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On June, 28, 2005 in the building of Adygeya republican institute of humanitarian research the next session of the Public forum «Republic» took place. At the sitting there were representatives of social movements «Circassian congress», «Adyghe Khase», deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic, the representative of Adygeya President at the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya A.A. Dorofeyev, the ataman Maykop department of Kuban Cossack army A. Tarasov, representatives of the leading religions and scientific intellectuals of the republic – for about 50 person.

The co-chairman of the Public Forum «Republic», the rector of Adygeya state university R.D. Hunagov, who in his introductory speech resumed some results of the forum’s work for protection of the juridical status of the republic, held the session and suggested the participants to discuss the question.

The head of the Open Society «Adygsnab» Kim Simbuletov in his speech mentioned the necessity of creation of an economic program of development of the republic and expressed his readiness to participate in it. As he said, it is necessary to appoint from the forum’s structure 3-4 persons for realization of this project which should become a support to the Cabinet of Adygeya.

The part present has noted that the reason of an inconsistency of republic lies in an economic plane.

Against such approach the chairman of Adygeyan republican public movement (ARPM) «Circassian congress» Murat Berzegov sharply acted. He had noted that the reason for the attempts to integrate Krasnodar territory and Adygeya republic are absolutely not economic but political. In fact, if to judge from the point of view of economy the whole country with overwhelming number of federative subjects is in a crisis. Moreover, emphasized M. Berzegov, there are subjects of Russian Federation, and there is a lot of ones, in which the social and economic situation is even worse than in Adygeya. In this connection M. Berzegov raised a question: why in those subjects the question of their integration is not asked?

The brightest and the most emotional the speech of the head Takhtamukaysky regional branch ARPM «Circassian congress» Ilyas Soobtsokov was. First of all he noted that according to non-governmental organizations the situation in Krasnodar territory in the sphere of interethnic relations is unsuccessful and in this respect the territory occupies the second place in Russian Federation after Chechen republic – the circumstance that forces to think hard. In Krasnodar territory they are restoring old and constructing new monuments to some «figures» who had taken an active part in Adygs’ extermination during the Russian-Caucasian war of XIX century (Lazarev, Zass, etc.)

In article 2 of the Charter of Krasnodar territory it is fixed that radical people of the territory are Cossacks and Russian, thus there is no mention of really radical people – Adygs. In the same article it is specified that in territory of Krasnodar territory creation of any national formations is forbidden - that is directed first of all against restoration of liquidated in 1945 Shapsugsky national area.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, Ilyas Soobtsokov had come to conclusion that the policy of the leadership of Krasnodar territory in relation to radical native people of Adygs has obviously hostile features.

At the end of his speech he suggested addressing on behalf of the forum to the government bodies of Russian Federation to recognize the genocide of Circassian (Adygeyan) people by the imperial autocracy – as Russia is the assignee of the Russian state (Russian empire) and the Union of the Soviet Socialist republics.

Further rear admiral in resignation Medjid Tkhagapsov exacted promise. He supported in many respects I. Soobtsokov's statement, having especially emphasized that the same forces which exaggerate the question on integration of the territory and republic want mutual withstanding of the peoples occupying the Northwest Caucasus. In fact within existence the Soviet Union between peoples there was internationalism, the Soviet authority has given all big and small nations their statehood. So, there might be returning to the times of imperial autocracy? In fact destabilization of our fragile region is not favourable to Russian, Adygs, to people of any other nationalities. All these negative steps are directed only on disorder of our common Native land –Russian Federation.

Later the deputy of State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Aslan Matyzhev who underlined the value of the republican status for Adygeya population, acted. Due to this status there is a set of the state, cultural, educational establishments, where as Russian, and Adygs work. And if there are difficulties in the field of economy they should be solved all together. It is not necessary to search for reasons of difficulties of the country in existence of republics or Republic of Adygeya in particular; people have a number of other more important problems which are necessary to solve.

At the end of the session ataman of Maykopsky department of Kuban Cossack army Anatoliy Tarasov, having underlined the necessity of consolidation of good-neighbourhood communications between Krasnodar territory and Adygeya Republic where the Cossacks is a link, acted. He noted that the ataman of the Kuban Cossack army Gromov opposes statements for the question. In a form of wishing the idea on closer relations of republican authorities and the Cossacks living in territory of republic, had been stated.

The co-chairman of the forum Rashid Hunagov has brought the certain results on the basis of the sounded statements, namely: all the participants of the session of the forum had recognized necessity of preservation of the status of Adygeya Republic and are full of readiness to work in this direction.

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