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The Supreme Court of Adygeya at the open judicial session under presidency of the judge Vera Mayster recognized illegal the part of the law of the republic «About municipal formation «Maykopsky district» and its borders’ establishment». The verdict concerned establishment of the borders between Maykopsky district and Apsheronsky area in the place of the road to Lago-Naky plateau, and also between Maykopsky district and Mostovskoy area in vicinities of Three-rivers settlement.

With the claim to court the republican Office of Public Prosecutor addressed. The assistant to the public prosecutor of the republic in the statement of the claim specified that some positions of the law of the republic # 271 from 01.12.2004 mismatched the requirements of legislation, were adopted with infringement of the established procedure. The issue concerned fixing and cartographical description of the borders of Maykopsky district with adjacent Apsheronsky and Mostovskoy areas of Kuban.

The court judged that during preparation of the project of the challenged law regarding demarcation of Maykopsky district and Apsheronsky area it completely corresponded to the certificate of the coordination of the administrative borders of the two federative subjects. However Adygeya parliament infringing the preliminary coordination, without any additional specifications fixed the borders that were distinct to the coordinated variant. Thus, the considered law in that part had conflicted both to the other republican laws, and to the law of Krasnodar territory on establishment of the borders of Apsheronsky area. Territory of Dahovsky rural settlement of Maykopsky district had appeared in the structure of the settlement of Apsheronsky area. As to the borders of Maykopsky district and Mostovskoy area in vicinities of Three-rivers settlement the court had documentary established that de jure the settlement belonged to the territory of Mostovskoy area.

The Supreme Court of Adygeya recognized the specified borders between Maykopsky district of the republic and Apsheronsky and Mostovskoy areas as a part of Krasnodar territory. The verdict could be appealed against in the Supreme Court of Russia.


AdygeaNatPress explanatory:

The publication was placed on the mentioned resource on November, 15th. We should note that since the end of September this year materials on the theme became a subject of making of sensation "on deserted place". The matter described in the material is not clear even to the Russian reader, especially, to the foreign one. The clear thing in the material is - "they are bad", and "they really deserved that". Besides to the moment of the publication on yuga.ru site the Supreme Court of Russia had already made its verdict - to support the decision of the Supreme Court of Adygeya.

Despite of the seeming mysteriousness, the whole matter is in very simple things.

1. Three-rivers settlement since the Soviet times administratively submitted Adygeya, and the lands it was settled down, legally entered Krasnodar territory. The settlement’s inhabitants at their gathering stated the will to live in Adygeya both actually, and legally. They asked Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen to legalize their decision. But the territory administration for clear political, arrogant and other reasons - as the inhabitants of the settlement were exclusively Russians - did not wish to make concessions to Adygeya. And there is also our republican official (as the issue was considered by the parliament committee under legislation led by Anatoly Osokin) dreams to appear in Krasnodar. Therefore he prepares papers in not proper way, creates legal substantiations for the protest of the Office of Public Prosecutor. Shortly to tell, Three-rivers settlement’s integration in the republic remained unresolved.

2. As to Dahovsky settlement council the question is not about its all territory, and about a small part crossed by Maykop-Lago-Naky road. Today it has became the apple of discord because everyone understands that sooner or later the interstate Maykop-Dagomys that passes by Lago-Naky plateau will be constructed. The road during the Soviet times was entirely placed in the territory of Adygeya. And it was built by the local enterprise - Adygeyautodor. But expecting construction of the new road, officials of Krasnodar territory had started snipping off its pieces. And the former president of Adygeya Aslan Dzharimov agreed with that - in exchange for loyalty of the regional heads. Now the attempt of returning even a part of the lost positions has failed; the territory authorities wish to legalize the past lawlessness. And our official besides gives them such opportunity, playing with Krasnodar in “giving-up” games.

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