Their actions were provoked first of all by the KBR power structures. Everyone to whom it was favourable to destabilize the situation in the republic had used them in personal, political and mercenary purposes. In this blameworthy chain the first link belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR.

Our sons were killed, having created a "fertile" ground for a mass discontent of Moslems. They provoked them to the attack, having used them as “gun meat”. The factual criminals are free, sitting o their official posts, and consider our children as terrorists. We demand fair investigation and punishment of the real criminals guilty of our sons’ murdering.

On the basis of the stated we ask:

1. To give out the bodies of our sons for burial according to the norms of Islam.

2. To investigate and find out the true reason of their liquidation.

3. To litigate against H.Shogenov, A.Kiarov, B.Mukozhev and other guilty persons criminal cases for infringement of the rights of believers and discrimination under religious attributes according to clauses136, 148, 282 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation, and as for causing of physical and moral harm and murder of our sons.

4. To stop mass reprisals in relation to the rest Moslems.

5. To return mosques to Moslems.

Signatures are applied.


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