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On November, 8th in "The Russian Newspaper" they published Timothy Borisov's article "Lawyers of the Devil", where the author once again (the first material published on October, 17th - "Sent for death") did an attempt to accuse the legal experts in the tragical events occurred in Nalchik on October, 13th. In the Borisov’s article me and Ruslan Nakhushev, director of the Institute of Islamic researches, are named “public lawyers of Astemirov and Mukozhev” whom he accused of the organization of the Nalchik attack. And in this connection he tells about Astemirov’s and Mukozhev’s case that had made a noise in 2000 when they were blamed for complicity to the Chechen insurgents. Thus they forgot that despite of the pressure organized by the bodies of justice, that case collapsed because as it was established later, all the charges had been based on falsification.

Not in 2000, neither earlier, nor later I participated in any litigation as public lawyer of Astemirov and Mukozhev. And the point was not that at that time I would have completely excluded for myself such opportunity, and that I started to be engaged in legal expert activities only in 2002, after the foundation of the Public legal expert center. With Ruslan Nakhushev I have got acquainted recently, that was later; I met him only several times.

On the other hand, there is a lot of cases connected with tortures, mockeries of ordinary Moslems, which we analyzed and still analyze. Many people heard about them; they were written much and spoken. Those were, for example, a case about beating by militia 19-years pregnant Moslem woman Elena Gasieva; about 26-years Rasul Tsakoev, the single son of aged parents, who died after tortures in militia torture chambers, and many others. But the author of the above-named article does not want to notice these facts persistently.

Borisov persistently tries to connect the citizen of Turkey, ethnic Kabardian Hadzhi-Bajram Bolat to the events in Nalchik, to the leaders of the djamaat and he hints at his possible ties with Turkish special services. Actually, Bolat was never familiar either with Stemirov, or with Mukozhev, or with Nakhushev, and had no relation to the Institute of Islamic researches. He was, really, violently deported in 2003 for the administrative infringements he ostensibly committed. In Kabardino-Balkaria they know very well that he was suggested solving for 500 dollars all his problems with the law enforcement bodies, as it is the usual rate for repatriates. He had firmly refused that offer. I think that for any reasonable person it is obvious that if he really could threaten in any way security of Russia, nobody would dare to do such offers. Now Bolat’s case is in the Strasbourg court. The Russian courts yet one year ago had restored him in all his rights and returned his documents. But the special services persistently refuse him come back to Russia. That is possible to explain only with one thing: thus they try to keep their official authority.

The reason for occurrence of all that primitive "compromising evidence" in the main state newspaper, was explained to me by Nakhushev himself in a telephone conversation literally before his disappearance. He did not exclude then that that article could be some “information covering” of his further liquidation. Then I had not paid to it worthy attention. But now after the second article of Borisov "Lawyers of the Devil" I suppose that to this version it is necessary to be in earnest very much. In the article the author directly hints that Nakhushev could be “cleaned off” by "his co-criminals" - Astemirov and Mukozhev; and by that impact he tries to excuse the local law enforcement bodies that are admitted by the public as originators. Borisov constructs a scheme of some plot against Russia - with participation of representatives of foreign special services, "corrupted" legal experts covering terrorists – isn’t that an excuse for average citizen in order to execute the idea of legal experts’ liquidation by “squadrons of death”?

There is also another version connected with possible Nakhushev’s disappearance. Proceeding from the standard opinion that there are no former the special services’ employees, he might be a secret agent rooted in the djamaat, as some people consider. And his disappearance is a legend for his leading out from "the issue". We believe, this version was also started by those forces which wish to turn away the blow from the law enforcement bodies. Nakhushev had assigned the most part of responsibility for the tragedy happened in Nalchik on October, 13th, on the law enforcement bodies and had many facts testifying to that. And, probably, it is absolutely not casual that the president of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov wished to meet personally the legal expert to take advantage of his potential of the influential and informed person in the questions connected with settlement of the situation in the Muslim community.

The experts tracing processes around of Kabardino-Balkarian djamaat, are assured that after the events in Beslan when the djamaat leaders had gone underground, and mosques were closed, Nakhushev had no any contacts either with Mukozhev, or with Astemirov. Certainly, the law enforcement bodies have no any concrete data; otherwise they would have loudly declared about it for a long time ago. In the republican Office of Public Prosecutor they recognize that the criminal proceeding against Nakhushev was raised under 205-th clause on the basis of the article in “The Russian Newspaper”. And the author of those articles Borisov admitted that the law enforcement bodies would not manage to show Nakhushev any serious charge.

Actually Nakhushev had contacts with some high-ranking employees of the special services in Moscow that he never hid as, they said, he liked to repeat frequently with irony that there were no "ex-agents". He believed that in the federal special services he had come in touch with the forces that understood well the processes in the republic, and could help fairly and objectively to understand the situation developed in the Muslim community. He had met their representatives in Moscow literally some days before his disappearance and there, according to him, he had found the deep understanding, and had to return with some papers.

Now, after October, 13th, in Kabardino-Balkaria there is a real threat of succession of events by the Ingush or the Dagestan variants where explosions, murders, kidnappings, as well as in Chechen Republic, for a long time became the facts of real life. After the same events in Ingushetia and Dagestan prosecutions of innocent peace inhabitants, kidnappings began, extrajudicial executions begun. From the experience of these republics we know that if the flywheel of the similar machine is started, the local authorities practically will manage to make nothing to stop it. It speaks that the federal structures, which usually carry out these actions, operate independently and are supported by the Moscow officials. The violence and lawlessness promote social support of insurgents in society and increase in their numbers.

We consider that Ruslan Nakhushev’s disappearance is the disturbing signal, testifying that Kabardino-Balkaria is meaningly pushed on the way of violence and chaos. To prevent the similar script of the situation development it is possible only on the legal basis, in strict conformity with laws of Russian Federation.

Valery Hatazhukov, chairman of Kabardino-Balkarian the legal expert center.

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