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08 July 2010 - 19:37 - NatPress

Correspondent of newspaper "Shapsugia" visited "Adyghe unae", recently opened in the regional capital, and was convinced that land keeps, mainly, on enthusiasts, keen, talented people, sincerely standing for their nation.

Library of Adyghe unae

A high-altitude, five-floored building along Babushkin’s street 293, differs rather a little from on the general background of the brisk microdistrict of Krasnodar city. A stranger in the city can easily lose his way – there are offices, shops, cafe around - in a word, a monotonous city landscape. It is important to find quickly a bright large signboard "Adygeyan House. Adyghe unae", well visible from apart, and to keep it firmly in a view. This bright reference point, like a beacon, will necessarily lead you to the place, now you will not miss anyway.

- Fortunately, not everything in our life can be measured by money, the deserved teacher of Russia, ex-director of the Krasnodar grammar school #12 Mariet Achmiz speaks proudly. We still have worthy, competent people, businessmen realizing their high personal responsibility for the destiny of the nation, for preservation of its spiritual heritage and the cultural originality, sparing no forces, time and means for these good purposes.

About the inspirer of the major national-public project which at once had united the Circassian population of the regional capital - businessman Zaurdin Makhmudovich Tuguz widely known in Kuban and Adygeya, Mariet Hadjibievna speaks in the enthusiastic tones, with sincere respect and gratitude. No wonder: till now in Krasnodar where, at least, about fifty thousand Circassians live, the indigenous population hadn’t dreamed for long years about such thing - to have their own educational-cultural center. The need of the local Circassians, living here as an amicable enclave, for dialogue with the fellow tribesmen is a traditionally strong, certainly the youth especially required it.

Actually, being the owner of so large real estate practically in the center of Krasnodar, Zaurdin Mahmudovich could find quite other application for these riches, could earn good money, especially with such premises with European-quality repair even during the crisis using the raised demand, Achmiz says. But he made another thing: disinterestedly created here a real place of Circassian culture where we are sincerely glad to visitors. Doors of the center always hospitably opened for guests, and of the most various age and nationality. These roots will be strong, that is a reserve of good neighbourhood and mutual respect - for many decades …

Official opening of "Adyghe unae" has not yet taken place; there is something to do beforehand, Zaurdin Tuguz admits in the conversation with correspondent of "Shapsugia". And this is not the main thing. The other thing pleases more: his ‘child’ since the very first days of its existence at once became a centre of gravity of the Circassian intelligency, the talented youth, a favourite place of the family leisure of Circassians of Krasnodar. On the days off several hundreds people gather there, they organize meetings with public figures – scientists and politicians, art workers and artists, sportsmen, businessmen, as well as thematic evenings, concerts take place; Circassian music and native speech sound.

While, certainly, we have everything in the stage of becoming, the owner of "Adyghe unae" explains. I have many my own ideas and projects, something is advised me by people. Our library in which everyone will find a lot of instructive information actively replenishes; the exposition of the ethnographic museum where rare and unique things of the Circassian olden time and the national arts and crafts are collected, extends. Shortly we plan to open the information computer center with high-speed access to the Internet which will allow coming into close business and cultural contacts to the Circassians living in the most various regions of Russia and foreign countries. We hope that "Adyghe unae" will become the effective mean of propagation and popularization of the culture of Circassians, will really unite and consolidate the multinational population of Krasnodar.

Especially important direction of the work of "Adygeyan House" is entrusted to Mariet Achmiz - the teacher with a huge experience of teaching work: she has courses on learning the native language, folk customs, ceremonies and etiquette.

I must admit that I did not expect that interest to employment to be so high, she says. To master elements of Circassian literature or to practise in the oral informal conversation willingly adults, children, teenagers, and students come here. Already now in the lists there are about fifty persons, in the autumn they will be even more.

For three months, namely so much "Adyghe unae" actively operates, they already had time to get used to visitors here; but the greater delegation consisted of performers of the national ensemble "Nef" and our compatriots from Turkey, were met by the hosts in full conformity with the ancient customs of the well-known mountain hospitality. Towards the young generation Zaurdin Tuguz, Mariet Achmiz and the president of Federation of astronautics of Krasnodar region, ex-director of the All-Russia institute on land monitoring, academician Enver Trakhov came out. Children, always sincere in their emotion, looked quite happy: they seemed to get into a fantastic world: it can not be boring there, but interestingly, beautifully, charmingly. And where else as not in "Adyghe unae", they may hear the ancient sounds of the present shichepschin and pkhachich, casting the memoirs on the heroic past of our people? A group of young musicians - Arthur Abid, Baizet Tkhagapso, Murat Sheudjen and Ruslan Hakui - played several ceremonial and historical songs, having created a cosy chamber atmosphere of the meeting.

… On the walls of the museum of "Adyghe unae" there are tens of rare ancient photos, kept by miracle in the archives and the private collections. On them different periods of the ancient and modern history of the Circassians who had brought the powerful contribution to development of the region and its capital are embodied. This is the tangible past, our genetic memory. Unfortunately, meanwhile there is still no place on the pages of the school textbooks on Kuban history, but it cannot cut down with an axe from the context of the domestic history.

Anzor Nibo

Photo of the author

Zaurdin Tuguz and Mugdin Chermit

Ancient exhibits of the museum

Adyghe Khasa leader of Baglarbashi area of Istanbul Yashar Nagoy and Mariet Achmiz

Sounds of the ancient shichepschin

In the Adygeyan house everything is interesting

Subjects of Adygeyan culture

Yashar Nagoy and Zaurdin Tuguz

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