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As "AdygeaNatPress" had already informed, in Tbilisi on November, 19-20th the international conference "Caucasus in the XXI century: Look in the future" which original meaning, probably, would be estimated not now, and a little bit later, passed. The point is not that they had sounded at the forum the reports, which had been never read before. The new thing, certainly, was in that, too but the main thing all the same was the fact: after the long break caused by the Georgian-Abkhazian war, the followed conflict, Tbilisi was visited by Adygs. The city that had been their cultural capital.

Moreover, representatives of "Circassian congress" of Adygeya and Karachaevo-Circassia (chairman of KCR organization Beslan Mahov and the head of the information group of the Adygeyan organization Aslan Shazzo) being in the delegation of Northern Caucasians met with the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili. That was the initiative not only of the Georgian Fund of strategic and international researches - the conference organizer - but probably also the head of Georgia.

At the meeting Saakashvili told about what they had managed to achieve in two years of his presidency. In particular, (and the conference participants could convince it) the capital of Georgia started to be renewed. It is not yet a building boom but still restoration of available premises, road reconstruction and other works. There are still, certainly, buildings that still look like they were touched with a war. But where are they not present on the post Soviet space? For example, it is a lot of them in the apparently peace and succeeding Krasnodar. There are such buildings even in small and accurate Maykop.

The command of the president put a powerful impact on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more precisely, on corruption in it. The simplest thing with which it is possible to define, whether there was corruption in the country - is to be stopped by a car inspector. If, for example, a Russian GAI officer would not take a bribe, then the country changed. Georgia did not need Putin's solid operational experience in special services or Shevarnadze’s wisdom in the world policies; political will of 38-years old Saakashvili appeared to be enough – Tbilisi streets were got rid of such “law observers”. The same situation according to one official from Saakashvili’s administration they “pressed down” the customhouse and other “money feeding trough” bodies.

Georgian president told that Adjaria became one of the most succeeding regions of the country and today “you cannot find an Adjarian who wished to return Abashidze’s regime”.

"All the conceivable and inconceivable rights of autonomy", as said by Saakashvili, had been already offered to the leadership of South Ossetia. At present, on his data, in that region there was only 26 thousand ethnic Ossetians. That is, protection of Russia destroys the region not only economically but also nationally. There only those who were directly connected with members of the local government or Moscow stayed. "We are, - the president said, - for returning there both Ossetians, and Georgians. No Ossetians are against their neighbourhood with Georgians, nor Georgians - with Ossetians". However a package of proposals concerned the rights of Ossetia’s autonomy Tskhinvali rejected without discussion - in such behavior the leader of Georgia saw the Kremlin’s interdiction.

During the congress they asked a question about Abkhazia. The president replied that returning of Abkhazia into the structure of Georgia is a matter of time. And absolutely not long time. The point was not that Georgia prepared for intrusion into Abkhazia. Though to constrain refugees from the republic becomes more and more difficult. Years of independence of the republic have shown again that for the Abkhazian ethnos they were pernicious. According to Saakashvili, today hardly more than 40 thousand Abkhazes remain there. (According to the president of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh, 63 thousand, which is not a lot, too). The way-out for Abkhazia the president of Georgia described was the same as for South Ossetia - autonomy with the widest rights. And the main difficulty in realization of it besides was the position of Moscow.

That dialogue was continued in one of unofficial conversations with the president of the Georgian Fund of strategic and international researches Timuri Jakobashvili. He in particular suggested renewing former cultural contacts of Georgia with Circassian republics of Northern Caucasus, and their regions. The counter offer became: with the whole Circassian world - was considered with understanding and readiness. As representatives of "Circassian congress" of Adygeya and Karachaevo-Circassia suppose, such regular contacts of scientists can and should become the guarantor of the peace resolution of the Abkhazian-Georgian, and the Georgian-Ossetian conflicts.

First scientific-practical conference they decided to organize in the nearest time.


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