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Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 16:43

9 октября в Адыгее должны пройти выборы 18 глав и 518 депутатов органов власти муниципальных образований, создаваемых в рамках общероссийской реформы местного самоуправления. Однако кое-где в указанные сроки выборы все-таки не состоятся. По словам председателя ЦИК республики Юрия Хута, для проведения выборов все избирательные комиссии готовы.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 15:42

In Kabardino-Balkarian parliament for republican parliamentarians’ consideration the president of Kabardino-Balkaria A. Kanokov suggested a bill «About modification in the Law of Kabardino-Balkaria «About system of executive bodies of Kabardino-Balkarian republic» - with the request to consider it in the extraordinary order. According to the bill in the republic state agencies should be abolished.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 15:08

The new head of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov considers necessary «to stop the conflict between the Spiritual management of Moslems (SMM) of the republic and young followers of Islam». «The SMM leadership, - he declared in the interview to ITAR-TASS, - should enjoy authority among the believers or to give up their place to others». Alongside with it, A.Kanokov emphasized that in the dialogue between the authority and believers any administrative or forcing methods are inadmissible».
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 14:57

The parliament of Abkhazia became associated member of SRPA: Under the offer of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar territory (LAKT) in the structure of the South-Russian parliamentary association with the status of associated member the National Assembly of Republic Abkhazia was included. As IА REGNUM correspondent was informed the in press-service of the LAKT, the decision on they unanimously passed at the conference.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 13:45

Meeting concerned returning refugees to Abkhazia passes in Sochi: Registration of coming back to Galsky area of Abkhazia of refugees is the basic question of the Georgian-Abkhazian meeting, passing on October, 6-7th in Sochi town. It was informed to IА REGNUM in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia. The Abkhazian delegation is headed by Minister for Foreign Affairs of the republic Sergey Shamba.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 13:24

Abkhazian president left to Karachaevo-Circassia with a visit: The president of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh on October, 6th left with official visit to republic of Karachaevo-Circassia. "That is first visit of S.Bagapsh to a sister republic on his post of the president, and has more likely a friendly character", - was informed to IА REGNUM in the management of the governmental information of Abkhazia.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 13:11

«Circassian congress» of Adygeya signed a cooperation agreement with the Khase of Jordan «The Friends of Caucasian Adygs». That was informed on October, 6th by the head of the group of the republican organization on work with foreign Circassian Diaspora Ali Avgana. The meeting and the ceremony of signing passed in Amman, the capital of the kingdom but coordination of joint activities are still in process.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 12:26

On October, 9th in Adygeya elections of 18 chapters and 518 deputies of authorities of the municipal formations created within the limits of the all-Russian reform of local self-management should pass. However, as IА REGNUM correspondent informed, somewhere in the specified terms elections still won't take place. According to the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the republic Jury Hut, for the elections all the electoral commissions are ready.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 11:37

Wednesday on October, 5th in Adygeya was declared a day off: inhabitants and visitors of the republic celebrated the 14-th anniversary of Adygeya's foundation, IA REGNUM correspondent informed. For 54 years Adygeya was in the structure of Krasnodar territory as an autonomous area. On July, 3rd, 1991 the Supreme Council of RSFSR adopted the law on transformation Adygeya autonomous area into republic.
Опубликовал administrator, 6-10-2005, 11:18

Despite of the close beginning of the cold season, problems of housing and communal services in Adygeya are far from being solved, IА REGNUM correspondent informed. For example, in many not gas-provided settlements of Maykopsky district tons of fuel are not delivered so far. What causes not lesser concern is the situation with debts for energy supplies which total sum already makes 223,6 million rbl.