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The tragical events in Nalchik became consequence of reprisal policies of the law enforcement bodies of Kabardino-Balkaria relating to the local Moslems. With that statement participants of the press conferences representing different public forces acted on November, 8th in Moscow.

"According to my information, the president of the republic Arsen Kanokov and the plenipotentiary Dmitry Kozak understand correctly the whole situation, - the secretary of the federal political council of the Union of Right Forces Boris Nadezhdin informed. - They understand that there is no Wahhabism as a problem, and there are problems of corruption in the law enforcement bodies". In his opinion, law enforcement employees provoked illegal actions from the Muslim youth. "The situation is controlled by Petersburg security officers in the Kremlin with Igor Sechin ahead, - he declared, - and everyone should understand that increasing in expenditure of means for the law enforcement bodies’ activities does not solve the problems - on the contrary creates them".

In the opinion of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Tomorrow" Alexander Prokhanov, as a result "authorities’ insanity" the whole Russia came to threshold of chaos and explosion which centers would be regions with the significant Muslim population both on Northern Caucasus, and in Volga region and in Siberia.

The chairman of the Islamic committee of Russia Geydar Djemal supported his position. "There is something in common with this orgy of the boat’s swinging from Northern Caucasus up to the Volga region", - he noted and explained that behind the situation there was a certain group in Moscow which under the slogan of struggle against the international terrorism and forming of the rigid imperious vertical actually led the situation to destruction of controllability of the country. In that connection Geydar Djemal also said that Northern Caucasus (and in lesser degree - Volga region) teems with American agents working absolutely free, unlike emissaries of the Arabian countries. "Probable, we should organize mobilization of patriotic resources which want to save the country from its disintegration", - he concluded.

As the deputy of the local government institution of Hasania settlement from the party "United Russia" Ramazan Tambotov stated, the law enforcement bodies of Kabardino-Balkaria used incriminations in Wahhabism for prosecution of people objectionable to them. In particular, he said, all inhabitants of Hasania were declared Wahhabists after they had protested against integration of their settlement with Nalchik.

" In the Wahhabists’ lists any person who protects people’s interests, following the letter of law can get" - emphasized the deputy. As he said, he personally, despite of his deputy status and accessory to "the party of power" also was falsely arrested, stressed morally and physically by employees of the law enforcement bodies. About that case the plenipotentiary Dmitry Kozak (who personally visited together with Ramazan Tambotov the 6th branch of the Department on struggle against organized criminality (DSOC) of Nalchik where the deputy had been detained all day long) was reported. "Through such retaliatory methods we won’t not solve the problems of our republic", - emphasized Ramazan Tambotov.

In the opinion of the executive director public movement "For human rights" Lev Ponomarev, the dialogue should be started with giving out for burial of the bodies of the killed participants of the events in Nalchik. As the legal expert emphasized, relatives of the victims did not consider them innocent, however they denied that their killed relatives were terrorists. The happened they judged as self-defense from the state terror.

Boris Nadezhdin to those recommendations added the necessity of changing all the top management of the law enforcement bodies and ruling elite into republic. In his opinion, appearance of the new president, which was not connected with obligations to the local clans, gave some opportunities for that purpose.

Participants of the press conference assigned the fault for the situation developed in the republic to the head of KBR Ministry of Internal Affairs Hachim Shogenov, whose subordinates untied terror on the ground of inter-religious discord, and the mufti of KBR Anas Pshehachev who promoted playing of "the Wahhabists’ card".

" If we do not achieve Shogenov’s resignation within the next few days, the events will develop under the worst script", - declared Ponomarev. As he said, the offended relatives of the victims could take arms in hands, too.

As Lev Ponomarev reminded, even in the summer he and the head of the Moscow Helsinki group, member of the Council by the president of Russian Federation on assistance to development of institutes of civil society and human rights Lyudmila Alekseeva had visited Kabardino-Balkaria and found the situation there explosive. On their trip’s results a press conference was held; a reference addressed to the General public prosecutor of Russian Federation was sent. But any reaction from the authorities did not follow.

The press conference participants had judged the whole situation in Kabardino-Balkaria in pessimistic way. In their opinion, the problem of the negative influence of the corrupted law enforcement bodies on the situation in Islamic regions is typical for many subjects of the federation. "In Karachaevo-Circassia they prepare the same provocation", - warned Geydar Djemal.

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