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On August 1, 2012, the International Circassian community will celebrate a Day of Solidarity with the Circassians of the Syrian Arab Republic. We, representatives of Circassian social organizations in Russia, seeking to attract the attention of Russian and international public to the plight of the Circassian community in Syria, of all Russian citizens and our compatriots in this country, hereby declare:

- The deteriorating political situation in Syria, the conflict of government troops and the armed opposition, the significant loss of life brings pain and compassion to our hearts;

- Efforts by the international community aimed at peaceful settlement of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic is not producing visible results, ordinary citizens are suffering major losses, their human rights and freedoms have been violated;

- In the Syrian conflict, the Russian Federation defends the principles of international law, the inalienable right of the people of Syria to independently determine their own destiny through a political dialogue;

- In view of the difficult humanitarian situation in Syria, representatives of the Circassian community, as well as fellow citizens in this country, have sent many petitions first of all to the leaders of our state and leaders in the region, social movements and organizations, requesting assistance in the voluntary resettlement and humanitarian evacuation of Circassians to the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, these appeals are not finding adequate support among the Russian state authorities;

- In March 2012 the Council of the Federation sent a large delegation to Damascus along with nongovernmental organizations in order to study the situation in Syria, and to meet with countrymen and citizens of Russia in order to draw up recommendations to resolve the current humanitarian situation. We note that the recommdations that the delegation developed was ignored by federal authorities of the Russian Federation;

- The Public Chamber of Russia, due to public concern in our country about the condition of the Circassian diaspora, as well as Russian citizens in Syria, took up the matter and forwarded its recommendations to the President of the Russian Federation and the regional leaders of the North Caucasus. But again not a word in support of these recommendations;

- In a major armed conflict most of our countrymen do not have the ability to leave Syria independently and come to the Russian Federation. Thousands of women, elderly, and children are in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation. Hundreds of people die each day and tens of thousands face incredible challenges. It is the duty and obligation of the Russian Federation to take urgent measures to rescue our fellow citizens who by fate have been caught up in the Syrian Arab Republic. This important political step is in full compliance with the laws of Russia and its international obligations, as well as the moral and humanistic values of our society. It will serve to improve its international reputation, and will contribute to understanding among the peoples of our great nation.

Thamada of Adyghe Khasa of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria M. Hafitse
Chairman of Adyghe Khasa of the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia M. Cherkesov
Thamate of Adyghe Khasa - Circassian parliament of the Republic of Adygea A. Bogus
Chairman of the Krasnodar regional NGO Adyghe Khasa A. Soht
Chairman of the Krasnodar regional NGO Adyghe Khasa Black Sea Shapsugs (Circassians) M. Chachuh
Chairman of Adyghe Khasa Mozdok (Republic of North Ossetia - Alania) B. Derbitov
Vice President of the Congress of the Caucasus (Moscow), A. Khurai
Chairman of Armavir city's cultural association Adyghe Khasa A. Schukov

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