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NatPress editorship got a letter from an inhabitant of Teuchezhsky area of Adygeya about the long-drawn-out reconstruction of the bridge over Psekups river on the basic route passing in the area. In that place above the river two bridges were constructed, and earlier on each of them the one-way traffic was carried out. Now the second bridge is completely closed for any transport, as on the first one it is organized, let’s say, a «regulated» traffic.

The respondent asked to not name his name.

In Adygeya bridges appear to be «pure» goldTwo years ago the left side of the bridge over Psekups river on the motorway «Enem-Adygheysk-Bjedugkhabl» in Teuchezhsky area of Adygeya was closed because of its breakdown condition, and any traffic (nearby 10 thousand automobiles a day) passed on the right side of the bridge. And two months ago authorities closed the remained half of the right side and organized traffic only on one road line. For regulating traffic they set up a traffic light, as cargo transportation was absolutely restricted.

During the same two years for the second bridge which was completely closed for traffic, they had not prepared even a project of its reconstruction. The reason was ostensibly absence of 6 million roubles necessary for the project. But at the same time simultaneously they found in the republican budget 600 million roubles for building a bridge in aul Uliap (native settlement of Adygeya leader A. Tkhakushinov). The bridge that looks like leading to Krasnodar region but as the road there is not necessary to Krasnodar, it turns out that the bridge leads to a blind alley.

Because of the present transport costs on the motorway «Enem-Adygheysk-Bjedugkhabl» civil works and prices for building materials have sharply risen.

The rates of the object’s repair also cause bewilderment. The repair is carried out by a small group of workers since 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. During the days off and at any bad weather all the works on the bridge stop. Still the volume of the works the builders had made under the competent organization could be possible to master within 7-10 days.

There is an impression that someone purposely brakes the course of the works.

On the bridge except for the mentioned traffic light and the road signs forbidding truck transport travel, they set two militian (sorry, police) mobile posts (police cars) – from each side of the road. In a view of working in shifts of police service on the bridge every day at least 12 policemen are involved. People could only guess what policemen do there. Maybe there will be enough one videocamera, moreover sending a video-signal into the cabinet of Adygeya prime minister (according to Putin's example during construction of houses for people who lost there homes because of the fires in 2010).

And then such impartial shooting, probably, would show that the stream of lorries does not stop at night, and the payment for travel (1 thousand roubles for laden transport and 500 roubles – for empty) is rather regular. However, where that money goes and if it gets “upward”, probably, would be difficult to see at night.

For information:

In the middle of the 1970s the wooden bridge on the motorway «Maykop-Ust-Labinsk» over Kuban river to aul Hatukay had been completely capitally repaired in one month. Amounts of the works on that bridge were much bigger and more difficult than on the bridge over Psekups. The chief of the road building company «Adygeyaautodor» (nowadays late Ashinov Z.М. - let the God bless his soul) established a tent on Kuban bank, set up a telephone line there and during a month lived in it day and night, coordinating the course of the works on the bridge’s repair.

Round the clock during the cores and the spadework (the bridge was wooden, so they spent about 300 cubic meters of forest products), 200 builders were engaged. At the regional executive committee the staff headed by the vice-president of the executive committee which sat daily, also operated. But those were «the stagnant» times, the other format of management, so the methods differed.

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