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06 July 2010 - 15:22 pm - NatPress

Adygean nation is one of the Northern Caucasia’s natives. In this geography it created Kuban and Maykop Cultures which effected all the other Northern Caucasus cultures, after the Proto-Circassian tribes; Sind, Meot, Zikh, Kasog, Kerket, Psess, Henioch, Zanig, Dzığ etc. completed ethnical consolidation process, it occupied a place in the history.

“Sindika Kingdom” which was set up in 5th century B.C. was the first state in old U.S.S.R. borders. Also, “The Maykop Stone” which was read by Prof. Turtsaninov was the first written monument in old U.S.S.R. borders. Adygean nation created important civilizations in this geography and by continuing its national progress came until today.

Adygean culture has three characteristic properties. These are humanism, freedom and democracy. Of course, there is Adygean mythology in the base of Adygean humanism. Nart Legends are not only tales for children, it is also full of lessons for adults. In “Tlepsh” you are finding the importance of technological development, in “Setenay” wisdom and virtue, in “Peterez” friendship and in “Adiyif” the importance of women labour.

But more importantly you are finding humanism in “Sawsurikho”. He stole the fire from Gods and fought with them without any hesitation, for the light and happiness of people; he is in the center of Adygean humanism.

Thousands of years ago, Adygeans had reached to the humanistic thought style and had built their social life onto humanism. So they said, “To be Adygean is to be humane”. Adygean ancestor defined the Adygean nationality with humanity and advised for all next generations to set up their life on the base of humanity.

Adygeans were exposed to occupation and invasion policy for thousands of years and so, for protecting their freedom they fought in the wars of independence. They lived their all historical process like a freedom struggle. Especially, because of their freedom war against Russian tsarism, Karl Marx had filled with admiration and he had showed Adygeans as an example to all the world’s nations. Also, Mihail Lermontov has written about them, “Their god is freedom”. Adygeans loved freedom.

During thousands years in primitive communal system Adygeans were directed by democratic rules. In the base of archaic democracy there was “Xase” institution. “Xase”, which was being assembled with the leadership of “Thamate”s, was the base of democratic management of the country. So, A.Fonvill said, “This is a natural parliamentarism” for the “Xase” institution. Democracy was the life style of Adygeans, in this way all the possibilities were mobilized for individual progress. In Adygean culture there was no place for pressure, system and comprehension of equality were evident in all areas of social life.

Adygean culture’s three basic characteristics must shape our national and social life also today. First of all our nation must be composed of humanistic people and must set up its life in nobility of humane goodness. From the badness of alcoholism, narcotics, prostitution, theft and mafia humanist ethics must be our guide. A country becomes beautiful if its people are good. Andre Gide has written, “If I did not like the people of a country, I could not like the best views of world there”. It is clear that it is possible for our republic to become beautiful, if our people are good and ethical people.

Freedom is very important for Adygean nation, which is under the danger of national disappearing. I do not mean anarchist life style with freedom. A person’s freedom finishes where the other’s rights start. I mean free life as a nation and getting more free day by day. We know that freedom and free life is a tradition which remained us from our ancestors.

By October Revolution establishing “Adygean Autonomous Region” was a very big advance for our nation’s freedom. Declaration of “Adygean Republic” in 1991 by the effect of democratic progresses in U.S.S.R. was also a very important step of our nation’s freedom. So, Adygeia became an equal unit of Russia Federation. At the beginning and at the last of 20th century these two progresses increased our hopes to the Adygean’s light future.

In the course of time in our republic the state tradition became ripe and because of this fact we are more hopeful about our national future. We must build life in our republic on a democratic base. For different nations living together is possible by democracy. The “Paritet” law must be protected. As a positive separation principle, this law is very important for the future of republic’s real owner, Adygean nation and for peace.

There must be a democratic opposition against the dangerous steps which threaten our republic. Near “Adyge Xase” and other civilian organizations also our state must be a side in this problem. This geography is Adygean motherland for thousands of years and must stay so.

Democracy means equality and justice. Sharing the created labour in justice, preventing bureaucracy and malpractice in the stages of state, also for people to live in prosperity are possible with a democratic system. Knowledge of democracy and the democratic state system contain also humanism’s and free life’s conditions in it. These are in dialectic relationship. People can build a new and well-qualified life with humanism, freedom and democracy.

According to me, in these conditions we must not wait a repatriation of big masses. Diaspora is hesitating about repatriation. The diasporic Adygeans think that people here will ask them the reasons of their coming and they will be exposed to pressure because of xenophobia. They foresee that they can not be happy here.

About the repatriation they are telling that first of all Russia Federation must recognize the Adygean genocide and exile. According to them first of all socio-psychological, lawful and economical substructures of repatriation must be prepared. Also, repatriation must be continued under the support of states.

The motherland in their imaginations has a democratic system and democratic opposition is possible there. Motherland in their dreams is being more free day by day. It is composed of humanistic and clear ethical people who say “Welcome”; as well as motherland’s nature, also its people must accept them.

The political structure of motherland must accept them, must have a democratic system, the front of democratic opposition must be open. Diasporic Adygeans are not coming here as dependents, they are coming with political and patriotic knowledges, want to live in happiness and security. They come to be more free; if there are not the conditions of democratic policy here, their adaptation will be more difficult.

We have gotten free from the emotional thought style. For a diasporic Adygean, here is neither paradise nor hell. In one word, here is motherland. If diasporic Adygeans see interest and cordiality, if they can live at ease and if the states support the repatriation; they can come here. In the opposite conditions, repatriation will stay like a dream.

In our republic we must establish a humanist, free and democratic life’s bases. If our people own humanist ethics and freedom knowledge, also if in our republic becomes a democratic system, future will be lighter and our life will become better.

The key which will solve all the problems, is hidden in our culturel structure. We must just realize it.

Humanism, freedom and democracy.

In 21st century the three legs of Adygean table.

Churmit Eldar Barish Kalkan

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