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10 July 2010 - 08:46 pm - NatPress
Source: Finam.ru - Makeeva Larissa

Since 2008 Russia, according to the plans of the president of the country Dmitry Medvedev, very seriously struggles corruption. Many consider that that public defect can be hardly eradicated, especially in Russia. Even Peter I recognized that corruption is an awful harm for the state, undermining the budget of the country and decomposing society. Centuries later we can ascertain the similar situation.

Most part of Russians - 58 %, according to the interrogations organized by the All-Russian center of public opinions’ researches, -continues to consider bribery as a deep-rooted, especially among "greedy and immoral officials". Statesmen, in their turn, specify that the public defect prospers in the lower strata of society, too; and teachers, doctors and militiamen appear to be main corrupters. Concerning the last one the Dmitry Medvedev's statement is especially categorical.

On one of these days, the order of the chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev, obliged militiamen to report to the heads about the facts of bribes - offered and taken, including their "colleagues on profession".

And still the main trouble is not in the household corruption, the experts assure. "Fish rot from its head, the director of the department on strategic analysis of the FBK Igor Nikolaev reminds. I ask to understand not absolutely literally this ‘head’, but what corruption extends from above, is exact. It is difficult to imagine that any chief will be reconciled with that his subordinates take bribes".

The point is not that in quantity of the bribes, and in the degree of discovering of such crimes, the director of the Russian branch of the international center of anticorruption researches and initiatives “Transparency International” Elena Panfilova added. "Bribery in militia, public health services or formation is easier to reveal, people there are less skilful in "hiding the ends in water", she said. In the business or the state sector, according to the expert, bribes are taken not less, there sums are comparable, and their volumes are much more.

"But now it turns out that a medical sister in a hospital is the biggest bribe taker from among us. That is absurd. At such skew the basic sources of corruption can not be destroyed", Mrs. Panfilova complained.

Though it sounds paradoxically, officials take bribes even for execution of their direct official duties. The minimal rate starts from 1 million rubles, Public.Ru cites the researches of materials of more than 1500 printed central and regional mass-media. The average size of a bribe "in lower places", according to the agency, had grown from the beginning of the year 3 times and made 27 thousand rubles.

The greatest activity of bribery is in such spheres as transactions with the real estate and land, distribution of commercial orders, non-institution (closing) of criminal proceedings, payment of fictitious medical reports, evasion from servicing in the army, purchase of positive examination marks. In the first five of the most corruption areas of Russia, according to the led research, there were Moscovskaya, Sverdlovskaya, Bryanskaya, Vladimirskaya and Chelyabinskaya regions.

"We get an interesting picture. Anticorruption measures are implemented on and on, but corruption only strengthens, Igor Nikolaev commented. That means, we do not what we should do". Such conclusion, according to the expert, is obvious: really distinct and systemized anticorruption strategy has not been present yet.

"We struggle against corruption in general and on all the fronts. That is an illusion that we can win that way. The strategy should be dot. It is necessary to begin from above and to concentrate on it all the efforts", the expert considered. If such strategy is adopted and still does not bring due results then it will be necessary to think over change of that authority.


SERVICE - QUOTATIONS (in regions of Russian Federation)

Evasion from military service

Fictitious medical documents cost about 50 thousand rubles in Blagoveshchensk and Rostov area;
In Moscovskaya and Penzinskaya areas such services are estimated in 100-150 thousand rubles;
The highest quotations are registered in Vladimirskaya and Lipetskaya areas - 160 thousand rubles

Non-institution (closing) of criminal proceeding

In Adygeya Republic releasing from the criminal liability costs 225 thousand rubles;
In Volgogradskaya area for that corrupters will take 750 thousand, one million rubles they will ask in Khabarovskaya region, Irkutskaya and Ivanovskaya areas;
The price record belongs to Tverskaya area where non-bringing to the criminal account is estimated in 27,7 million rubles.

Fictitious labour-medical document

Reception from a medical worker of a fictitious medical document about labour invalidity is estimated in 200-1000 rubles in Udmurt Republic;
1500 rubles the service costs in Arkhangelskaya area and 2500 rubles - in Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomous area;
The greatest cost of "sick-list" is registered in Bashkortostan Republic - 4 000 rubles.

To get land area into rent

For help in getting into rent of a municipal land site in Kalujskaya region they ask 40 thousand rubles;
In Kalmykia Republic the service costs 200 thousand rubles;
In Moscovskaya area the price are from 1,5 till 2,6 million rubles;
The highest quotations are registered in Krasnodar region and Kurskaya area - nearby 3 million rubles.

Registration of land area property

In Samarskaya area "help" in registration property rights to land costs 25 thousand rubles;
In Tatarstan Republic the service will be 200 thousand rubles; in Kurskaya area - from 500 till 800 thousand rubles;
In Moscovskaya area for the service the ask 3,5 million ruble.

To arrange a child into a kindergarten

In Tatarstan for the service they will ask 5 thousand rubles, and in Bashkortostan - 8 thousand rubles;
10-15 thousand rubles will be asked for a place in Kostromskaya and Nizhniy Novgorodskaya areas;
The most expensive extraordinary arrange of a child into a kindergarten is in Irkutskaya and Moscovskaya areas - 50 thousand rubles.

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