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"Circassian congress" appeared in the political life of Adygeya just a year ago, and still it was surrounded with so many half-words, lies and attempts of discredit, that that would only astonish you.

It was troubling time when in mass media they started talking about integration of Krasnodar territory and Adygeya Republic. By the way, the idea had been sounded in due time by the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev. The Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Russian Federation Albert Veshnjakov declared that the fate of Adygeya would be stated in the nearest future, too. In the republic, the chief inspector of the SFD across Krasnodar territory and Adygeya Republic Odeychuk in rather offensive way began spreading the same idea, roughly interfering even in the regional personnel selection.

Simultaneously with it, in Adygeya parliament, under the protest of the republican public prosecutor, they initiated the process of "making according" to the federal legislation of the law of Adygeya Republic on referendum which, actually gave an opportunity of liquidation of the federative subject.

Architects of this project counted on that in that demographic situation when "the title" people made only 24 percent from the whole population of Adygeya, from the point of view of the formal democracy (one person - one voice) the destiny of republic would be predetermined. In that case, participation of Adygs in such referendum would not affect the results of the referendum, and the national-state subject would not exist any longer. Such statement of the problem, as it was, in my opinion, could cause a conflict, as nothing else, except for destabilization of the situation and mutual ethnic squabbles in traditionally quiet Adygeya could be to expect.

The first step that could become an obstacle to that, was made by "Circassian congress" which addressed to the State Duma with its official reference about recognition of genocide against Adygeyan (Circassian) people in the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries committed by the ruling elite of the Russian empire. We would like to explain that to the people who constantly exaggerate the problem about 24 percent Adygs in Adygeya but who do not want to understand that the reasons for this demographic situation leave the roots in the genocide of the XIX century. That document did not at all mention the question on outlook of Russian people to events of the past, no less than Russian people, our contemporaries, have no any relation to the Caucasian war and its consequences.

It is obvious that the reference of "Circassian congress" in the supreme legislature of Russian Federation became the reference point of the moment when criticism of the social movement started.

In the republican power structures high-ranking officials while informally create negative opinion towards "Circassian congress" as the organization professing political extremism. Every possible myths, together with attempts to “demonolize” people representing "Circassian congress" (as, in this case, occurred to me) were created.

The interview titled "The Russian idea, Union of Slavs and "Circassian congress", with the of the Adygeya presidential adviser, professor Ajtech Hagurov published in the newspaper "Soviet Adygeya", concerning mutual relations between the republican administration and the social movements named "ethnic", is, in my opinion, an attempt of analysis of the political situation into republic. I must say that such “skirmish”, moreover at the level of "street-market abuse", between the leaders of "Circassian congress" and the Union of Slavs was not in the nature at all, it was just a fruit of the presidential adviser’s imagination.

Speaking at the sitting of "the round table" in Maykop administration, devoted to discussion of fixing the monument to Nikolay Miracle-Maker, at presence of Maykop mayor Pivovarov, the chairman of the Council of Maykop deputies Shirina, archbishop Maykopsky and Adygeysky Panteleymon, making comments on statements of one of the orators, I told the following: "It would be idiocy to demand from Russian people, our contemporaries, apologies for the genocide committed during the Caucasian war". During the sitting of "the round table" they had detailed video and audio recording by republican and town mass-media, and if Hagurov wished to find out the truth, it would not be difficult to do that at all.

Here is the question, why did professor Hagurov need to mention in his interview the far-fetched question about some "repentances of Russian people"?

We have the right to expect from Hagurov strictly scientifically thought over strategy of leading out from the present social and economic and political situation in our republic, which, in my opinion, Hagurov did not manage to design. That would correspond much more to his direct official duties of the adviser of the president and the head of the analytical department of Adygeya president administration.

Almir ABREGOV, head of "Circassian congress" analytical group

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