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Last months the public of Adygeya republic is very excited with a constant attack of some regional officials of the highest ranks as well as mass-media of the federal and regional levels concerned an "expediency" of integration of Republic of Adygeya with Krasnodar territory."Help" to the last ones has been rendering by the certain forces inside the republic.

Such "initiative" has faced worthy repulse from the state bodies of the republic and the overwhelming majority of public organizations of Adygeya in the spring of 2005 after the known interview of the chief federal inspector in SFD across Krasnodar territory and Republic of Adygeya Anatoly Odeychuk "It turned out that I administer Adygeya ", published in "Izvestiya-South" (04. 15.2005). For today the above-named official had left his post.

Despite of it at present there is a process of forcing through the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya the project of the new law "About referendum of the Republic of Adygeya". A protest of the republican public prosecutor M.Prihlenko who referred to the article 12 of the item 8-9 of the Federal Law from 12.06.2002 67 "About the basic guarantees of suffrages and the rights to participation in referendum of citizens of Russian Federation" became the basis to these actions. In this variant of the law in the list of the questions, not put out on referendum, there is no position about change of territory of Adygeya republic.

The parliament of Adygeya cancelled the old law on referendum, passed on January, 6th, 1999 106 where the question of change of territory of Adygeya Republic could not be risen on referendum.

The problem, exciting the public prosecutor, is already settled with such basic documents as the Constitution of Russian Federation, its integral part - the Federal Agreement, Constitution of Adygeya republic in which the status of subject (subjects) of Russian Federation is precisely established. There is also, besides all, the Federal Constitutional Law "About referendum of Russian Federation", passed on 06.11. 2004, where in clause 6th article 5 questions which cannot be born on referendum are listed. The first of them is about impossibility by means of referendum to change the status of subject (subjects) of Russian Federation. It means that the Republic of Adygeya in its legislation has the full right to define that circle of questions which can be born or not be born on referendum if it does not contradict the Federal Constitutional law. As questions of the administrative-territorial device, etc. are an integral part constitutional-legal status of Adygeya Republic, an attempt of leveling of those rights threatens its status.

It is important to note one more key moment: the Republic of Adygeya was created because first of all on its territory autochthon people – Adygs- lives which name it carries. From this it follows that creation of Adygeya Republic corresponds to the Declaration of General Assembly of the United Nations "About principles of the international law, concerning friendship and cooperation among the states according to the Charter of the United Nations" of 1970. In this document it is spoken that "all peoples have the right to define freely without any intervention from outside the political status and to carry out economic, social, cultural development. Each state is obliged to respect with this right that corresponds also to the positions of the Charter of the United Nations". The principles of the Declaration extend not only on peoples which were under colonial yoke, lived on mandatory (trust) territories but also on peoples and nations which live in territories of sovereign states (both unitary and federative).

The aforesaid does not mean belittling the rights of other nations living in territory of the Republic of Adygeya. All of them can express on referendum concerning questions of economic and even political character but the question on the status of the Republic is still a prerogative of only the autochthon people - Adygs - which, unlike other nations having the statehood outside republic, do not have any other historical territory of their residing. And if thus the autochthon people has been given any privileges for support of its statehood then it does not restrain at all the rights of other peoples living in the territory of this republic.

Carrying out of a referendum on change of the territory of Adygeya Republic while the number of the indigenous population is 24 percent will lead to predicted results - the republic will have been liquidated. It will becomes a continuation of the genocide against Adygs (Circassians) - but just in another form.

In the end we would like to call for the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Republic to show their hardness in upholding constitutional-legal status of the republic and to bring in the bill a list of questions, not putting out on referendum, positions about change of Adygeya territory and the status of Adygeya Republic.

Adygeyan republican public movement
"Circassian Congress"

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