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17 July 2010 - 10:35 am - NatPress

Comment to the Message of the President of the Republic Abkhazia to the National Assembly - Parliament of the Republic Abkhazia

The Message of the president has form is a report about the done work for the past year and at the same time it is a way of informing the deputies of the country - people's chosen and society, about the basic directions of internal and the foreign policies of the Republic Abkhazia for the future. However in the Message of 2010 it was spoken about such prospects rather vaguely. The fuddled phrase that “the started two years ago process of renewing the political and social-economic life of the country proceeds” further in the text is not deciphered and not explained in any way. Any state cannot successfully achieve its goals and enjoy results if it does not have the thought over development program prepared for the intermediate term and the long-term prospects.

I consider it necessary to note that for the first time in his Message the president recognized that “1993-2005 years were the time of survival, crisis, and restoration when there were neither investment resources, nor real opportunities for development”. So, the fair recognition of the obvious things has happened, apparently, because somehow they should explain somehow the reasons of absence at authority of strategic planning the life of the state and society so far. In 2005 the authorities had declared that they had their vision of the economic development of Abkhazia. And now in 2010 the head of the state speaks that only today “… the new summons is formed. This is the strategic planning”. It is very also interesting and reasonably useful for all our society to familiarize with the declared by the leader of the country following program documents: “Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Republic Abkhazia for the period till 2020” and “Concept of Regional Policy till 2020”.

The President declared that, as it appears, we had within two last years the dynamics of industrial growth of 49 %. Such rates of the industry growth were demonstrated by the Soviet Union during the five-years periods, with a great dispatch building the heavy industry, factories, industrial units, and so on. What the president meant in relation to such growth of our industry – we do not know, therefore as further in the Message the serious problem of growth of the Abkhazian economy had been named stagnation, i.e. stagnation of fabrication.

In the lexicon of the president there were new terms, such as: institutional environment, institutional policy, diversification that does not match in any way our reality. As it is known, diversification is an intelligent policy of a state directed on distribution of invested financial capitals among various objects of investments, with the purpose of decrease in risk of losses of those means, as well as simultaneous development of various directions of economic activities, or expansion of assortment of the made products within the limits of one manufacture. Thus for successful carrying out of diversification it is necessary to have: first, what to diversificate, i.e. corresponding platforms of industrial and financial activities; secondly, to have that institutional environment i.e. a set of political, social, legal rules promoting growth of economy. The president recognized himself that this environment does not correspond problems of the economic diversification. Unfortunately, it means that meanwhile all the stated are only slogans.

All the resulted examples of "achievement" in the Message, expressed in figures, are not only results of the policy of the state authorities, and the consequences of the help we get from the outside.

In the Message it is spoken about the revanchist intentions of Georgia, but not a word is spoken about strengthening of defensibility of our country. The responsibility for implementation of the national security of Abkhazia is shifted on our strategic ally - Russia and the hope for the Geneva discussions is expressed, though the western friends of Georgia still ignore the position of Abkhazia.

In the Message there are no words about corruption though even in the supreme power circles they admit the fact of its existence. As in the Message there were not mentioned activities of the main supervising body - Office of Public Prosecutor of the country. Activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Message is characterized, in a greater degree, as a positive, though in reality the situation absolutely different. About it figures on discovering crimes, named by the president, speak. About unsatisfactory situation in relation to this question it was spoken and in the speech of the General Public prosecutor of the country at the sitting of the Coordination Council on struggle against criminality. The surprising statistics was shown us in the Message regarding the struggle against drugs: for 2009 they withdrew in total 1732,13 g of the drug substances in relation to which there were made answerable 30 persons (not clear, whether there is somebody from among them who were distributors or all of them were consumers?) . Thus as a result of examinations 646 patients under narcotic influence were revealed, the figure of the not revealed exceeds the named in times.

Our attention was focused by free using of the quantity indicators of population living in Abkhazia. In the conditions of such acute problem of demography and absence of statistics the country leaders easily manipulate with these figures. So during the pre-election campaigns the quantity of population usually decreases, and in the subsequent it increases. As an example, the presented calculations on gross national product of the country and the gross national product per capita after corresponding arithmetic actions give figure of 216 thousand persons living in Abkhazia, and two days later in the Message of the president it was spoken about 220 thousand persons. In any other large and mullions-strong country such “arithmetic errors” can be admissible, but not in our Abkhazia.

In the Message nothing is spoken about ecology, about sciences, about high education. The president only mentioned the problem of the young teachers who are not going for work by their profession, and working in the sphere of trade. All the interested should understand together why it happens, why a young expert is not interested to go to work to school. It seems that this question should be considered from the position of solving social problems and first of all - maintenance with worthy wages of our teachers. The president in his reflections loudly called into question their educational level got within the precincts of the Abkhazian state university: “except for addition they know nothing, and are not able to share all the same”, the head of the state said. There is a rhetorical question with whom should those experts-teachers working in the market share?

In the Message the president mentioned a remark to him connected with problems of conditions and development of the Abkhazian language.

The letter of 45 representatives of the national intelligency, veterans of the national-liberation movement had been published in press, and the majority from the subscribed had been to grounds of the struggle for preservation of our language and our cultural wealth even during the sad memorable years of the totalitarian regime. Interesting who the president meant when he declared the necessity of knowledge of the native language of the letter’s authors. Maybe he meant our doctors of sciences, professors, academicians, winners of the state premiums, whose signatures are in the end the document?

It would be more reasonable to demand knowledge of the state language from many officials who are not disturbed with this question at all.

The head of the country in the Message noted that problems of TV had been discussed, and what real steps will be or what had been already made in this direction appeared to be a ‘top’ secret.

As to “nervous reaction” at discussion of the problem of TV the President was mistaken here again - this is the pain for the events in our life. And in occasion of the threats ostensibly sounded in statements of some politicians, "disassemblies" on waste grounds and attempts to put pressure on objectionable have nothing in common with our style. Sounding our position about the mentioned question at “round table”, we spoke about the norms fixed in our Constitution, i.e. about meetings, demonstrations, other public expressions by citizens of our country of their opinions.

Chairman of the republican party
“National Unity Forum of Abkhazia” R.D.Khadzhimba.

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