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24 July 2010 - 17:26 pm - NatPress
Source: sov-adyg.ru

The Adygeya state university this year celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. This event attracts a special attention of the wide public. Newspaper “Soviet Adygeya” asked several questions about the organizing work on preparation of the celebrating anniversary to the rector of the university, professor Rashid Khunagov.

– Rashid Dumalichevich, the university is going to commemorate the date of its foundation. What is the main idea of the anniversary program?

- Considering, that the value of our high school as a recognized educational center in Caucasus had been emphasized during the recent dialogue in the framework of the videoconference by the Chairman of the Government of Russia Vladimir Putin, we prepare with all our responsibility. The Academic council of the Adygeya state university, planning the celebratory actions, recognized that, first, this event concerns not only those who works and studies in our high school or has already graduated it, but also has the All-republican scale and is connected with the whole university community. Secondly, our duty in relation to those who since the first days of the foundation have been creating and developing our high school, - to do justice for the difficult, but successful history of the institute, and now – the university - I would tell, to every person.

Thirdly, we wish to present the modern shape of the Adygeya state university, worthy of its high cultural mission, to show the vector of its movement to the future and the taken place in the university community. Fourthly, numerous friends, partners and admirers of our university including foreign ones, as the guests of our holiday will have an opportunity for dialogue and discussion of new plans of cooperation. Fifthly, we will do the utmost to make the anniversary be in the atmosphere of intellectual and moral unification according to the principles of service to True, Good and Justice.

- For certain separate actions had been already planned?

- The Plan of measures is coordinated with the President of our republic Aslan Tkhakushinov, some of them are being organized since the beginning of this year. The solemn anniversary session of the Academic council of the Adygeya state university with participation of the guests will take place on October, 8th in the hall of the republican philarmonic society. The celebratory concert will take place there, too. The same day there will be solemnly opened the new building of the university scientific library and, probably, the new studying-laboratory block. Unfortunately, the spasmodic financing does not let be sure of finishing its construction before the planned term.

Before the anniversary day on the basis of the Adygeya state university a session of the Council of rectors of the SFD high schools, including rectors of the high schools from the NCFD, with participation of the president of the Russian union of rectors, the rector of the Moscow State University of Lomonosov, academician Victor Sadovnichiy. We are proud of that our university is chosen as a platform for discussion of the actual problems of modernization of the Russian education.

One more step to the high technologies will be also made. Opening on the basis of the Adygeya state university the regional Center of space services on navigation-information services for the state and other users on the ground of practical use of results of space activity is planned. This project is being implemented together with the research-and-production corporation "REKOD".

- The Adygeya state university cooperates closely with the foreign colleagues. What can you tell about the international participation in the anniversary celebration?

- I may tell that our anniversary causes considerable interest not only in Russia, but also abroad. As to the international representation participation was preliminary declared by steering committee on higher education and researches of the Council of Europe, the European association of universities, universities of the USA, China, South Korea, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, and Libya. We are waiting a numerous delegation of German consulting company BBJ which includes representatives of the business circles with the purpose of carrying out negotiations with businessmen of Adygeya concerning investment cooperation.

- And nevertheless the high school first of all associates with students. What is planned directly for them?

- I would like to underline some actions from among the supposed to be carried out. That is procession along Krasnooktiabrskaya street in the one celebratory column and a concert on Lenin's square. The staff of participants of the concert let become a surprise. Automobile race on the South of Russia will be organized; in August the university will accept students-volunteers from the Seoul university Kore, air performances and parachuters’ jumps, celebratory fireworks will take place.

The widest part of the anniversary program is formed with cultural-sports actions. We have negotiations in occasion of organization of an exhibition of pieces of arts of the Russian artist and the world famous sculptor Michael Shemyakin. It was solved the question of exhibition of pieces of arts of member of the board of the Union of artists of France Jean-Luc Turlur. The international haute couture competition of the national suit “Ethno-Erato” also takes place. The question on participation in the work of the jury of the known Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zajtsev is discussed now. Other competitions and exhibitions take place, too. There will be organized the international judo tournament, female handball competitions among teams of the Superleague at participation of “AGU-Adyif”, basketball competitions with participation of the team from the Superleague "Dynamo-AGU", horse-racing competitions on the republican hippodrome, horse-racing march from the main block of the Adygeya state university to the Red Glade and others.

- Probably, some anniversary publications are prepared for printing?

- That is unconditional. Scientific publications, booklets, anniversary numbers of scientific magazines, materials on the university’s history, catalogues, poetic collections, the anniversary book “ASU Faculties - 70 Years of Development” is being printed and will be. We have been already thinking about the future 75th anniversary. The decision about printing till 2015 on the competitive basis of the anniversary series of "Library of Classical University” which should include monographies, textbooks and manuals from 75 books, is also made.

D. Anatolev

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