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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Relatives of the killed in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria sent a form of address to the head of Moscow Helsinki Group L. Alexeeva, to the head of the public movement "For human rights" L.Ponomarev, S.Kovalev, Human Rights Watch, and the Chairman of the Council of muftis of Russian Federation R.Gajnutdin.

The purpose of the letter, according to one of its signers, lawyer Larissa Dorogova, was to inform legal experts about the happened in the republic before the events on October, 13th.

In the letter it was spoken: "Heads of law enforcement bodies of KBR spoke various things about the reasons which had induced Moslems to armed resistance. The first opinion appeared that they were supported with money. That assumption the assistant to the public prosecutor of Russian Federation on the SFD N.Shepel soon denied and told, "after death money is not necessary".

Further it was declared that they acted under drugs. That is also absurd, as it is well-known that Moslems do not use drugs, alcohol, as Koran forbids it.

As it was declared then they attacked law enforcement bodies with the purpose of grasping weapon as behind them ostensibly there was some unarmed part of the insurgents. However after the events on October, 13th almost daily the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed on detection of hideaways with weapon, hidden by the attackers. If they had hidden so many weapons what did they need weapon for? And if among participants of the events there were unarmed insurgents why wouldn’t they use the hidden weapon?

The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared also that the attackers pursued the purpose of establishing Sheriyat law in Kabardino-Balkaria. Could 150 people, many of whom were not able to shoot, make such plan come true? It is also absurd.

And the absolutely ridiculous version is that "the attackers wished to hold the city within two months, and then to leave in a wood". For what should they hold city for two months? And then - to leave in a wood? What is a sense in it?

The true reasons of the events were stated in our appeal to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation and the Office of Public Prosecutor of KBR where the crimes committed against Moslems and our requirements were listed.

Instead of preventing the armed action of Moslems, the Minister of Internal Affairs of KBR H.Shogenov made everything for that. He also had prepared the armed rear that shot our sons. The wounded men were finished. For that the minister was awarded with a decoration.

Why wouldn’t anybody ask Shogenov, what ways did weapon, for example, a half a ton of explosive found in territory of ZJBI, appear in the republic? It is obvious that it passed through the posts of motor licensing and auto inspection department.

They said about the links of the attackers with Basayev. And who let him come in the republic repeatedly, what ways does he come there? Did not by the roads, where there were constantly the posts of motor licensing and auto inspection department?

The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that in the events on October, 13th they used the weapon stolen from the State Narcocontrol department; however, that was denied by the chief of this department Ruslan Kulbaev. But even without his statement it is authentically known that from the State narcocontrol pomegranates, machine guns, antiaircraft installation, explosives had not been stolen.

The Public prosecutor of KBR at the meeting with us told about our moral responsibility for the happened but nobody of us yielded the weapon to our sons and did not address them. Nobody from us knew that, and, believe us , wished that.

We realize necessity of establishing peace and stability in the republic, and for this purpose we consider important restoration of Moslems in their rights, adjustment of dialogue and cooperation of authority with society, ending of reprisals, fair investigation of the events on October, 13th in which, on our belief, were guilty not only our sons".

To the letter to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation and the Office of Public Prosecutor of KBR in which parents of the killed insurgents stated the facts of prosecution of Moslems taken place in the republic, and the requirements, in particular, objective trial of the reasons for the happened and punishment of guilty from the management of law enforcement bodies was enclosed.

The appeal, according to Dorogova, they had sent the addressees on November, 7. But till now any reply to it they have not received.

The same letter of the natives of the insurgents directed to the president of Russian Federation V.Putin and a number of other high instances.

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