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The press secretary of the Adygeya heads Ilyas Bedanokov referring to the statement of the Supreme Council of the all-Russia political party "United Russia" Boris Gryzlov announced on December 1st the names of the candidates for the head of the republic. These are the acting head of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov, the prime minister of the republic Murat Kumpilov and member of the Federation Council of Russia Vyacheslav Shverikas.

Ruling party decided on 3 candidates for Adygeya headThe first thing that attracts attention - it seems like "United Russia" or the government itself had violated the appointment procedure of the head if the region. Nomination of Tkhakushinov for president was that the republican parliament with ‘filing’ of the same regional branch of "United Russia" approved the three, from among which one person then was chosen by the president. Now we have not heard about any procedure for nomination in Adygeya. Therefore, the present disclosure of the named triple is very similar to removal of the current head from office, but in a veiled form.

Removal (more precisely, an allusion to a need for its implementation) sounded in the words of Gryzlov spoken earlier. "For the party "United Russia" it is very important that at the head of Adygeya Republic was professional, responsible, effective leader, able to solve people's problems, to develop the region", he said after the consultations on that issue. That is, a conclusion could be drawn even then - Adygeya needs a new leader, they say, as the current one does not correspond to the mentioned criteria, so we are looking for such person.

But that may be objected, he says, as Gryzlov said all that, but there is Medvedev decide to that. And we also know the following - if any of his subordinates blurt out something rashly something wrong – he will immediately pay for that. Therefore, such politicians usually state, comparing each of their "opinion".

And if our arguments are correct, then it turns out that the real choice will be made between the two candidates - Kumpilov and Shverikas. That is, ultimately, the federal government put up the alternative to Tkhakushinov - Shverikas.

Vyacheslav Shverikas’s name became known in Adygeya after the advent of the second president of Adygeya Khazret Sovmen. During Sovmen’s ruling he became a member of the Federation Council - not elected but from the executive authority. Therefore, in the republic he was considered a man of Sovmen. Or a man of Luzhkov, who was on friendly terms with the second president of Adygeya.

But time has shown that Shverikas not so simple. He "found" a common language with the team of Tkhakushinov having taken the same position. Then he was estimated as a powerful man. Like those who can not be just a man of Sovmen or Tkhakushinov. Rather the opposite - Sovmen Tkhakushinov and could be his people. Although most likely it's not the case.

We know very little about his affairs in the Federation Council. Although something of his benefactions still flickered in the mass-media. We can be sure of only one thing - he as the head of the republic will not be accepted by the republic's population. Either Adygs or Russians. Moreover, there is a reason to believe that he will be a stranger even in the republican government. And that means a problem - complete devastation and chaos.

It's no secret that in the federal center there are forces ready to take some extreme measures. For example, there are those who believe that Shverikas can easily find common language with the Russian population. For this purpose it is sufficient to use this, for example, slogan: the worse - the better, but then - into Krasnodar region. But most likely, he was included in the list just a warning after all.

Imagine what would happen if Medvedev announced the name of Shverikas. That would cause the instantaneous consolidation of Tkhakushinov and his team with Adygeyan population, with whom they had not very much in a quarrel. That would lead to spontaneous rallies and demonstrations - even before a session of the State Soviet-Khasa concerned approval of a new head. And it was just on the eve of the presidential elections.

In other words, if you follow our logic - and the officials could make quite in different way - the Russian president will propose the republican parliament the candidacy Murat Kumpilov.

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