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The Federal TV-company of Russia recently criticized Adygeya. One of its TV-reportings was devoted to the citizens whose houses in Adygeya had been damaged by the May flood as many of them do not have roofs above their heads so far. In a reply the Adygeya state TV-company broadcasted a kind of TV-report about the arrival of Moscow journalists in the republic.

In the report they not that tried to deny what had been told by the federal TV, and just delicately specified the mentioned information. And owing to those specifications it appears in the created situation that as though nobody is guilty.

Federal TV-company of Russia criticized Adygeya leadership for situation concerned population suffered from the May floodThe ex-president of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov, justifying, told something into the video-camera for the Moscow journalists. Allegedly all the documents the republican authority had already submitted to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russian Federation. And the voice of the journalist off screen added that means from the federal budget would be allocated to the republic only in the middle of this autumn. Tkhakushinov also held back why not considering himself guilty in relation to the people suffered from the flood, he did not report about causers to the president of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev who had recently been to the republic.

“The damage caused by the disaster within several days of May exceeded 670 million roubles, - it was spoken in the reciprocal TV-material of the Adygeya television. - In the zone of the flooding 33 settlements of the republic and over 2 thousand home ownerships appeared to be. More than 100 clay houses were completely destroyed”.

“Aslan Tkhakushinov noted, - it was told further in the republican TV-report, - that the management of the republic had taken all the possible measures on rendering assistance to the suffered men. On behalf of the head of Adygeya almost 10 thousand persons were helped with the sum more than 31 million roubles in total. For re-sowing of grain on the flooded land sites from the republican budget it was also allocated nearby 2 million roubles”.

It is necessary to remind that the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the republic had warned in due time about the danger of such flooding. Right on the eve of the May holidays it reported the population –“we are on the alert, we organized our posts; if what - we shall react instantly, so there is nothing to worry about”. However, obviously, the disaster broke through not there and not the way the local experts had expected.

An average annual sum of the damage - 50 million roubles – caused by small rivers of Adygeya, in the republic, perhaps, is known to everyone. The size of the fund of the head of the republic formed of means of the local budget is ostensibly focused on this sum, too.

It is because of that in relation to allocation from the federal budget for the needs connected with floods, some force-majeur circumstances often happen. Whether such means for the owners of the flooded houses had been spent this year from the fund of the head of the republic or not, we do not know. Maybe not, as this year the disaster repeatedly exceeded the admissible limits. What is the sense to throw 50 million where all 670 million roubles are supposed to be given instead?

We can name smaller sum which concerns exclusively the mass-media campaign. This year Adygeya plans to spend for the PR-campaign - more precisely, for creation in mass-media of the attractive image of the republic - first of all in the central mass-media of Russia - 25 million roubles. Actually that, probably, had been already done. But as that sum is spent precisely today, we do not undertake to believe. Whether the republican government tries to make population of the flooded areas look beautifully in the mass-media of Russian Federation, we do not know, too.

Here, probably, it is necessary to mention some other circumstance which has not yet become the remote past. When in Adygeya they made the first calculations of the size of the damage from the flood, the minister of the Emergency Measures of Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu sharply reacted to the deduced sums. He said then, using the same central TV, that under his information, the scales of the damage in Adygeya had been strongly exaggerated. Did they correct then in the republic the demanded sums, did the minister of the Emergency Measures take his words back, we cannot tell. And whether that skirmish was connected with the today's situation, we do not dare to say. And as a whole, the unique demonstrable truth in all that story - either in the reporting of the federal TV, and in the material of the Adygeya television, and in our reflections - is that the suffered people were left alone face to face with their trouble.

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