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08 July 2010 - 17:33 pm - NatPress
Source: kafkasyaforumu.org

In August, 2008 Russian Federation declared the official recognition of Abkhazia. Since that moment we observe with affliction that the Abkhazian-Russian relations develop far not like between two independent countries. Russia which its plans stage-by-stage annexation of Abkhazia, with a view of the greater prize had conceived for a long time ago to transform the Abkhazian Diaspora into a ‘Grecian horse’ inside of the Caucasian Diaspora.

We never had a doubt concerning the intentions and the plans of Russia; however, the undertaken steps of the Abkhazian government and the explanations of many persons which we trusted, have caused in us bewilderment.

Using false statements about the voluntary connection Russia managed to successfully intrude to Abkhazia the policy of alienation of Caucasus from its past which had been grasped by Russia through a genocide and repressions. The government of Abkhazia signed the decision about carrying out of various actions during this year within the framework of celebrations on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of voluntary joining of Abkhazia to Russia. At one of the exhibitions, devoted to this event, the prime minister Shamba told: “This year we solemnly commemorate our joining Russia.

There were actions organized in Moscow and Abkhazia, carrying out of some new is also planned”. It reminded us again about why in Turkey more Abkhazians live, than in Abkhazia. How can Abkhazian government solemnly celebrate "voluntary" joining Russia, when there is the Abkhazian Diaspora banished in the XIX century from the native country whose fathers were subjected to massacre by the Russian tsarism?

How can it be spoken about the brotherhood of the Abkhazian and the Russian nations, completely ignoring the presence of hundred thousand Abkhazians in the Diaspora?

It is not enough to Abkhazian government to betray the history, in addition this year it had forbidden commemorating the Day of May, 21st – the Memory Day of repression. With its manipulations and meaning explanations the Abkhazian government demonstrates that it tries to become the conductor and the defender of the Russian policies directed on the Caucasian Diaspora. On May, 31st in the Emigrant Day, commemorated instead of the forbidden the May, 21st - the Memory Day of repression, the member of the parliament of Abkhazian Republic Batal Kobahia told:

“We are against politization of the Circassian problem. People should know and understand the history, but I do not want it to be politized. Experts who are outside any political gamble, should consider this problem”. The lie about voluntary joining, the voluntary resettlement can be comprehensible for someone. But to be against politization of the Circassian problem is not at all a behaviour which is starting with good intentions. We call Batal Kobahia and everyone who wishes to insert the security interests of Russia into the Caucasian Diaspora, to know their place.

We worry that relations ‘Diaspora-native land” during this rather critical period will be caused a great harm to by a mission allocated the Diaspora by the Abkhazian government. Paying attention to necessity of continuation of relations of Abkhazia with Russia in the strategic balance, we would like to note that this balance is about to be lost and support of the Diaspora necessary for Abkhazia more and more is implemented harder, as well as the possible help of Turkey which could do under pressure of the Diaspora could be stopped. Besides Abkhazia is getting more and more isolated in the international system.

We wish to remind the Abkhazian government headed by Sergey Bagapsh the following:

1. The guarantee of the sovereignty of Abkhazia is a culture of the state authority of independent character.

2. Naming reprisals as resettlement of Abkhazians will have no other result that harm to the relations with Diaspora.

3. Abkhazian people cannot be historically and actually pushed off from the struggle for Circassia, as well as from the struggle for freedom of Caucasus. Efforts on dividing of Abkhazian people and its Diaspora from the other nations of Caucasus in the interests of Russia will lead to your isolation not only from the Diaspora, but also from Caucasus.

4. Efforts on introduction of the civil policy using the prohibitive approach will lead only to suppression of the democratic public opinion. Abkhazia should be not for support of the Russian despotism, and for the policy providing fundamental laws and freedoms of human being.

5. All the policies in the name of the friendly communications with Russia, by all means will leave from under the control of Abkhazia and will be transformed into loyalty to Russia. Such your short-sighted steps sadden our future.

Neither Abkhazians in the Diaspora, nor our people on the Native land have a right to neglect, ignore, especially to forbid such fact as the date of May, 21st. The current behaviour and the way of action of the government of Abkhazia are nothing else but denying of its own history as well as the existence of relatives in the Diaspora.

Caucasian Forum, Turkey

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