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As IА REGNUM informed, recently they developed breadboard model of the monument devoted to "founders" of Novorossisk city Nikolay Raevsky, Lazar Serebryakov and Michael Lazarev. Its author Alexander Suvorov presented his work of art to the major of Novorossisk city and the expert group arrived from the regional center and headed by the main architect of Kuban Jury Rysin.

In the press-service of Novorossisk administration they told that the main architect of Kuban accepted the invitation of the chapter of city of Novorossisk, and was not disappointed with what he saw. Actually he liked the breadboard model of the future monument to "legendary founders of city". Experts of the regional commission gave recommendations on height of its pedestal and ornamenting of the columns. The monument, in the common opinion, would become one of historical sights of the city. The skeleton has been already constructing, the stone from which three figures of Novorossisk founders would be cut is prepared. Inhabitants and visitors of the city, as the author said, would see the sculpture ready in the autumn of the next year.

Apparently, the historical hysteria in occasion of universal fixing on the pedestal of memorials to the bloody past of the Black Sea coast in Kuban continues to grow up. After monuments to executioners of the indigenous population of the Adygeyan region - Zass and Lazarev, "created" in the days of the Russian-Caucasian war - authority acted as if they competed who would establish more such memorials.

As to the question on who is to be considered as true founders of Novorossisk - it is enough to open the geographical map of the city and its vicinities. Built on the place of Adygeyan settlement Sudjuk-kale - town with 25-century’s history – it changed the name on the present one only during the imperial colonization of the territory in the XIX century. The official date of the city’s foundation is considered September, 12th, 1838 when the Black Sea squadron under command of the vice-admiral Lazarev appeared in Sudjuk bay. From the ships the land forces in quantity 5818 solders of the general-lieutenant Raevsky landed. Then under the plan of Raevsky and Lazarev they organized construction of fortification which by the order of the military minister Tchernyshov since January, 14th, 1839 they gave the name "Novorossisk". The certain role in the initial stage of Novorossisk development, its construction and accomplishment, belonged to the rear admiral Serebryakov, the chief of the 1st division, and since 1851 - the chief of the whole Black Sea coastal line.

By the charter of June, 30th, 1845 in the bay they founded a port, and on December, 15th, 1846 Novorossisk was declared a city.

Thus, here again regional authorities operate on some initially selected pattern applied in the former years - for Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Gelendjik, - with "cutting off" absolutely the entire multi-thousand-year’s Adygeyan history that had preceded arrival in Caucasus of the Russian imperial army. That way they carry out the spiritual genocide of this people which was after its physical genocide, persistently tormenting from the mind of the local population any mention of residence in the territory of the indigenous ethnos. There is only one problem - where would they hide traditional primordial names - Tsamaz (Tsamess bay), Sheskharis cape, Morkotkh ridge, the rivers Ships, Hable, Eal, Azips, Pchiaho, Ketliamidj, Pchagolez, Psikhodjuko, Zakonuk, Bakan, Tsionai, Mespagu, Dakos?

Not still clear how it is to be with Adygeyan auls completely destroyed during retaliatory expeditions of the imperial military units that had been there a long time. According to "The map of following armies of the operating group", made by the officer cadet of Tenginsky division Romanovsky, only since 1834 till 1836 Russian imperial armies in vicinities of Sudjuk-kale devastated 15 Adygeyan auls - Tamukhohabl, Neukohabl, Sauhabl, Sozejuskhabl, Hatokohabl, Djarimhabl, Haratehabl, Nepsohabl, Neschegerchiy, Husht-hamusajuk, Sablijhabl, Bastahabl, Gaunohabl, Mchaikohabl and Pshahchesh-tram.

Anzor NYBO, editor-in-chief of "the Black sea Shapsugia" newspaper

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