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31 May 2010 - 13:56 pm - NatPress
the Source: kavkaz-uzel.ru

The regime of the special complex preventive operation is announced in Kabardino-Balkaria from now on (May, 28th). The head of the Investigatory management of the SCP of Russian Federation on KBR Valery Ustov informed about it at the press conference, devoted to the results the work of the department for four months of the current year.

As Valery Ustov explained, the special regime differs from the regime of the counterterrorist operation (CTO) supposing a softened variant of the preventive actions.

As “Caucasian uzel” informed, the situation in the republic is strained. Periodically there are bombardments and attacks against representatives of the law enforcement bodies, special actions; special agents find out hiding places of insurgents with weapon and explosives.

As one of the reasons of the present aggravation of the situation in Kabardino-Balkaria Valery Ustov supposes a receipt in the republic of the next financial tranche for additional charging the insurgent underground which, in КBR, as well as in Dagestan and in Ingushetia, on his belief, is financed from one center.

Valery Ustov denied any communication of the members of the illegal armed formations with Islam and in a proof of that quoted a number of aiats from Koran - "you should battle necessary only with soldiers, but not with those who is not at war against you", "to not show neither rage, nor injustice".

Ustov also reminded about hadises which forbid killing women and children. "However recent actions of the gangster underground, when they murdered women employees of the Management of the Federal service on punishment, proved quite the other thing. It is already obvious to everybody that there are criminal groupings which pursue the purposes of destabilization of the situation in the south of Russia", the official declared.

The head of the Investigatory management of the SCP of Russian Federation on KBR informed that the criminals who had murdered the assistant of public prosecutor of Baksansky area Ruslan Mahov - members of Baksansky djamaat - are already found out, and they are wanted in the federal search.

Speaking about quantity of the insurgents in the republic, Ustov noted that they are about 700 persons – both active members and supporters. "They are young men, many of them are highly educated, and half from them are unemployeds. About 50 percent - from incomplete or unsuccessful families. There are also among them recidivists and ex-addicts. About the leader of the insurgents Djappuev it is known that he had earlier worked as a teacher of physical culture in one of the schools Tyrnyauz", Ustov told.

He also noted that they found out facts when people were taken away to a forest and forced to be involved in the insurgents’ activity. In relation to such facts the suspected were already charged under clause 119 ("threat with murder or causing heavy harm to health if there were bases to be afraid of realization of this threat"). The facts when the leader of the insurgents instructed to kill a member of their group because the last one did not obey the instruction on committing acts of terrorism and other illegal actions are also established, Ustov informed. As he said, that murder was entrusted to the cousin of the guilty.

The head of the Investigatory management also informed that in the republic there is complicity to the insurgents, for what 7 person are already involved in the criminal liability.

Ustov informed that after investigatory actions it was found out that structure of the explosive blown up on the hippodrome in Nalchik on May, 1st, as well as explosions on May, 9th and on May, 19th are identical; everywhere hexogen was found. But the explosive blown up on the hippodrome, contained damage elements, as in the other cases there were not such. The explosive blown up in the city on May, 11th, as he said, did not contain hexogen, too.

Speaking about the condition of criminality as a whole, Ustov noted that growth of number of heavy and especially heavy crimes for 6,5 percent during 4 months of the current year was registered. The quantity of the registered deliberate murders (15 instead of 8) increased almost twice. For this period 25 encroachments for life of employees of the law enforcement bodies were registered. The significant part of such crimes as the officials consider, is committed by the members of Baksansky djamaat. For the last 4 months, according to Ustov, there were killed 5 members of the underground, including Anzor Astemirov.

During the press conference Ustov also informed that principal changing of the situation in the near future is expected. "We shall overcome this evil", the head of the Investigatory Management declared the.

Before the deputy minister of internal affairs on KBR Naurbiy Jaborov had declared that the armed underground in Kabardino-Balkaria is totaled about fifty persons. Also, according to Jaborov, since 1995 till the end of April of the current year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic in its struggle against extremism had 67 employees killed.

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