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26 July 2010 - 19:24 pm - NatPress
Source: rg.ru - Tatyana Smolyakova

Michael Tyurkin (Photo-Zlakazova Lilia)

Foreign citizens lawfully living in the territory of Russian Federation and the wishing to take part in the state program of assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russia of compatriots living abroad, now can address to the territorial bodies of the federal migratory service (FMS). The governmental order approves Regulations about delivery of certificate of participant of that state program in the territory of Russia (published on p. 15).

They should address to migratory service of those federative subjects which participate in the program. They should write an application, collect necessary documents and if with the documents everything is all right, within 60 days they will receive certificates of the participant of the state program.

How the program is implemented today? What other changes are planned to bring in it in the near future? Questions of "Russian Newspaper" are answered by one of the developers of the published document - the first deputy director of the FMS, general-lieutenant of militia Michael Tyurkin.

Russian Newspaper: Michael Leonidovich, it was supposed that at least a hundred thousand of our former fellow citizens would return to us. But it did not happen. Critics of the program approve that it failed. What would you tell about it?

Michael Tyurkin: The State program, certainly, demands some correction. But it is absolutely unfair to speak about a failure. That is the case when the saying is true on 100 percent: it is better to have less, but to have it better.

Today we do not pursue any quantity, it is very important to us that the people who had moved to Russia would not regret about the made decision and that they remain here for ever.

For today from our compatriots it has been received more than 29 thousand questionnaires for participation in the state program. On the territory of Russia with certificates of the program participants 22 thousand persons arrived. I also believe that these are good figures. During some moment there were fears that the world financial crisis would seriously complicate compatriots’ reception in the regions. Fortunately, it has not happened. Only in the past year we have 9219 persons arrived: that is more than in 2007-2008 (685 and 8346 persons, accordingly).

As to attractions of the regions, as a rule, compatriots move into the western and the central areas of the country. The leaders here are constant: Kaliningradskaya, Kaluzhskaya, Lipetskaya areas. In Siberian region Krasnoyarsk region uses the greatest popularity.

RN: So, the crisis has not affected at the implementation of the state program?

Tyurkin: It certainly has affected. In 2009 in the regions which since 2007 had been willingly accepting our compatriots within the framework of the state program, the tendency on turning off investment projects and, accordingly, on reduction of the workplaces planned for employment of compatriots was outlined.

Heads of some federative subjects began to ask about a delay of their participation in the program. It worries that with such initiatives they address including from such economically successful subjects of Russia, as Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and some others. At the same time even during the crisis we managed to keep the level of implementation of the program due to involving in the process of new regions of the country.

Today, when the economic situation in the country is being substantially stabilized, the FMS of Russia as the state program coordinator, sees its task in active work with the heads of the subjects. Our purpose is participation in the program of the maximum quantity of Russian regions, expansion of the territories of installation and organization of effective help from the regional authorities in arrangement for the arriving compatriots.

The analysis of implementation of the state program for the past three years shows that the legislation in the field of compatriots’ resettlement not always meets the needs of the regions of Russia and the immigrants. Cases when compatriots refused to participate in the program because of complexity and imperfection of some documents and administrative procedures established by them are rather known. Therefore perfection of the normative legal base in this sphere is one of the major priorities of the work of the FMS.

RN: If I am not mistaken, the FMS had prepared amendments to the state program which entitle to become participants of the program to those compatriots who have already been actually living in our country, but still have no citizenship?

Tyurkin: Yes, we prepared a project of the Decree of the President which was signed on January, 12th of this year, about modifications in the state program. Owing to those changes we’ve got an opportunity to our compatriots to join the program - to those who have been constantly or temporarily already living in Russia on the lawful bases. Such innovation, in our opinion, is very important, as, on the one hand, it will allow the people having been already, as a matter of fact, integrated into Russian society, to solve the problem with purchase of the Russian citizenship under the simplified scheme, and on the other hand - to redirect the manpower into the regions of the country with a lack of manpower and at the same time - strategically important.

In development of the Presidential decree the FMS prepared a project of the governmental decision defining the operating procedure on delivery in the territory of Russia of certificate of the participant of the state program. That document is adopted by the government of our country on July, 15th, and we have already started its execution.

We also prepare a project of the federal law on modification of part second of the Tax code and the Federal law "About legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation". That bill provides a reduction in tax for incomes of physical persons - participants of the state program and members of their families in common moving into Russia, from 30 up to 13 percent, irrespective of the terms of staying in Russia. Also the named document assumes clearing the state program’s participants and members of their families from payment of the state duties for registration on residence. We consider that adoption of such law will allow lowering financial press on the immigrants during the initial period right after their arrival to Russia, will promote their prompt social adaptation in the region of their residing, and will stimulate attraction of compatriots to Russia, including into the subjects with the raised need for manpower.

RN: On one of these days the Ministry of regional development has published on its official web- site a project of the decree of the President which should approve new edition of the state program. How does it correspond with your lawmaking and are no there contradictions?

Tyurkin: We, certainly, are familiar with that document and we consider that in it there are many good ideas. But I shall emphasize: it is only a project which is exposed for broad discussion and, clearly, will be corrected. By the way, the fact of such invitation to discussion speaks that the authority becomes more open for society.

We, for example, willingly support the position about cancelling of terms of implementation of the state program. It is offered to make its constantly operating. There are worthy offers about inclusion in the program of measures allowing to stimulate participation in it the compatriots trained in the high and average special educational institutions and establishments of Russia; the persons focused on creation and conducting of own business; the compatriots interested in compact resettlement in the countryside, as well as scientists and art masters.

One of the disputable moments of the new edition of the state program is regulations about unessential participation in its implementation of the subjects of Russian Federation. The matter is that with adoption of the Decree of the President of Russian Federation from June, 30th, 2009 # 716 the regions got the opportunity to receive a delay of development of project of the regional programs of resettlement, and as I have already noted, many subjects were not slow to take advantage of such opportunity.

The position of the FMS remains constant: reduction of the number of subjects participating in the program’s implementation not only reduces its efficiency, but also constrains the process of resettlement of compatriots.

It seemed people should go where they want, during a year and a half or even earlier receive citizenship, and that is all - nobody owes anything to anybody. It is not clear only, where is "state assistance" there? With all my responsibility I can declare: the majority of the arrived compatriots are rather limited in their financial assets, have no opportunity to solve the housing question independently. Now immigrants can count on the guaranteed workplaces, the help in arrangement, they know, where they should go and to whom they should address, they are sure that they will not be left face to face with all their problems, they have support within the framework of the regional programs of resettlement. In this connection it seems that the new edition of the state program should provide active participation in its execution of the majority of the subjects of Russia.

It is very good that the developed document contains so much innovative ideas. It forces to not stand on one place, and to move forward, to search for resolution of questions urgent for a long time. But "pure" idea for implementation of the new project of the program is obviously insufficient. I can mention a simple example. In the document the reception order of compatriots outside of the regional programs of resettlement or "projects of resettlement" is not certain. That is, declaring the opportunity of participation in it for broader circles of compatriots, the project does not fix ways of implementation of those opportunities. Today in it there are no positions that can form the mechanism of resettlement for new categories of compatriots and organize work with them in Russia.

Another example: the offered by the project’s developers "mark system" which should define opportunities of participation of compatriot in the state program. Such system has no practice in our country, besides the mechanism of its execution is not clear. Also the criterion of estimation of knowledge of Russian language in volume of "not below the base level" for the compatriots, being foreign citizens.

As the project of the new edition of the state program has a conceptual character while, all of us have to work hard to make more precise legal forms of it.

Regions-participants of the program of resettlement

The Central federal district: Voronezhskaya, Kurskaya, Tverskaya, Tambovskaya, Lipetskaya, Kaluzhskaya areas. The Northwest federal district: Arkhangelskaya, Kaliningradskaya areas. The Privolzhsky federal district: Nizhegorodskaya, Penzenskaya areas. The Ural federal district: Kurganskaya, Tyumenskaya areas. The Siberian federal district: Altay region, Kemerovskaya, Omskaya, Novosibirskaya, Irkutskaya areas, Krasnoyarsk region. The Far East federal district: Jewish autonomous area, Kamchatskiy, Khabarovskiy, Primorskiy regions, Amur area.

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