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06 July 2010 - 17:25 pm - NatPress
Source: sov-adyg.ru

Among the guests of honour of the international mass-media forum "Interaction in Common Interests" recently taken place in Maykop, there was the president of Open Society "Izvestia (News)" V.K.Mamontov.

The known journalist who had worked in due time in such popular newspapers as "Soviet Russia", "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (including as the editor-in-chief), V.K.Mamontov nowadays is one of those famous figures in the Russian journalism which in many respects influences and defines the ways of development of the domestic mass-media. No wonder that at the Maykop forum he had enhanced attention of his colleagues. We should give due to the head of " Izvestia": in conversations with regional journalists he was frank, did not bypass "sharp corners" and was ready to share generously with them his wide professional experience.

About that the interview of V.K.Mamontov to newspaper "Soviet Adygeya" speaks, too.

Vladimir Konstantinovich, you had been engaged in the practical journalism during the Soviet time, and those years when Russia radically changed the political system. Is there a distinction between the Soviet journalism and Russian journalism?

If to speak about real journalism I do not see any great difference. Our masters with whom I was lucky to work, those whom I recognize as the greatest masters, and they are journalists of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Vasily Peskov, Inna Rudenko, others or a galaxy of the talented journalists in "Izvestia", during the Soviet time had worked very creatively, bravely, managing to write the truth even in those complex conditions. And more complex situation than they had, probably it is impossible to think up.

Now we have the other situation. Many temptations, lures, and pursuing material benefits - apartments, cars, high fees - journalists at times forget about the base values of journalism: objectivity, honesty, truthfulness. But that is always a matter of choice. We know now the names of the reporters standing on the positions of real journalism. There are, unfortunately, quite the other examples. In a word, whatever times come, whatever political weather is, everything still depends on the position of journalist.

Owing to such temptations and material benefits about which you had spoke, even such term, as "custom-made journalism" appeared. And could it be considered such craft as journalism in general?

Certainly, there are some general principles: to know the theme, to collect information, to state it intelligibly and so on. But there are also huge distinctions. For the custom-made journalism it doesn’t matter what to write about, as it carries out strictly certain problem and gets money for it. Basically with it the present journalism comes to its end, as the moral principles on which journalism stands on - journalism making the reader first of all to think, distinguish what is good and what is bad, where is kindness and where is evil, ended, too.

Now among our colleagues, especially young, there is an obvious skew aside the custom-made journalism. But that is their choice. They wish to earn much and at once though, I shall repeat, that has nothing in common with the present journalism.

The most known journalist of "Izvestia" Anatoly Agranovsky in due time told, having quoted someone from among the ancient wise men: "Skill to write is a skill to think". How do you consider, is skill to think so necessary for the journalist today?

Certainly. We have classical masters whom do not need explanations, and we should explain that to the young journalists. They understand many things in journalism superficially. I’ve got a feeling that people got some kind of matrixes into their heads owing to which they can safely live their lives have inserted. But that is such a spleen! I often speak young men: think over why always twice two is four? Not always. To hook on the reader, we should think up a paradox, unexpectedness. For the newspaper wishing to keep onto the intellectual field it is very important to destroy stereotypes.

What else, besides the skill to break stereotypes, should the newspaper do to be interesting and popular?

Constant human curiosity. The newspaper if it wishes to be popular and interesting, should not be self-limited. Certainly, it should have some principles and the borders. Each edition establishes them for its audience. Narrowing these borders up to niches is unacceptable. In a niche mice live. The newspaper which aspires to have many readers, should develop constantly. At one moment - to say about politics, in the evening - to watch a comedy film, and then - to gossip about something. The life is various, and the newspaper should be various, too.

But, you see, a serious newspaper will never get circulations of a tabloid...

I agree. But we should get into account the Russian audience - arranged extremely interestingly: it loves tabloids, and loves to argue about high politics. Here a serious newspaper can look, certainly, for its "highlight", but, certainly, up to certain limit. To fall down the bottoms is not necessary; otherwise it can lose the audience which appreciates thoughtful, interesting, not sanctimonious, but cultural as a whole conversation with itself.

Vladimir Konstantinovich, I think, many people who knew you as the editor-in-chief of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", was surprised with your going to "Izvestia". What was the reason for that decision?

I wish to say at once that there was no underlying reason. I was suggested to work in "Izvestia", I thought the offer over and accepted it. That is an interesting work, too.

You said you’ve been to Adygeya for the first time. What are your impressions?

In my heart I am a tourist. I like to travel. About Adygeya I had albums, prospectuses. But what I have seen here personally, hundreds times more beautiful. It is just tremendous. Adygeya should be promoted, it needs to tell about it. And first of all - by you, the local journalists. No ‘uncle from Moscow’ will do that for you, he has his own interests anyway. Personally I regret very much that I hadn’t been here earlier. I shall try to correct such mistake now.

Valery Kondratenko

Arcady KIRNOS's Photo.

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