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21 June 2010 - 17:07 pm - NatPress

Exhibits of Mafaghel home museum

Representatives of the Adygeyan satellite TV-channel "NART" from Jordan visited the largest Adygeyan aul of the Black Sea coast - Aguy-Shapsug

The film crew of the Circassian satellite TV “NART” (Jordan), preparing for plots about Adygs’ lifestyle, visited the Black sea Shapsugia. During the trip the film crew was invited by the man very respected there - the war veteran, the elder of aul Aguy-Shapsug (Tuapsinsky area) Mahmud Shkhalahov.

Tuapsinsky area will be interesting to Adygs living abroad in every respect. There the nature is picturesque, there is something to see, and especially - to talk to whom. In the work the chairman of “Adyghe Khasa” Madjid Chachuh got engaged at once as well as the head of the committee on sports and youth affairs of the Shapsugian public parliament of area Tuapsinsky Dzhambulat Nibo.

Mahmud Shkhalahov is the head of the big family kin - in his 87 he is vigorous, active, charming. And owing to his flashing sense of humour he easily finds common language with any interlocutor. He has a rich biography, his life is full with events – he is a real find for a journalist.

Adygs from Jordan, were interested in everything: the history of the land, the modern lifestyle and the present problems of the fellow tribesmen, elements of the traditional lifestyle of Circassians. A great find for the TV men became inhabitant of Aguy-Shapsug, regional specialist-enthusiast Memet Mafaghel, more than fifteen years collecting his unique collection of Adygeyan antiquities. In his improvised home ethnographic museum there are hundreds of exhibits found out in vicinities of the aul.

About the visit of representatives of the TV-channel “NART” to the historical native land the newspaper “Shapsugia” found out the first. “Jordanians” contacted the vice-president of the International Circassian association, the founder of the choreographic ensemble “Nef” Mugdin Chermit with a call to assist in organization of their business trip, and he shared the information with the newspaper at once. The message about the arrival of the film crew from Amman was published in “Shapsugia”, the republican newspaper of Adygeya and on the Circassian Internet-sites.

Considering the importance of “NART-TV” activities for the whole Circassian world, in Adygeya they received the film crew at the state level. The meeting program appeared to be tight literally into minutes: the visitors visited the largest enterprises of the republic, communicated to known scientists and artists, watched rehearsals and performances of the leading creative collectives, so for three days they shot the richest working video-material.

Meetings with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov and the prime minister Murat Kumpilov during which prospects of development of economic and cultural communications of the republic were with foreign compatriots Separately discussed, took place; concrete arrangements on further cooperation with the TV-channel “NART” were reached.

The executive director of the TV-channel “NART” Mohammed-Hamid Duguzhoko is very well familiar to spectators of the TV-channel - for quite some time now he conducts an author's program focused on people, learning Adygeyan language. He is very intelligent, widely-read, concerns to the business with all his gravity and responsibility – his long-term army training affects: he is a general of Hashemite Kingdom in resignation.

“Main problem, certainly, is financial, he told. TV is a very expensive "pleasure", it demands constant development, and without a stable source of financing it, naturally, is impossible. We should look forward, make a reserve for the future, therefore the All-Adygeyan TV should become a real national project, and without support of the whole Circassian world it will not survive. Now, for example, we are engaged in studying of the opportunity of broadcasting in the USA where the Adygeyan Diaspora lives, and that, naturally, will demand certain expenses, too.

Journalist Sima Ansoko, carries out functions of the manager on the TV-channel “NART” external communications. She comes from village Germenchik of Kabardino-Balkaria. Her profession is teacher of the native language. For some years she had worked in a high school, teaching children the Kabardian variant of Circassian language and the folklore.

In young years she got acquainted with native of Jordan Circassian Nazir Ansoko (now he is a businessman, has a furniture factory), they married, she left to Amman. Unexpectedly she took a great interest in journalism, so on the TV-channel she has been since the very first days. She prepares for plots, interviews interesting people - the basic creative work is after her.

One more complexity in the work is the variety of Adygeyan dialects, - speaks Sima Ansoko said. Our TV is watched by representatives of all the subethnoses of Circassian people, therefore we aspire to do whenever possible to make our programs popular to each spectator, and that is uneasy. Professional journalists with knowledge of different Adygeyan adverbs, operators, directors, producers, people having wide experience of work on a TV are very necessary.

They, certainly, are both in the Diaspora, and on the historical native land, but without stable financing to use their potential in full way is problematic. Now we work practically “for idea”, but the activity of the channel should be necessarily put on the professional basis, otherwise what development and prospects is it possible to speak about?

In the evening of the same day the visitors returned to Maykop. Continuing travel on the land of the ancestors, from Adygeya they went to Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Circassia.

Anzor Nibo, Photo of the author.

Conversation with inhabitant Aguy-Shapsug Dzhambulat Nibo

Ilias Bedanoko, Madjid Abid and Mohammed-Hamid Duguzhoko

Mahmud Shkhalahov and Sima Ansoko

Sima Ansoko on the visit to Memet Mafaghel

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