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31 may 2010 - 15:48 pm - NatPress

The youth organization APSILAA widespread by e-mail the statement of the Republican party “Forum of Abkhazia National Unity”. NatPress publishes the letter without changes:


“We positively estimate the strategic steps of the Russian management directed on security in the region, actually increase of the military safety of Republic of Abkhazia.

However, contrary to the statements of the country leaders that “time when we were between peace and war and when we spent our main forces for the military component, for infinite conflicts with Georgia, comes to end”, the current situation around Abkhazia still remains strained. Struggle for Abkhazia finds new forms that speaks about new challenges and threats our state and society face. Enemies of Abkhazia, having miscalculated with the plan of violent destruction of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, developed and started implementing not military methods of oppression of our country. The target of such pressure became the Russian-Abkhazian relation, especially their most complicated part – the events of the XIX century with its dramatic history.

Provocative publications having custom-made character and purposely forging the reality, instead of the worthy answer, met from the present Abkhazian authority some muffled reasonings that in the history of the Russian-Abkhazian relations there were no difficult periods or tragical pages. Such "reasonings" are infinitely far from the truth; moreover, they provoke growth of the anti-Russian mood in our country. Instead of constructive offer for serious teamwork for overcoming of the tragical heritage in the relations between the two friendly countries, inactivity and shyness of the present Abkhazian authority actually indulges the organizers of the mentioned provocations.

Thus, refocusing attention of our society from the problems of the nation’s health, education, culture, science, struggle against growing criminality, corruption, narcotism, illegal migration onto the events of the past, authority, obviously, considers that the vital issues should be solved on their own. Besides repeatedly the present Abkhazian management, continuing the policies of division and separation of our people, accused the Abkhazian opposition of the anti-Russian moods. Absurdity of such "charges" is obvious.

Our course is the strategic partnership with Russia. The strategic partnership with Russia is a realized choice of the people of Abkhazia. We consider that nobody has the right to be engaged in searching political dividends in the field of the Russian-Abkhazian mutual relations. Creation and strengthening of qualitatively new ideological and historical and cultural basis of these mutual relations were substantially promoted by our worthy predecessors, veterans of the national-liberation movement, the best representatives of Russian and Abkhazian intelligency led by our outstanding national leader Vladislav Ardzinba.

In our opinion, the present Abkhazian authority, with its rash actions and inconsistent statements provokes deterioration of the Russian-Abkhazian relation. Actual interdiction by the authority of the planned actions devoted to the Day of Memory of victims of the Caucasian war on May, 21st, accompanied thus with a "transparent" hint that ostensibly the reason for that was discontent of "someone" from the Russian party, is a characteristic example of such actions. Rearrangement of the responsibility onto Russia from the present management of Abkhazia can become a dangerous tendency.

In all the territory of Northern Caucasus that day and hour actions at participation of the heads of the republics, devoted to those tragical events took place; and the Abkhazian authority, ignoring the past of the people, the tragical pages of the history connected with the fates of hundreds thousand of the fellow countrymen, loses respect in Northern Caucasus, in Russia, and all over the world.

It is inadmissible to speculate the past in which there was everything: both heroism, and valour, and tragedy. Our relations with Russia lasts a lot of centuries; we consider, that together we are capable to overcome the heavy heritage of the XIX century and to achieve much for blessing of our peoples and the states. That can be proved by public speeches of dear heads of Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev and V.V.Putin, who are paying attention to the necessity of preservation of Abkhazian ethnos, careful approach to the traditions of the struggle of Abkhazian people for sovereign rights.

The Republican Party (“FANU”) declares its condemnation of the policies of the present Abkhazian authorities which can spoil the dynamically developing Russian-Abkhazian relations. The FANU warns the country leaders of inadmissibility of ignoring of our past, historical memory of our people. And it pays attention to that absence of the state ideology, the cynical position to the basic historical and cultural values can cause destruction of the national statehood in the name of which thousands patriots and fighters for freedom and independence of Abkhazia had died.

Sukhumi, May, 28th 2010”.

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