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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
Российская Федерация
Соединенные Штаты Америки
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Аслан Шаззо на сервере Стихи.ру

Why in Sochi they allocate with the rights representatives of indigenous small peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East but purposefully deprive with such rights Shapsugs?

The basic part of Shapsugs - representatives of the indigenous small people of Krasnodar territory - lives in countryside. As in former years, and today life of peasants is interfaced to considerable problems - even during the Soviet times when the village was under steadfast attention of the state, all sharpest questions of the life-support of the local population initially deprived in many aspects on comparison with towns, still were not solved. The modern living of these people frequently compelled to solve local problems with their own forces only worsened.

In threshold of winter, and so-called cold season in the mountain part of Sochi and Tuapsinsky area, in the places of compact Shapsugs’ residing, begins in the middle of September, and comes to end only in May, for a greater part of peasants preparation of firewood turns out to be a long, tiresome and very expensive process. Especially suffer in this connection, using official terms, not protected layers of the population - pensioners, invalids, large families, and lonely people. It is enough to count up, how much money annually they have to spend for this clause of charges in each family and after that concern of people in occasion of not solving that question becomes understood, as well as their indignation of unwillingness of authorities and many interested organizations to pay attention to needs of village.

Let's address to elementary figures. Today a lorry with firewood costs about 4 thousand rubles. In winter an average family for heating needs two, and frequently three such volumes of wood. Considering the most complicated social and economic situation in the rural settlements - unemployment, low level of incomes of population, and so on - it is easy to come to conclusion that the sum for elementary heat in houses of the local residents is very big. Many complexities for the majority of aul inhabitants face when they try to order firewood in the forest areas. According to sharp signals "Adyghe Khase" receive from many coast settlements, wood allotment are situated in great distances from settlements, in remote places, as nowadays quotations are high as never. So what should they do? Is there a way-out from this situation?

Let's address to the current Wood code of Russian Federation. Clause 107-th of this federal law says: "From payments for using wood fund for own needs are released: participants of the Great Patriotic war, citizens among whom the legislation widespread social guarantees and privileges of the participants of Great Patriotic war; invalids of I and II groups; pensioners living in countryside; persons who had suffered from disasters; compelled immigrants; country (farmer) economies; representatives of indigenous small peoples.

Volumes of timber using for own needs were limited according to the specifications approved by the government bodies of subjects of Russian Federation".

Thus (we’d like you to focus your special attention!), in the competence of the regional authorities there is only definition of specifications (cubic metre quantity) for wood which rely to groups of persons and separate categories of citizens mentioned in the Wood code.

On February, 9th, 2004 they published the Order of the administration of Krasnodar territory # 142 "About establishing of specifications of volumes wood usage for own needs of separate categories of citizens", signed by the first deputy governor A.Remezkov.

In the appendix of the document among all other categories of citizens, the Wood code of Russian Federation allocated with the right of gratuitous wood using, suddenly, as though accidentally for some reason the words about representatives of indigenous small peoples were deleted. We shall remind that the only indigenous small people of Krasnodar territory included in "the List of indigenous small peoples of Russian Federation", approved by the governmental order of Russian Federation from March, 24th, 2000, were Shapsugs. So why the Kuban leadership incurs the right to deprive the entire people of the privileges established by the state, and during several years unpunishedly break the Constitution of the country and the position of the federal legislation?

Numerous appeals of Adyghe Khase to the management of the forest areas and the Sochi national park have not given any real results yet - as the reply is still the same: there are no orders and circulars from higher instances though the chief management for them should be the federal legislation which in Russia everybody for some reason execute selectively, only with benefit for themselves.

The National park and its divisions, being the structure of the federal submission, consider all questions from the point of view of economy and its own benefit. Naturally, decrease in tariffs and quotations, including for fuel, to the true owners of woods would not be favourable. They extremely do not wish to do it gratuitously. We shouldn’t also forget about "the shadow business", prospering in that sphere, which interests could "be injured", too. What is there to do then?

The way out is one - to demand actively and persistently realization of the rights. If the state incurred the responsibility for destiny of the home-grown small people and fixed the obligations to it in the acts and the federal laws that had strict power in the whole territory of the country, we would have the right to wait from the state authorities more concrete actions in that sphere and real effective steps instead of empty promises.

Examples of brazen violations of Shapsugs’ rights it is possible to name a lot of. Here is one, the freshest. Not so long time ago deputies of the City Assembly of Sochi in the project of the decision on discussion of the question "About institution of land tax in territories of Sochi city" (though it would be more correct to talk about establishing of rates of land tax as the tax was defined a long time ago. - n A.N.) which would be considered at one of the nearest CA’s sessions, in cl.7 of the Appendices "Released from taxation" in i.13 they specified the following (I’d like you to pay attention that is the question of categories of persons completely released of payment of the land taxes. - А.N.): "persons from among indigenous small peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russian Federation, as well as a community of such peoples, in relation to land areas used for preservation and development of their traditional way of life, economy and crafts".

So what do we see here? The Sochi legislators, without any slightest hesitation having copied in the project of the document the position from the federal law "About guarantees of the rights of indigenous small peoples", allocated with the similar rights (in Sochi!) Chukches, Hants, Mancies, Nens, Evenks and others (with the deepest respect for them); but in every possible way they ignored the local indigenous people. Absurdity of the similar decision is obvious. What do our people's choices count on? Conclusions arise by themselves: deputies do that "mechanically", not penetrating at all in the meaning of the acts they pass, or a mass resettlement of the northern peoples to the south, closer to the sea and palm trees, is expected.

So who and when will put things in order in the country where people have formal rights and where total lawlessness prospers?

Anzor NYBO, Shapsug.ru

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