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27 June 2010 - 15:05 – pm NatPress

The statement of the Republican party “Abkhazia national unity forum” (“ANUF”) concerned presentation of the film “Absence of Will: Travel to Conflict Zones of Georgia”.

On June, 23rd, 2010 in Sukhumi presentation of the documentary film “Absence of Will: Travel to Conflict Zones of Georgia” which director is Mamuka Kuparadze (“Studia-Re”, Tbilisi) took place. The film was created at support of Henry Bell’s Fund and the British nongovernmental organization “Reconciliation Resources” owing to which assistance its presentation in Abkhazia became possible. Work above the film was ended after the Russian war operation “on compulsion of Georgia to peace”.

Prepared by Georgia and its western sponsors the next military operations against the peoples of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in August, 2008 had not led their organizers to any success. Now enemies of Abkhazia are not able to terminate the people of Abkhazia and our state by militarian way, therefore they try to use other, not military methods of struggle, finally, to subdue and to defeat our people.

Demonstration of the above-mentioned film is an ideological trick of Georgia and its friends, directed against the people of Abkhazia and the Abkhazian statehood. “Main stream” of the film is the idea about our country as an integral part of Georgia. Words of the organizers of the demonstration that ostensibly in Georgia the public opinion and the attitude to Abkhazia began changing, mismatch the reality. Attitude of the film’s director who defined Abkhazia as one of “conflict zones of Georgia” just confirms that. "Heroes" of the film, the military criminals E.Shevardnadze, Karkarashvili who had planned and carried out the genocide against our people, do not hide their true and uncooperative attitude to Abkhazes and Abkhazia.

We consider that E.Shevardnadze's and Karkarashvili’s frank statements, guilty of the war crimes and human rights mass infringements during the Patriotic war of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993, should become the basis for consideration by the international tribunal, instead of being a point of issue at “round tables”, especially in our country.

The Georgian scientific and creative elite through centuries was engaged in not only falsification of the history of Abkhazia, but also formed the political task directed on annexation of our country by Georgia. And presently in the community of the Georgian intelligency the same negative approach to Abkhazia remains defining; Georgians do not suppose Abkhazes have their own autochthony and the right to living. Moreover, and the young Georgian generation completely shares the misanthropic theories and considers that sooner or later they will return again to our country.

The authors of the film try to interpret the deep historical, ethnic and political contradictions between Abkhazian and Georgian peoples as a result of the actions of Russia, instead of the aggressive policy of Georgia. And the Georgian leadership in its struggle against Abkhazia traditionally meets the complete support of the national society. Directors and authors of such films should try to change the consciousness of the society, and the Abkhazian society, suffered from results of constructing a nazi Georgian state, will never forget it.

The fact of demonstration of the ideological film product of the state hostile to us in the independent country - Republic of Abkhazia, is a extreme display of disrespect for the people, People - the Winner, with thousand lives of the sons and the daughters who had defended the opportunity to live on the Native land and to recreate their free and independent state.

Position of the management of Abkhazian state TV-radio company, which work is estimated as unsatisfactory by increasing number of citizens of our country, public associations, Parliament of the country should be considered. When access to the Abkhazian TV veterans of the national-liberation movement, many participants of the Patriotic war of the People of Abkhazia 1992-1993, Patriots, people with other, distinct from the official, opinions, are deprived of, from screen of "АSTVC” cynical reasonings on “the Georgian-Abkhazian brotherhood” are sounded. It is obvious that such became possible as a result of absence among the country leaders of the state ideology, precisely thought over plans and programs, including directed on keeping the national security in the information sphere.

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