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I think if it goes further the same way then such «announcements» will soon become a daily norm. Recently «United Russia» («UR») had taken the so-called rating voting inside the party - for definition of «the best» party members for political struggle for the State Duma mandates. I look at the resultd and see - the first in the list is Murat Kumpilov, the second - is the deputy of the State Duma, «UR» member from Republic of Dagestan Rizvangadji Isaev.

By the way, I have learned about the last recently. Just when at the place of hotel-long-term construction which is near the square of «People’s Friendship», a worker fell down and broke to death. I shall remind, Rizvangadji «bought» that hotel several months ago, and then such an accident happened - a worker fell from the upper part of the building. It is characteristic that there was no information in mass-media - about corresponding criminal proceeding, about suspects, even about that worker was supposedly guilty himself.

For today the deputy of the State Duma from Adygeya is Ruslan Hadgibiekov, «UR» member, aboriginal of Adygeya who has nothing to brag among «his voters».

Now we will have the Dagestanian candidature. So what could any demand be from him then? Have no doubt please that Isaev will be elected, - don’t we know, how they forge the results of elections? And here we have a stranger to our Adygeya who even did not find his place in Dagestan. And he will propose his candidature in the republic where the communists’ rating promptly grows.

You could, probably, ask: «And how did he manage to get voices in the party in power, in which wherever you look there are only «successful» persons? How did he get them?» Probably, he appeared to be more «successful» and more abrupt than the others; and in fact if he took or gave is an interesting question, too.

«And he won’t be elected» - you can declare. «And why not?» - practically any voter not joining the so-called «Public front» would tell you. Remember the last elections into the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya. And how many people had been oppressed, intimidated, one was even killed then.

The candidate for a republican deputy mandate from Shovghenovsky area Khadzhimos Hachetsukov was shot dead from a Kalashnikov’s machine gun in the center of Maykop. It is clear that according to the official version he was killed not because of political reasons, though «UR» in that notorious area collected 94 or 96 percent of voices.

And let that murder was similar in something to the way of murdering of the head of Krasnogvardejsky area Murat Kudaev in due time. As Kudaev had not been going to apply to the State Duma’s deputy mandate, he had been «only named as a potential Khazret Sovmen’s successor». Therefore, «certainly, his death was also absolutely non-political», so it is impossible to discover that crime in any way.

During the elections to the State Duma the republican authority will have to sag before the federal center much better. Because right after the elections to the Duma procedure of appointment of the head of Adygeya will take place. And here the candidate for that post should «draw up» not only 300 million roubles but also the needed results of the elections to the Duma. However, in whatever else but not in «drawing arts» the experience of «our» authority could cause any doubt.

Probably not only the republican leadership will have to strain. Not only workers, not only candidates to deputies and to the leaders of the republic could start perishing. All the economy of the republic can die, as it now can just hardly breathe. However, certainly, not for political reasons. Because of dizziness caused with their «success», probably. Perhaps, it will even fail headfirst from that hotel roof.

Aidamir Tkhagushev, natpress
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