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Circassian immigrants from Syria: "We are not afraid of any work"We met with repatriate from Syria Muhammad Qanoqwa and his family - his wife Dumyani, five-year Mazin and three-year Rudd - in the courtyard of the hotel "Dzhaylyk." In the Republic, he came a year and three months ago at the invitation of the NGO "Peryt", which assists in the repatriation of compatriots.

He was among the first to come back to the homeland to save his family from the horrors of war: "Our house in the village near Aleppo Hanosyr got bombed. There was nothing to sell there before leaving. But I was driving home believed that brothers will not leave us in trouble.

We lived in a hotel "Nart" and then in the sanatorium "Friendship." A year ago, we met with the head of the republic. I was so moved, he said that will not leave us in trouble. As I understand it, he wanted to offer us a house in his native village, but apparently not yet obtained.

Three months ago, my family came here. I was given a small house, in Anzorey village, divided in half for two families. Two rooms 3.5 to 3.5, kitchen, water, gas, station ... Unfortunately, the heating did not work, drainage, too, need to change the pipe. I was told to repair it at my own expense. Either you do the repairs and move out of the hotel, or you give the house to other refugees, who have the means to have it repaired. I agreed to these conditions, as was glad that finally got my own corner. But over time it became clear that I can not repair it for my own.

After all, I, like many others, worked in construction, renovation of apartments, doing the dirty work, I break a brick wall ... Our labor paid at the rate of 500 rubles per day. And there are those who can hire us, and then four months without pay. Arthur of Chegem not remember his name. As far as I know, our work is valued less than the Uzbeks. And we can work well. I was five years old seriously in sports. Two-time national champion in karate, aikido master of sports. In Syria, coached sports school students were toddlers, and older men. Turned to me for help in preparing the Army Special Forces. Prepared personal guards for generals and other dignitaries.

But in Syria, boys are taught from childhood to all that may come in handy later in life. Syrian man in a position not only to make all repairs, but also to build a house. Therefore, we are not afraid of any work. I would fix it, and this home Anzor, but there's one skill is not enough. Need the money. But they are not. Nalchik earning 500 rubles, 140 of them, I had to give to the road. I have a family, and it is impossible to survive on. I had to return to the hotel. But now, since I am the owner of the house, living in "Dzhaylyke" is possible only for a fee. The third consecutive month to pay 4000.

I perfectly understand what they've done for me in "Peryt." With this invitation we are alive. I am grateful to all the people of this land for the fact that they do not leave us, help as they can. Thanks to them, we do not feel abandoned. But how to live on? We can not always depend on the help of those who care. It is unbearable ...

I want to be useful. The director of "Friendship" would not let us use the gym. I turned to him offered to work with children, so that they do not hang about on the street. He said it will be too expensive for him, as we will be burning electricity ... We were told that the Chechens when they were in the status of refugees and lived in the resort as well as we do, have used this gym without any problems ...

It's in these moments happiness of knowing that you are alive, you are on the home ground, replaced by bitterness and fear for the future of your children.

I remember the Chinese, I think, saying: do not bring the poor man a fish every day, better give a fishing rod and teach him to fish. It is very suitable to us in this situation ... "

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