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At the session of the Supreme Court of Karachaevo-Circassia taken place on November, 9th on "Kaitov’s case" the judge Natalia Zaderjakina rejected the petition of the lawyers of the accused who demanded to recognize inadmissible using of the material evidences withdrawn from the place of the incident. The protectors motivated the petition with that operatively-investigatory actions as a result of which those proofs had been received, were spent with law infringements.

The lawyers focused attention of the court on absence in the case of detailed descriptions of individual attributes (form, color, etc.) of the withdrawn subjects. In the petition it was also noted that the investigators sent for laboratory researching only one of several clots of blood on pavement tiles.

After consideration of the petition the judge Zaderjakina came to conclusion that in the case there were no infringements of procedure of the operatively-investigatory actions putting under doubt admissibility of using proofs presented to court.

"We also consider, - the lawyer of the dissatisfied party Vladimir Postanjuk declared to the correspondent of the agency, - that they had to withdraw a lot of subjects for researches. But the law does not stipulate that. The inspector had the right to withdraw and investigate the subjects he would find necessary. As to the blood clots found on the place of murder, - the main thing is not their form, and their group accessory".

As IА REGNUM had already informed, in the summer residence of Aly Kaitov, the son-in-law of KCR president, at night since 10 till October, 11th, 2004 a murder of 7 inhabitants of the republic - the deputy of the National Assembly KCR Rasul Bogatyryov and his friends was committed. On October, 20th at survey of the territory of the summer residence traces of the crime - bullets stuck in trees, automatic gun sleeves and clots of blood on the pavement tiles were found.

The search of the summer residence was initiated by parents of the killed - the next day after the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of KCR Alexander Obuhov at the session of the National Assembly of KCR: "more than one hundred of militia employees have searched each meter of the territory of the summer residence but any traces of shooting have not found".

The relatives of the killed broke in the protected summer residence and found material evidences. Later the investigatory brigade of the State Office of Public Prosecutor led by the inspector on especially important issues Boris Karnauhov joined them. By results of the search the warrant on arrest of the deputy of the National Assembly Aly Kaitov and a group of persons who had been in the summer residence at the night of murder was given out.


From AdygeaNatPress. "Kaitov’s case soon will come to its end, - wrote us one of our respondents in Karachaevo-Circassia, whose surname we do not specify for the known reasons. - If by the time of adjudgment in the republic there are extreme conditions, president Batdyev will be able to set his son-in-law free, not being afraid of any negative reaction of population. Who would risk coming out in the streets when in the city the army placed?!"

" Now Mustafa in his aspiration to keep sitting on the president’s stool can do anything, anything, - the respondent emphasized. - For example to organize an attack of Wahhabists in Karachaevsk or Cherkessk: Karachai Islamic youth is under "cops’ pressure", everything is just as in Nalchik before the October events. Then - to undertake drastic measures and " to hold the explosive region". And further he could write a letter on trust (the request to the president Putin to give out his sanction to new presidency).

" The second variant, - the respondent considers, - is to cause a clash between Circassians and Karachais - and to stay on the “national” wave - Here an incident greased with blood is possible too. Karachai "ideologists" drive a wave against Circassians: "Great Circassia" is being created under management of western special services in order to tear Caucasus away from Russia and to liquidate Karachai-Balkarians. The last ones should oppose themselves both to Circassians, and cops in order to defend integrity of Russia".

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