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27 July 2010 - 19:25 pm - NatPress
Source: kavkaz-uzel.ru

On July, 26th in Karachaevo-Circassia the farewell ceremony devoted to the correspondent of "Caucasian uzel" Bella Ksalova lost on July, 25th as a result of a road accident, took place. The ceremony of farewell began at 03.30 pm. The journalist was buried in Elburgan.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karachaevo-Circassia, the girl passed the road at «unstated place». On preliminary materials of the investigation, a driver of the car which brought down Bella Arsen Abajkhanov during the moment of the road accident was sober, and did not disappear from the place of incident. He was driving the service «Volga» of the regional department of Rosprirodnadzor.

Bella was delivered to Karachaevo-Circassian republican clinical hospital where she died because of received traumas.

Milana Ebzeeva , the chief of the management of the press-service and information of the President and the Government of Karachaevo-Circassian Republic considers the happened as an accident.

"I knew Bella personally: she was not a militant journalist, she did not write custom-made materials, always cooperated with the authorities of our republic", Ebzeeva told.

Thus Milana Yahievna emphasized that materials of our colleague had an objective character, that "she described all the points of view, so thanks a lot to her for this".

"She was a person who had her precise line. Bella worked fairly, in the republic we have only few such journalists", Ebzeeva spoke.

The chief of the press-service of the President and the Government of Karachaevo-Circassia emphasized that Bella easily managed to find common positions with people of various ages and social statuses.

"Bella was loved by youth; she met a great respect of the president of our republic Boris Ebzeev whom she interviewed twice", Milana Ebzeeva added.

"She sounded acute social and political problems. She was an outstanding personality, achieved what she wanted and never receded. She loved very much her work", Emma Marzoeva , correspondent of "Caucasian uzel", close girlfriend of the lost said .

Ali Kudjev , director of Rosprirodnadzor across Karachaevo-Circassia, told correspondent of "Caucasian uzel" that the driver who brought down Bella was using the service motor transport illegally. As he said, officially "on July, 22-23nd the car GAZ-3102 was on repair".

"On Sunday evening Arsen Abajkhanov went by the repaired car, as he said, "to help a friend to change a wheel of his car".

"He had no right to do that using the service transport: departure on the days off - only for official trips according to papers with the round stamp", Kudjev told.

In accordance to the fact of illegal using the service transport in a time off director of Rosprirodnadzor on KChR initiated a service investigation.

"We read the militian report, Ali Magometovich continued. In it it is affirmed that Abajkhanov during the moment of the road accident was sober and did not break high-speed mode: speed of his movement was less than 60 km/h. Militiamen speak that he is not guilty".

Ali Kudjev condoled to Bella Ksalova's family and declared, that, without dependence on whether Abajkhanov is recognized by employees of the law enforcement bodies guilty or not, he will organize a service investigation.

The driver Arsen Abajkhanov , explaining the reasons of the road accident with Bella Ksalova, approved that he was blinded by headlights of a car moved towards, so he did not see the girl passing the road.

In the Republican clinical hospital of Cherkessk they informed that Bella Ksalova had been delivered to the operational block with serious traumas of head, neck and internal organs. She died during operation on laparothomy (opening of belly cavity) which was lasting more than three hours.

Collective of "Caucasian uzel" grieves and expresses the deepest condolences to natives and friends of Bella.

Bella Ksalova had been writing about problems of freedom of speech in Karachaevo-Circassia, describing extraordinary congresses of Circassian people at which criticism against the management of the republic was sounded. The journalist had had time to prepare a number of videoplots devoted to the various spheres of living of people in the republic.

Bella's last materials published on "Caucasian uzel", were devoted to creative tendencies in the republic, revival of Circassian culture and the national traditions, Abasin language.

To the address of editorship and on the interactive services of "Caucasian uzel" messages continue to come; in them people who had known Bella condole with her relatives, and name Bella's death unjust.

Collective of "NatPress" grieves and expresses the deepest condolences to natives and friends of Bella.

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