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11 June 2010 – 15:05 pm – NatPress

The National museum of Adygeya will not be able to meet tourists with variety of its interesting expositions or exhibitions. The point is not that the building of the museum has a lack of premises or the safe vault have too little demonstration materials. No. There are enough premises and materials. In the museum there had not been enough specialists capable to create new expositions.

“We have only seven expositional halls in our museum, the ex-director of the museum Almir Abregov told NatPress. I retired two years ago and the present team of the employees not only did not offer new exposition but even closed the already existed. Why did they close for example the dolmen hall (the hall of megaliths) – it really was very presentable. The real dolmen was the first thing tourists could see. Then there was the tomb with pictures of pillar hipped roofed dolmen. By the way, that hall caused a great delight of many museum workers who had been to Adygeya”.

There it was combined two historic periods, Almir Abregov mentioned. Those were the epoch of the Early bronze (IV-III thousand years BC) and the dolmen culture (II thousand years BC). But the things which represented the Early bronze (Maykop culture) were replaced to the temporary exhibition hall. In that hall demonstration of the richest things stored in the museum is organized.

First, the procedure of withdrawal of the stuff from the exposition and its including into the other exhibition were done with breaking the canons of the museum issues. Second, despite of the value of the museum stuff demonstrated at the exhibition to my mind they got mishmash. In the scientific view the exhibition appeared to be ‘null’ because having gathered together the richest things since the III BC age and till XVI-XVIII centuries AD you can not give full-grown description to any of the historic periods.

In the interlocutor’s opinion, the fact that visitors of the republic have no opportunity to see expositions representing the nature, archeology, the Middle ages and the XIX century, is a great omission. Having a minimum of the necessary means, Almir Abregov said, for the museum team he had headed in due time, it would be enough just 50 days to create absolutely new exposition.

Now, as far he knows, tourists could visit only three museum halls. They are two ethnographic halls and one hall devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Besides there are periodically changing exhibitions in the temporary exhibition hall. And that actually is too little comparing to what they could and should do.

“Let’s say, equipping of the hall of the nature and the hall of antiquity and the Middle ages does not need too much money, the interlocutor said. I had planned in the natural hall to exhibit a mammoth’s skeleton and in the hall of antiquity – a horseman with the stuffed horse. It would take some but not great money. But financing of the museum is not stopped. I think the problem is that the conceptions of the present management of the museum do not stipulate anything like that”.

In due time, Almir Abregov also told, present museum director Fatima Djigunova who had worked as his employee in the museum was suggested to leave the museum because of her professional incompetence. During two years she could not have managed to present thematic-expositional plans of tow archeological halls – of the Stone age, the bronze epoch and the dolmen culture. Meanwhile she is an archeologist, master of historical degree as every average museum worker should have this knowledge.

“Then I offered her to change the work place, the interlocutor said in the end of the conversation. Now, having returned to the museum she said goodbye to the majority of the professionals from the previous team. So we can not expect any results from the workers she took in the museum now”.

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