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09 July 2010 - 17:08 pm - NatPress
Source: materik.ru

On July, 7th the State Duma of Russian Federation approved in the second reading of the amendment to the Federal law “About state policy in relation to compatriots abroad”. They considered the amendments submitted to the governmental project, presented at the session in the form of two complete sets: recommended to adoption and rejection.

Two days earlier, on July, 5th, the Committee of the State Duma on affairs of the CIS and communications with compatriots, being the leading body in work over the bill on amendments to the law on compatriots, had considered the 23 amendments submitted by the deputies which concerned definitions of ‘compatriot’, opportunities to get the compatriot certificate, the rights of the compatriot, about the religious organizations of compatriots abroad, about representation of compatriots in Russian Federation.

Two of the three amendments of deputy I.A.Yarovaya, concerning expansions of the list of the subjects working in Russia with compatriots where physical and legal persons are joined in addition to the organizations were recommended to adoption.

Three amendments submitted by deputies S.A.Popov and K.F.Zatulin, concerning participation in the public work of the religious organizations of compatriots and their support were recommended to adoption, too. The amendments were prepared according to the request of the Moscow patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

They also approved (with some correction) the amendment of deputies from the Communist Party of Russian Federation S.N. Reshulsky, I.I.Melnikov and V.A.Kuptsov to definition "compatriot". Now the definition is offered in the following edition:

“Clause 1. Concept of the compatriot

1. Compatriots are persons who were born in one state, living or lived in it and possessing attributes of the generality of the language, the history, the cultural heritage, traditions and customs, as well as descendants of the specified persons on the direct descending line.

2. Compatriots abroad (further - compatriots) are citizens of Russian Federation constantly living outside the territory of Russian Federation.

Compatriots are also persons living outside the territory of Russian Federation and concerning, as a rule, to the people, historically living on the territory of Russian Federation, as well as persons, whose relatives on the direct ascending line had earlier lived in the territory of Russian Federation, and who made their free choice in favour of the spiritual, cultural and legal communication with Russian Federation, including:

Persons who got the citizenship of the USSR, living in the states which were a part of the USSR, who received citizenship of these states or become persons without citizenship;

Natives (emigrants) of the Russian state, the Russian republic, the RSFSR, the USSR and Russian Federation, who had corresponding civil accessory and become citizens of foreign state or persons without citizenship.”.

Deputy Zatulin managed to convince the parliament Committee to approve the amendment about inclusion into the law on compatriots a clause about the simplified citizenship permit for compatriots. The right to citizenship of Russia for compatriots alongside with Zatulin was offered by deputies from the Communist Party of Russian Federation. Such clause will be restored in the law on compatriots from which it had disappeared in 2002, with adoption of the new law on citizenship. For implementation of this right it is still necessary to make amendments to the law on citizenship. K.Zatulin is going to bring in such amendments. He prepares for the offer on the right of compatriots living abroad to get citizenship of Russia and thus without obligatory refuse from already available citizenship.

The Committee also partially agreed with K.Zatulin about democratic character of formation of representative bodies of compatriots and made amendments about electivity of the delegates to the Congress of compatriots. However, the offer on election for the Congress of the World coordination council, was not supported, so its formation remains outside of conducting the World congress which body it is.

The majority of the Committee recommended to reject the principal offer of Zatulin directed on preservation in the law of the certificate of compatriot and some rights for compatriot. Together with Zatulin's amendments they also rejected offers of the group from the Just Russia (Council of Federation - S.M.Mironov, deputies of the State Duma - T.N.Moskalkova, S.A.Bagdasarov) about handing out of certificate of compatriot of the state sample.

From all the amendments the Committee recommended to adoption in the second reading 13 (6 of them are K.Zatulin's amendments), 10 - recommended to reject (8 of them - K.Zatulin's amendments)

The State Duma approved offers of the Committee. The amendments offered to adoption, went through voting by the list. For the amendments which the Committee recommended to reject, K.Zatulin tried to struggle at the session of the State Duma. He proved once again their necessity. Each amendment was voted separately. The overwhelming majority of the State Duma members voted contra.

The bill should still pass the third reading in the State Duma, but it will not bring any basic changes in it any more. There are possible only editorial corrections, not concerning the sense of the bill. Most likely, till July, 16th the bill will be adopted in the third reading, too. Then it will be submitted to the Council of Federation, after approval in which, it will go for the signature to the President.

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