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20 June 2010 - 17:26 – pm NatPress
Source: ewnc.org

The Krasnodar regional forestry department sold at an auction 4 land sites in the natural reserve "Big Utrish"

On June, 18th an auction took place in the Krasnodar regional forestry department on sale of the right to signing rent contracts for sites of the lands of the wood fund. At the auction the department, being a structural division of the Krasnodar regional administration, sold the long-term rent right with a view of recreational use of the especially valuable natural land sites in the territory of the natural reserve "Big Utrish" with mass growth on them various kinds of the plants registered in the Red Book, being key habitats of many Red Book kinds of animals. That appeared to be not the first action leading to destruction of the unique nature of Utrish. Earlier the department had been leased significant natural territories within the limits of the natural reserve "Big Utrish". The most scandalous fact in that activity is giving in 2008 into rent to the Fund of regional noncommercial projects "DAR" for 120 hectares of juniper-pistachio woods in the area of Utrish lagoons.

At the auction five land sites (total area - 8 hectares in the 32-nd and the 69-th quarters of Anapa local forest area) had been exposed. The 32-nd quarter covers a coastal zone between settlements Sukko and Big Utrish, and the 69-th - the coastal zone adjoining from the south to settlement Big Utrish. All the leased land sites are plentifully covered the Red Book vegetation, and their giving into a long-term rent actually dooms the natural complexes located on them. They cannot be a part of the natural reserve "Utrish" any more, and the special mode of the natural reserve "Big Utrish" after creation of a new reserve will be denied, therefore the way to cutting down and building of these land sites will be opened.

They sold four from among the five land sites - three in the 32-nd quarter and one - in the 69-th. Lot with the largest area – the land site (5,91 hectares) - had not been sold, as there was not a buyer. What particularly companies won the right of rent of the land sites in the natural reserve "Big Utrish" it is not known. They had only numbers at the auction. Lot #0487 within the limits of which the land site with the area of 1,54 hectares in the 69-th quarter was bought by a buyer registered at the auction with number 448, and three land sites with total area of 0,55 hectares were bought by number 448. It was extremely difficult to name the action organized in Krasnodar regional forestry department, actually an auction. Everything had been decided in advance: who, for what price will buy; no competitiveness was present at all. Carrying out of auctions in such mode in the Krasnodar regional forestry department had already became a norm. Actually all that was done under the following scheme: the wishing to take any land sites of the wood fund addresses to the forestry department, officials of the department make out those sites as lots and agree about the prices in advance. Further, at absolutely sham "auction", everything goes under the script painted in advance: they quickly announce lots, people representing companies and businessmen who had already bought them de facto, quickly lift hands – that is the whole auction. The fact that purchase of the largest lot on Utrish is not that there was no its buyer as without such buyer there would not be that lot at all, and it only means that something changed in the buyer’s intentions.

Giving of the land sites into long-term rent in the natural reserve "Big Utrish" is illegal. It contradicts many federal laws and the special mode of the reserve. However, the forestry department, leaning on support of the Krasnodar regional administration and using connivance in relation to such practice from the law enforcement bodies, first of all, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar region, obviously, being sure of its impunity, sells out on slices the unique nature of Utrish over and over again.

Nevertheless, the Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus before carrying out of the auction had sent missives to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar region, the Management of the Russian nature control across Krasnodar region, the Department of natural resources and state ecological control of Krasnodar region, as well as to the forestry department. In the letters to the state control bodies EcoWatch specified that tenancy and subsequent long-term recreational using of the land sites with mass growth on them of the plants concerning kinds, included in the Red Book, and being habitats of the Red Book kinds of animals, inevitably conducts to destruction and reduction of number of those plants, animals and other organisms and deterioration of environment of their habitation. That is a rough infringement of clause 60 of the Federal law "About environment protection" and clause 24 of the Federal Law "About fauna" which directly restrict such activities. EcoWatch asked to analyze legality of such activities on those land sites and to arrange on its prohibition. However a hope that the above-stated Office of Public Prosecutor, Management and Department would really undertake something for protection of legality and the unique nature of Utrish is too weak. The most part of their former activity concerning the lawlessness committed in Utrish, had been directed, mainly, on covering that lawlessness as behind them there were the higher state structures among which - the Administrative office of the President of Russia. EcoWatch asked the forestry department to take off the lots on the land sites in the territory of the natural reserve "Big Utrish" in connection with illegality of their rent. All those letters appeared to be just the first stage of struggle of "green" organizations against the next coil of encroachments in relation to the nature of Utrish.

The situation with Utrish still gets worse. Sale of other four land sites of its territory opens a new black page in the book of troubles of the poor natural territory at the Black Sea coast of Russia, being its national property and the natural heritage. Officials of Krasnodar region, pursuing their personal commercial interests, chasing profits of the resort business continue to sale the heritage of our country, its present and future generations. Thus, with the connivance of the nature protection and the law enforcement bodies, they openly break the law.

During meetings and demonstrations in protection of Utrish, organized this year in Krasnodar and Maykop, alongside with other slogans their participants scanned: "Authorities of Kuban - grave-diggers of Utrish!". What happened on June, 18th 2010, completely confirms validity of these words. The orgy of destruction of Utrish nature is on. And Krasnodar regional authorities play in it the most active role.

Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus

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