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01/06/2011 14:47

Experts's Club

On May 20th, 2011 at its plenary meeting and in presence of the Circassian diaspora the Georgian Parliament unanimously recognized the genocide of the Circassian people and condemned crimes committed by the Russian empire during the Russian-Circassian War of 1763-1864, as well as inhuman acts resulting in killing and expulsion from the homeland of hundreds of thousands of people.

Such important and risky decision was made based on requests from Circassian public organizations and was designed to restore historical justice and, most importantly, to rule out similar actions and prevent their occurrence in the future.

Realizing the potential impact of the adoption of this act, the supreme legislative body of the country appealed to the international community to recognize the right of many millions of Circassian people that are scattered all over the world to return to their homeland.

This bold decision of the Georgian Parliament that was adopted at the very delicate stage of development of the Georgian state was a surprise not only for political circles of the leading countries, but also for leaders of those Circassian public organizations that for the years have been advancing the issue. This May, many of them appealed to the legislative body of Georgia with this request.

Appeals with the same request more than once have been sent to countries of Europe, Asia and the U.S., including the leadership of Russia. Although based on pragmatism and taking into account possible aggravation of relations with Russia, leaders of these countries so far prefer silence.

The decision of Tbilisi was greeted with silent appreciation by Turkey, where the largest number of uprooted from their historical homeland Circassians, who number several million, live.

The international community is waiting with great interest to Russia's response to this challenge issued by Tbilisi. Perplexed Russian diplomacy is silent, avoiding to state its position yet.

This silence was suddenly broken in the capital of the Republic of Adygea. It was reported that on May 29th, at the initiative of Kabardino-Balkarian public organization "Khase" Ibrahim Yaganov a meeting of the coordinating board of non-governmental Circassian organizations was held in Maikop. A main theme of the meeting was the question of repatriation of Circassians and need to assist in this process.

At first glance, an impression was created that the coordinating council of the Circassian organizations did not intend to give any assessment to the resolution of Georgia which was adopted on May 20th. But the pathos of the thank-you letter addressed to the Georgian Parliament by eight non-governmental Circassian organizations, which was signed on May 29th in Maikop, suggests that one of the main issues of the coordinating council was also recognition of the Circassian genocide by the Georgian Parliament. And after long discussions it led heads of the above-mentioned organizations to decide to formally voice the letter. It will definitely be followed by responses from other Circassian and not just Circassian public organizations.

On behalf of the Circassian people the authors of the letter are sincerely grateful to the Parliament of Georgia and the entire Georgian people, who took to heart the most tragic and painful issue for the Circassians, and gave it a fair assessment.

"On behalf of the Circassian people we thank you for a fair view at one of the most tragic pages of the history of humanity – at the genocide of Circassians - and for adoption of a fair decision.

Through the recognition by the Georgian Parliament, discussions about problems of the Circassian people have reached a qualitatively new level. This is the first step towards the restoration of historical justice and reunification of the Circassian people in their historical homeland.

By acknowledging the genocide of Circassians, you contribute to the process to prevent occurrence of similar tragedies in the future and ruling out of inhuman activities against people.

With this historic decision the Parliament of Georgia, consistently adhering to universal values, also contributes to peace and sustainable development in the North Caucasus "- the letter said.

The question of recognition of the genocide of the Circassian people was first voiced on February 7th, 1992 when the parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria adopted a relevant resolution. The Parliament of the Republic of Adygea also addressed the State Duma of the Russian Federation with an appeal to recognize the genocide of Circassians. Circassian public organizations raised this issue before the United Nations, the European Parliament and the leadership of Russia, although each of the latters only had general discussions on this issue.

In 1997, Abkhazia also attempted to give the results of Abkhaz rebellion of 1866 a status of genocide. Given the current situation it is rather doubtful that Russia would allow Abkhazians or any North Caucasian peoples to express their true attitude towards the precedent of May 20th, 2011 established by the Parliament of Georgia.

Member of the United Nations and one of the most active pursuers of the Caucasus policy, Georgia was the first that stated its firm position on restoration of historical justice in the most painful issue for the Circassian people.

Who will be next?


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