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15 July 2010 - 14:05 pm - NatPress
Source: kavkaz-uzel.ru

“Catastrophic” was named by lawyer of the legal expert center "For Human Rights" Timur Tuhuzhev according to whom monthly the center receive several complaints in relation to the situation with protection of human rights in Kabardino-Balkaria.

"People address to our center, basically, with complaints about militian illegal activities - every month we work with two - three applications though there are much more real cases than that", the legal expert explained in his interview to correspondent "Caucasian uzel".

Such insignificant quantity of the addressing for help Tuhuzhev explains with two reasons: absence of belief that they can struggle with authority, and a lack of information about the legal expert center.

"People trust radical Islamites more than the legitimate authority, Timur Tukhuzhev considers. Recently in the Internet a video record appeared in which one leader of the armed underground of Baksansky area Tashuev called people, who had suffered from the actions of criminals, to address to him, having promised to make justice. He declared jihad against Russia and all the "unbelievers".

In the same video record, the legal expert noted, Tashuev also incured the responsibility for the act of terrorism on July, 11th in Cheghem town, having named the explosion ‘a warning’ and promised to blow up an institution together with its visitors next time.

Let’s remind, on July, 11th about 03.30 am in Cheghem they launched an explosive device incorporated in car "VAZ-2107", parked at the entertaining center "Nebo (Sky)". As a result of the explosion the building of the entertaining center lighted up; fire was extinguished soon.

As Tuhuzhev explains, that institution "was chosen by the insurgents not casually" - it, in their opinion, was a ‘nursery of immorality’.

"Unfortunately, the legal expert complains, under the slogan of struggle against insurgents employees of the law enforcement bodies detain absolutely innocent people, forcing them to bring account for crimes which they had not commit".

As an example the lawyer of the legal expert center mentioned a recent incident: "A week ago a master on car bodies was suddenly visited by militia, his house was searched, his minor children, one of which - an invalid registered by neuropathologist, and he were taken away to militia".

The arrested persons faced there a psychological and a physical pressure: the 16-years teenager was interrogated without his lawyer, without a psychiatrist, without a teacher which is the roughest infringement of the law, Tuhuzhev told. The child was released only a day later.

"His father was forced all over again to admit that he assorts stolen cars, the lawyer continued, and when they did not manage to force him to confess that (all the repairing cars had owners and necessary documents), they began accusing him of participation in an extremist organization".

By the end of the second day after beating and threats "to work over the children", the arrested person signed a recognition application. As soon as he was let out, he examined the fact of beating him at physicians and went to the center "For Human Rights" with corresponding medical paper, Tuhuzhev said. Employees of the legal expert center organized for him necessary legal help, and now in relation to the mentioned fact a criminal proceeding is instituted.

"If a man make a namaz praying, they can arrive at any time to his home, conduct a search and take away him to militia", - Tuhuzhev declared.

To the legal expert center "For Human Rights" pensioners and people with limited opportunities which are not able to defend independently their rights, also address. "This winter we were addressed by an elderly woman who together with her children, one of which - an invalid, and grandsons were about to be expelled from their home ownership at the middle of winter, - the legal expert recollects. Our intervention helped those people to remain in their house.

"Caucasian uzel" had earlier informed about a number of complaints of KBR inhabitants concerned illegal pressure from employees of the law enforcement bodies.

So, in May of the last year in Tersky regional court of Kabardino-Balkaria a criminal case concerning the senior operative agent of the Criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on KBR Askerbiy Khambazarov who as investigators found out, had tried to throw drugs to a person detained by a mistake, was considered.

In July, 2009 Arsen Guchapshev complained about illegal pressure from an operative employee of Chegemsky area department of inner affairs who was in the investigatory group on discovering a murder of the businessman Murat Mukov, with the purpose of Arsen Guchapshev’s compulsion to false testimonies against an arrested person on charge in the murder Kerim Malkarov.

In March, 2008 inhabitant of Inarkoj settlement of Tersky area of Kabardino-Balkaria Muradin Ghermashikov addressed to the public legal expert center with request to protect him from a pressure of law enforcement bodies which followed after his actions on protection of his right to an allotment.

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